WEMBO World 24Hr MTB Championship
2024 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships

Fri, 27 Sep 2024 - Sun, 29 Sep 2024
Stromlo - Pavilion
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Fri, 20 Sep 2024 11:59 PM AEST
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Thu, 06 Jun 2024 11:59 PM AEST
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Wed, 25 Sep 2024 11:59 PM AEST

2024 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships

24 in 24
27-29 September 2024
Canberra, Australia

2024 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Championships

Australian Solo 24 Hour Championships

CORC’s Team 24 Hour and 6+6 Hour

Where is it – The Event Location

Mount Stromlo, Canberra, Australia. The spiritual home of 24 hour mountain biking in Australia. Stromlo has hosted previous World Solo 24 Hour Championships, including WEMBO in 2013. It has also hosted UCI World Cup / World Championships and numerous national Championships and other 24 Hour events.

You can either fly or drive to Canberra.

For the International riders:

  • In Australia we drive on the left side of the road. Speed limits and road rules (including the prohibition on use/contact with mobile phones whilst driving) in Australia are rigidly enforced and penalties are high. There are also separate time-based speed zones near schools. Do not expect the speed limit tolerance you may be used to in your home country.

  • Get used to the size. The drive from the East to West coast in Australia is one thousand kilometres longer than from London to Moscow, or about the same as East Coast to West Coast in the USA.

It is recommended that international riders fly into Sydney or Melbourne and then either either fly or drive to Canberra. A Visa is required for entry to Australia and quarantine rules are strict, so make sure your bike and bike clothing/footwear are clean. If you need a letter to support your visa application, contact Russ Baker at WEMBO on bakersmtb@mac.com A letter will only be provided once you have entered the event.

Accommodation. Easiest way is to use the normal web-based accommodation searches. There are options in Canberra ranging from Camping, to 5 Star Hotels.

Coastal Regions and Beaches. It is about a 150 Km drive from Canberra to the coast. There some great coastal areas a few hours drive away. Just remember, if you want to visit every beach in Australia, spending 1 day at each beach, it will take you 29 years.

Nature of Race

The race is the 2024 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships. All solo riders must enter this race. A result subset will be generated to determine the 2024 Australian Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Champions. Sub-events may have different categories to the WEMBO categories.

There is also a teams event for both 24 hour and 6+6 Hour categories.

The race is conducted under WEMBO rules, which take precedence over any other rules. By entering, riders agree to race under the WEMBO rules and agree to the WEMBO entry conditions, and that these rules and conditions take precedence over any other local rules and conditions. Information on entering, race rules, prizes can all be found on the WEMBO Website: https://www.wembo.com.au/race-info/general/race-information/-

Racing will be conducted under the control and management of Canberra Off-Road Cyclists (CORC).

Race Dates

OK – you’ve noticed the dates are 27-29 September 2024. 3 Days? Why? Under WEMBO rules for a world championship, the solos have their own course (although some common trails can be used). There are two options for the race and until entry numbers get firmer, both are viable. Expect confirmation about a month out. So, if you’re a Solo, then you need to be prepared to start on either Friday 27 September or Saturday 28 September. If you enter in a Team you will start on Saturday. Here’s how the options work:

Option 1. The Solos start at 1100 Friday and finish about 1230 Saturday. The Teams start at 1300 Saturday and finish about 1400 Sunday. Same course for both, but no mix of solos and teams on course.

Option 2. Both Solos and Teams start at 1200 Saturday and finish about 1300 Sunday. There will be different courses out on the mountain for Solos and Teams, but the track just before and just after the finish will be used by both.

WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour MTB Championships History

WEMBO was founded in 2011 to hold world solo 24 hour mountain bike championships. The first event was at Finale Ligure in Italy in 2012, and 2024 in Canberra will be the 11th edition, with the 2020 and 2021 world championships not held due to COVID-19. WEMBO World Championships have been held in Italy, Australia, Scotland, USA, New Zealand and Brasil. Since 2012, 1744 unique riders from 45 countries have taken part.

Australian riders have a rich history in World Solo 24 Hour racing. Mary Grigson was the first Australian to win a world Solo 24 championship in 2001, followed by Craig Gordon in 2006. On the WEMBO Perpetual Trophy, Australians Jason English has 5 appearances (7 world Solo 24 championships in total), Jess Douglas 2 (3 world Solo 24 championships in total), and Liz Smith and Kate Kellett have 1.

The current WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Champions are Cory Wallace form Canada and Kate Kellett from Australia. Previous WEMBO Event results are available on the WEMBO website:

Previous Results - click here

What is this 24 Hour Thing ?

Back before COVID and things like Zwift, people actually got together in huge numbers to ride mountain bikes. In Australia it started in Canberra in 1999 and this 2024 event is as close as possible to the original home of Aussie 24 Hour racing. (Someone built a suburb over the road on the original site - sorry).

It grew and grew to up around 3000 riders and 8000 people in a forest !

