WA Cyclocross
Numbat Cup Five

Sun, 21 Jul 2024
Guildford Meadows - West Swan Rd
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Fri, 19 Jul 2024 6:00 PM AWST
Scratch cut-off
Fri, 19 Jul 2024 6:00 PM AWST
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Sat, 20 Jul 2024 7:00 PM AWST

COVID-19 normal notice

COVID-19 is here to stay, so please be considerate and use common sense

  • Please do not attend if you have recently tested positive - think of the CX community
  • If unsure please stay home - don't race if unwell
  • Rest up and allow time for full recovery

Liquor Barons Numbat Cup Series - Round 5

"Final Round"

Proudly presented by WA Cyclocross on behalf of Perth Mountain Bike Club

Special thanks to additional supporters of WACX - don't forget to send a bit of love their way during the CX season.

Number Plates - For the entire WACX season

  • The aim is to have these plates for a couple of seasons, so please keep your plates and bring them to every race.
  • Adult riders will be issued with two number plates this season - a large handlebar-mounted plate and a smaller seatpost-mounted plate. Riders are required to have both plates fitted to their bike when racing so we can get accurate timing
  • There will be a $15 one-off payment and then it's your number for the whole season.
  • To reactivate your 2023 season number plates to use in the 2024 season, there will be a $10 fee
  • These are your numbers and your responsibility, so please don't lose them.
  • If you leave your plates at home, there will be a $20 replacement fee

It's the Final Round 5 of the Numbat Cup Series, WA Cyclocross Championships however are just around the corner.

The Numbat Cup is the no-nonsense cyclocross (CX) state series. No big cash prizes, no professional setups - just pure racing for fun! Local parks, local riders and local businesses support it. There’s a grade for everyone, and you can race on any bike you choose. Don’t try it if you don’t like having fun!

Race and entry info



  • Parking: Please follow the parking plan and the WACX parking signs, do not park on Bridge or Wilkie Streets, best to park up at Guildford Primary School and ride in. Families please park at the little bit of open space at the CNR GE Hwy and Bridge Street. or better yet ride there!
  • Toilets: Please use them. 3 x Port-a-aloos or public toilets. Please use them, any riders seen not utilising them will result in an immediate DQ and 2 race exclusion - no refunds.
  • Coffee: TBC
  • Food: No. BYO only
  • Water: Nil, best to bring what you require
  • Electricity: Generator only
  • Playground: No
  • First Aid: St Johns Ambulance will be on location form 10:30am - 4:00pm

Entry fees

  • Race plate fee: $15 one-off plate fee for each adult rider. Please keep your race plates as a replacement plate will be $20
  • 2023-season number reactivation fee: $10
  • Adult entry fee: $30
  • Young Guns (U17) entry fee: $15
  • Discounted entry available for volunteers*: $20
    *Please note that course pack-up at end of day doesn't constitute volunteering. Whilst course pack-up is appreciated, your help at the course build in the morning and volunteering at the timing and rego tent is golden.

  • Kids (U9/U13): - $10 per race plate. This is a one-off fee and then your child can race any race for the rest of the season for no additional fee. Just make sure you bring the same race plate to the race each week. Whilst there's no need for kids to pre-register for each race, it definitely helps our volunteers in the rego tent if you do. Also please note that all riders in WACX events (including kids) need to have a current AusCycling membership Read our guide

Grade, bike & tyre width matrix

Which grade should you enter? Read our quick guide

Grade Bike Tyres Bars Gears
Elite CX only 33mm Drop Any
Masters A (40+ years), B grade, Masters B (30+ years) CX only 33mm Drop Any
C grade, Masters C (30+ years) CX only Max 35mm Drop Any
Open Any bike (no pedal assist/e-bike) Any Any Any
Single Speed
Supported by Melody Wheels
CX only 33mm Drop or flat One
Young Guns (U17)
Supported by Mayeur
CX only Max 35mm Drop Any
Kids (U9 & U13)
Supported by Wembley Cycles
Any Any Any Any

Race categories

Cyclocross bikes (with cx tyres) only
  • Men's categories: Elite, Masters A (40+ years), Single-speed, B grade, Masters B (30+ years), C grade, Masters C (30+ years), Young Guns (U17)
  • Women's categories: Elite, Masters A (40+ years), B grade, C grade, Young Guns (U17)
Any other bikes (MTB, gravel bikes etc)
  • Men's categories: Open
  • Women's categories: Open

A competitor's age is defined as at the end of 31 December of the competition year

Race schedule

Activity Start time Duration Finish time
Arrive - and general chin wag 0745 5min 0750
Course outline & construction tips 0750 10min 0800
Course set up - the best part of the day 0800 2.5hrs 1030
Wembley Cycles Kids (U13 & U9)
Any bike welcome - must wear a helmet (please write names on number plate)
1100 20min 1130
Wembley Cycles Kids presentations
Course adjustment & free practice (incl. Ladies Skills Session)
1130 20min 1150
Men's & Women's combined
  • Men's & Women's C grade CX bike only
  • Men's Masters C (30+ years) CX bike only
  • Mayeur Young Guns (U17) CX bike only
  • Men's & Women's Open non-CX bikes
  • 1200 30min 1240
    Men's & Women's combined
  • Women's Elite CX bike only
  • Melody Wheels Single Speed CX bike only
  • Men's & Women's B grade CX bike only
  • Men's Masters B (30+ years) CX bike only
  • Women's Masters A (40+ years)
  • 1250 45-50min (Elite Women)
    40min (other grades)
  • Men's Elite CX bike only
  • Men's Masters A (40+ years) CX bike only
  • 1400 50min 1500
    Course pull down - all help appreciated 1500 30min 1530
    Mens, Womens, Young Guns & Masters presentations - hang around and heckle some more 1530 15min 1545
    Relax, reflect and enjoy and help finish pack-up 1545 30min 1615

    Schedule is subject to change depending on entry numbers.

