Entry nominations in Muzz Feb 27 (moved from previous week) 14 Apr 02:14

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Balmoral Cycling Club website.

Name Status
NELSON, Rob Entered
ANDREWS, Ben Entered
MCADAM, Matson Entered
ROLAND, Mark Entered
MOORE, Harley Entered
JOHNSON, Anthony Entered
SMITH, Stuart Entered
LEPERS, Fabien Entered
MELVILLE, David Entered
CAMPOMANES, Juan Carlos Entered
WHITE, Nathan Entered
LOADSMAN, Jason Entered
SCHULZ, Charlotte Entered
HEATH, Will Entered
FORREST, Andrew Entered
LOGAN, Andrew Entered
FORSTER, Andrew Entered
O’NEILL, Ash Entered
THORPE, Riley Entered
FRIMAN, Nicko Entered
ELDER, Chris Entered
JENSEN, Flyn Entered
MCADAM, Dave Entered
KERLIN, Patrick Entered
ASHWORTH, Matthew Entered
PEARCE, Martin Entered
O'TOOLE, Dan Entered
WARD, Graeme Entered
ANTHONY, Luke Entered
JANSEN, Peter Entered
WALTERS, Bailey Entered
LUTZE, Brett Entered
HAWTHORN, Troy Entered
WITANA, Piri Entered
ROSENLUND, Darcy Entered
REES, Brent Entered
OUWERKERK, Sam Entered
LENNON, Dominic Entered
DUSHA, Kylan Entered
DUSHA, Bodhi Entered
VANDENPUT, Ian Entered
VAN DER MERWE, Werner Entered
ROBOTHAM, Rhys Entered
BERWICK, Kevin Entered
HILDITCH, Max Entered
MADIGAN, Gary Entered
WATSON, Grace Entered
LINFORD, Todd Entered
HILL, Craig Entered
ROLAND, Brett Entered
WEST, Lizzi Entered
PICKUP, Brendan Entered
WEEKS, Graeme Entered
MATHIESEN, Andrew Entered
HARVEY, Glen Entered
ALLAN, Adam Entered
CLARK, Zachary Entered
THOMPSON, Paul Entered
KNIGHT, Ryan Entered
SUTTON, Andrew Entered
SUTTON, Grant Entered
SHEFFIELD, James Entered
THOMPSON, Brad Entered
EVERS, Craig Entered
FRANKS, Cam Entered
FRANKS, Josh Entered
BARTLEY, Peter Entered
SAYER, Bradley Entered
SAYLES, Harry Entered
SWAN, Bailey Entered
OWEN, Adrian Entered
VAN BOSCH, Anton Entered
DOUGLAS-SAVAGE, Cameron Entered
DOUGLAS-SAVAGE, Zachary Entered
BARBAGALLO, Michael Entered
MURPHY, Peter Entered
LIERICH, Kyle Entered
MILLER, Brad Entered
FOSSEY, Costa Entered
SNIEGOWSKI, Kurtis Entered
WALSH, Finn Entered
KAY, Simon Entered
DOLBY, Callum Entered
KELLY, Chris Entered
MCDONOUGH, Benjamin Entered
THOMPSON, Hugo Entered
PALOMBA, Stephen Entered
JONES, Hayley Entered
KANDIERO, Munashe Entered
WARD, Nicolas Entered
THOMAS, Ryan Entered
MATTERS, Jordan Entered
BOGNA, Alex Entered
THEODORE, Peter Entered
REID, Robert Entered
VEAL, Michael Entered
PEDLER, Nick Entered
ROLLS, Nicky Entered
TRUASHEIM, Dean Entered
VOLKERS, Sam Entered
COLLINS, Sebastian Entered
ROWORTH, Mark Entered
VICKERS, Henry Entered
LOUIE, Nigel Entered
KNOTT, Wayne Entered
GRIFFIN, Andrew Entered
FERRETTI DE LUCA, Giuseppe Entered
MURRAY, Matthew Entered
LONERGAN, Chris Entered
JONES, Toby Entered
GLARVEY, Nathan Entered
STEWART, Mitchell Entered
MITCHELL, Jerome Entered
HOWELL, Gary Entered
RUDOLPH, Malcolm Entered
NEWMAN, Matt Entered
BRIANT, Craig Entered
PLANT, Sebastian Entered
ALLEN, Richard Entered
BARTLETT, Kalvin Entered
YARDE, Mitchell Entered
KEMPNICH, Ella Entered
SODEN, Bradley Entered
BIRNIE, Glenn Entered
GUÉGAN, Thibault Entered
PRATT, Emma Entered
BENNETT, Douglas Entered
LUBCKE, Holly Entered
OOSTHUIZEN, Daniel Entered
DALTON, Greg Entered
HAY, Andrew Entered
JARVIS, Hayden Entered
HANSSON, Chris Entered
EDWARDS, David Entered
HARPER, Stephen Entered
MCCOACH, Liam Scratched
TOZER, Kurt Scratched
LEDGERWOOD, Mark Entered
LOSSBERG, Dominic Entered
BATTLE, Claire Entered
TAPPER, Stephen Entered
HEADING, Ralph Entered
SEYMOUR, Daniel Scratched
BRADBROOK, Michael Entered
WILLIAN, Luke Entered
CHANCELLOR, Laura Entered
GRAY, Gavin Entered
MILLER, Lachlan Scratched
PATTIE, April Entered
PATTIE, Amber Entered
PATTIE, Amelia Entered
OCHOA, Esteban Entered
BOYS, Matt Entered
GEEVES, Jack Scratched
HACKETT, Paul Entered
ELLIOTT, Thomas Entered
DYSON, Disa Scratched
POTTS, Isabella Entered
FALTING, Glen Entered
GILFEDDER, Alexander Entered
LARKINS, Flynn Entered
LARKINS, Judd Entered
WILSON, Zack Entered
BIRON, Anthony Entered
AYRES, William Entered
SWART, Bernie Entered
VESELY, Damien Scratched
ROBERTSON, Derek Scratched
ERASMUS, Connor Entered
URRY, Sebastian Entered
URRY, Oliver Entered
MCMAHON, Laurence Entered
BARRETT, Sebastian Scratched
BOGLIO, Cassia Scratched
VELASQUEZ, Henry Entered
LAMBERT, Matthew Scratched
DUGGAN, Shannon Entered
BRILLAULT, Lou Scratched
MCGAUGHEY, Liam Entered
WILKINSON, Cole Entered
HULBERT, Tom Entered
FLACK, Stephen Entered
ENGSTROM, Alan Scratched
GILMOUR, Tanner Entered
DOSHI, Avyukt Entered
SHEEHAN, David Entered
TARBIT, Peter Scratched