Entry nominations in Dooleys Junior Tour of Sydney 21 Jun 06:53

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Cycling New South Wales website.

Name Status
KERIN, William Entered
SOSSAI, Joe Entered
WORTH, Thomas Entered
PRINCE, Isobel Entered
PRINCE, Erin Entered
SZKUDLAREK, Penelope Entered
SHOCKAIR, Rayhan Entered
SMITH, Audrey Entered
STEEP, Jacob Entered
TAYLOR, Annie Entered
TAYLOR, Ollie Entered
BENNETT, Indi Starr Entered
APPS, Elsie Entered
SITSKY, Natasha Entered
HYETT, Alexandra Entered
STRBIK, Lucas Entered
NICOLAOU, Amelia Entered
COATES, Ben Entered
PAJTL, Jake Entered
MAYE, Zoe Entered
MAYE, Patrick Entered
PERRY, Lara Entered
TAAFFE, William Entered
OLSEN, Felix Entered
CRANAGE, Joshua Scratched
MATHISKE, Kobi Entered
SZKUDLAREK, Oscar Entered
SZKUDLAREK, Elliott Entered
HUSSEIN, Charlotte Entered
HUSSEIN, Hannah Entered
THOMAS, Harrison Entered
ROBINSON, Ebony Entered
MACIVER, Callum Entered
DUBIER, Anna Entered
GRIERSON, Josiah Entered
MCGARRY, Bayley Entered
MALCOLM, Tom Entered
ROWLING, Hudson Entered
DRUMMOND, Keira Entered
DRUMMOND, Rab Entered
YEO, Billy Entered
YEO, Annabelle Entered
BURNS, Nathanael Entered
MORTLOCK, Bodhi Entered
FISHER, Zane Entered
SMITH, Jaxen Entered
SMITH, Hamish Entered
GALLAGHER, Nadia Entered
GALLAGHER, Sebastian Entered
GALLAGHER, Jenna Entered
MASON, Noah Entered
ROGERS, Luke Entered
JAKEMAN, Oscar Entered
GEORGE, Luca Entered
I'ONS, Charlotte Entered
I’ONS, Tom Entered
RYAN, Dominic Entered
ALLEN, Sienna Entered
ALLEN, Hallie Entered
ALLEN, Lara Entered
STEWART, Bronte Entered
SAUVAN, Daniel Entered
LUDLAM, Thomas Entered
LUDLAM, Oliver Entered
RATAJCZAK, Zwi Entered
JAKOBSEN, Gabriel Entered
STOKES, Jett Entered
STEADMAN, Angus Entered
VAN DORSSEN, Lara Entered
RUSSELL, Isabelle Entered
SHORT, Benjamin Entered
MORRISSEY, Kaide Entered
SINNERBRINK, Miriam Entered
HENWOOD, Darcy Entered
SILVA, Isaac Entered
ASTRIDGE, Annika Entered
ASTRIDGE, Will Entered
VETISCH, Sonia Entered
PETTETT, Hannah Entered
PRAGT, Chloe Entered
DELFORCE, Harvey Entered
DELFORCE, Wyatt Entered
DE WRIGHT, Noah Entered
INGLIS, Toby Entered
TRKULJA, Curtis Entered
CHAN, Elliot Entered
LOVETT, Cadel Entered
LOVETT, Charlotte Entered
HARVEY, Hugh Entered
WILL, Keira Entered
ROSE, Caitlin Entered
STEVENSON, Lucas Entered
DELL, Hayley Entered
CROSS, Alexandra Entered
HOPE-JONES, William Entered
FINKBEINER, Cooper Entered
SMITH, Charlie Entered
MARCKS, Edward Entered
NOGUEIRO, Andrew Entered
NOGUEIRO, Aaron Entered
GIANATTI, Hannah Entered
SALUNKHE, Avdhut Entered
BEITZEL, Sebastian Entered
GOLTMAN, Luella Entered
GOLTMAN, Liam Entered
GOLTMAN, Kai Entered
PRITCHARD, Brandon Entered
BARRETT, Charlie Entered
STEVENS, Hayden Entered
CHAMBERLAIN, Oscar Entered
GARDINER, Georgia Entered
SHEPARD, Ruben Entered
SHEPARD, Tomas Entered
GOOLD, Max Scratched
BLAND, Xavier Scratched