    • Course setup and build: 'Build it and they will come' - head down early and help build the course you race. If the course isn't ready when you arrive, don't blame the organisers/course designers. The question is, what could you have done to help. Grab one of our rubber mallets and have a go at building the course.
    • Volunteering: If you can't make it to course setup, please help at the race admin tent, timing tent, ongoing course maintenance - anything before or after your race.
    • Free Practice: - Additional free practice (partial course) will be available whilst kids racing is on.
    • Presentations: See race schedule.
    • Start procedures: The race director will do a call-up, separate grades and send them away in waves (eg separated by <1 minute) if grade numbers are sufficient. Small grades may be combined. All results are captured separately regardless of start line grouping.


    • CX bikes must run CX tyres - 33/35mm max width (as written on tyre, with tiny allowance for tyre flare on wide rims). Definitely no wide gravel tyres in CX race categories. Riders with gravel bikes or mountain bikes are eligible to race in the 'Open' category.

    • WACX-style pits will be in operation on a needs-base only: As is the tradition in CX, mechanical assistance must be taken from a designated pit area. Spare wheels & bike changes cannot be taken from random locations on the course - only in the pits. Riders must run the course to the pits if their bike is unrideable. When possible, we will run double-sided pits so the max distance to pits should be no more than half a lap depending on course layout. In situations where we don't have pits in operation, mechanical assistance must be taken from the start/finish line area.

    • Series races - minimum ages: Older junior riders (such as U15) with suitable experience, who would like to race the full course for a full race duration can enter C Grade in WACX.

    Timing (using RFID tags) for 2024 - let's see what happens

    • In addition to the handelbar-mounted number plates we have been using for a few seasons, we've now introduced a seatpost mounted plate too. This should ensure we record laps for all riders
    • It normally works... until it doesn't
    • WACX is self-timed and requires volunteers for this to happen - please help us to time you
    • We understand that many riders like to see their times. If you do, please help out
    • Don't complain if you don't volunteer in the timing tent, as it doesn't fit the WACX ethos

    Race memberships & licence requirements for 2024

    • All riders, including kids, require a current AusCycling 'racing' membership to participate in WACX events
    • Read our handy guide to AusCycling and club memberships
    • Visit the AusCycling website to purchase your membership
    • If you need to renew an expired AusCycling membership, visit the AusCycling TidyHQ portal
    • Save a copy of your membership on your phone so you can show it to the friendly WACX volunteers at the rego desk on race day
    • This may surprise many, but WACX is itself not a club. We operate under the organisational umbrella of Perth Mountain Bike Club
    • WACX’s total focus is delivering the best cyclocross racing in Australia

    Registration info

    • The aim is to have minimal ADULT on-the-day entries it is an additional administration burden that we can do with out on race day.
    • All adult riders are required to pre-register before entries close (this generally occurs at 6pm on the Friday before race weekend)
    • WACX is run by volunteers and on-the-day entries put a lot of extra strain on our already limited resources, so please plan ahead
    • Scratching: Online entrants can withdraw from a race using the self-serve automated refund feature within EntryBoss (prior to the scratching cut-off).
    • Licensing: All riders, including kids, need to be licensed to race. Read our guide
    • Time management: Please aim to arrive with sufficient time before you race starts (generally about 60min). Ensure there's enough time to sign-on at admin desk, get ready, familiarise yourself with the course, say hi to mates and to warm up.

    Kids racing

    • Kids (U13 & U9) may enter on-the-day. Pre-entry is not necessary, although it does help the volunteers in the rego tent on race day if you do register beforehand
    • All kids are guaranteed a start. Please note that all kids need a valid AusCycling membership to participate. Read our guide


    • You will be advised of your entry status by email after entering.
    • It's possible that you will be waitlisted for your chosen grade if the rider count exceeds our pre-set limits (noting these are quite high for cyclocross and generally not an issue).
    • If you are waitlisted, you are basically waiting for a spot to become available through Scratchings or riders being re-graded. The majority of waitlisted riders end up getting a spot on the start line, so don't give up hope of getting a ride.
    • If you'd rather not wait and want to be removed for the waitlist, please Scratch yourself from the race.

    About cyclocross in WA for 2024

    Learn more about WACX and what the season holds for 2024 Read more


    Entry prices

    Online pricing:

    Regular Entry
    Young Guns

    Race Plates include a timing chip and are required to race. If you don't have one already, please purchase one at entry

    Actions available