Its how the mountain biking community got together, and now its back. You can ride as a Solo (like Aussie Elite world champions Mary Grigson, Craig Gordon, Willo [RIP], Jason English, Jess Douglas, Liz Smith and Kate Kellett), or in teams of different sizes to make it a group, family or work unit. Then there's the special schools teams category to get the next generation into the sport.

Want some time off overnight, or don't have a complete lighting rig? Enter the 6+6; a great way to get started.

But the weekend is what you make it. The Italian concept of a 24 hour is that they throw a 24 hour party and, if you want to, you can bring a bike. What will this one be like - that is up to you ! It's the riders who make the event.

The teams categories are a relay, only one rider from each team on track at a time. This also means your whole team cannot decide to ride together for the last lap!

The solos are just that - but they will be the first to admit they can't do it without their pit crews. Always Solo, Never Alone.

A lap you start within the 24 hours will count even if you finish it after 24 but before 26.

24 Hour

Each Solo rider gets an allocated pit space down on the crit track with a 3m wide frontage onto the course. You can erect your own 3x3 popup or you can hire a Hoecker Marquee as part of your entry. We cannot provide mains power or heating to a tent you provide yourself. Supplies are limited of the fitted marquees so get in quick.

Teams camp on the northern side in the crit track or in other areas designated at Stromlo. Team riders must come down to the crit track centre square to transition from their previous rider.

6+6 Hour

CORC's creation from 2006 is back
Team of 2, Team of 4 (Male/Female/Mixed)
* Start with the 24 Hour Team riders.
* Ride for the first 6 hours.
* Take a break overnight.
* Resume after exactly 12 hours off the bike. For example, if your last lap on Saturday finished at 18:11:25, then you or someone from your team would be released onto the course at 06:11:25 on Sunday to re-commence the race. If you stop before 18:00:00 on Saturday, you get released at 06:00:00 Sunday.
* Finish with the 24 Hour riders.


  • Onsite Camping with the great Stromlo facilities for Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun nights so you can play it safe and not drive home while tired.
  • Van Areas are available.
  • There will be some camping areas around the crit track, with priority given to Solos.
  • Other camping is close to the event centre, or you can choose to be a bit more remote. You will be able to camp in caravans, vans and large tent setups.
  • Remember the no-fires rule. Gas BBQs only and an adult must be in attendance whenever they are on. No hot-coal type BBQs.
  • Generators If you must bring one, please make sure it is one of the silenced inverter type to minimise disruption to your camping neighbours.

The Rules

Check out the general WEMBO Rules: https://www.wembo.com.au/general/race-information/rules

Entries, Categories and Age Classification

The minimum race-age for Solo entry is 18. For teams it is either 14 or 12 depending on the team category. The minimum age in teams for the 24 hour is 14 however in a Schools team it can be 12 subject to agreement by CORC based on riders ability and history. CORC can apply restrictions to young riders, for example, CORC might say that a young rider cannot do a night lap until they have completed a day lap. Normal AusCycling minimum ages apply for the 6+6. The 40+ teams categories are based on the average age of the riders in the team on 31 December 2024, so my contribution is not 68, it is 68.847, for example. Make sure you enter the birthdates of the riders. We will contact teams who don't meet the age definition and may move them to an open age category.

The rider’s race-age is calculated as on 31 December 2024.

Solo Categories available, for both Male and Female riders, are:

  • Elite
  • Single Speed
  • Riders with a Disability
  • Age Categories: Under 23, 23-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+

The 60+ age category may be further sub-divided into 60-64, 65-69 and 70+ at the discretion of the Race Organiser and subject to entry numbers in the categories.

There is no requirement to qualify to enter a WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Championships, but there is a cap of 400 solo entries.

To be “WEMBO World Champion” with your name on the WEMBO Trophy, you MUST enter the Elite Category. Only the Elite category receives prize money, which is paid down to 10th place. WEMBO prize money is totally equal for Men and Women placings. Even if an age-group rider does more laps, or faster, the title only goes to the rider in the Elite Category.

You can only enter one Solo category. No matter how many sub-results are produced, you will only pay one race entry fee.

Team Categories available, for Male, Female and Mixed teams, are:

  • 24 Hour Teams of 4, 6, Schools (8), and Corporate
  • 6+6 Hour Teams of 2 or 4


Rider entry costs, hire items and camping are shown below. When entering for a team, make sure you use the same team name for all riders in your team.

Entry and Hire Prices (all in $AUD), licence and credit card payment fees extra.

Race Entry Cost (per rider) Notes
24Hr Solo Entry $295
24Hr Team of 4 $150
24HR Team of 4 e-Bike $175
24Hr Team of 6 $130
24Hr Team of 6 40+ $130 Average age of riders must be >40.
24Hr Team of 8 (Schools) $80 All riders must have been a Secondary School Student in 2024.
6+6 Hr Team of 2 $130
6+6 Hr Team of 4 $120
Corporate Team of 10 $5,200 This is the total team price. See next para for details.
Pre-Erected Marquees
3m x 3m Marquee - Empty $450
3m x 3m Marquee - Basic $550 Table, chairs, power, light
3m x 3m Marquee - Luxury $800 Basic fitout plus a heater
6m x 6m Marquee – Basic $2,500 Table, chairs, power, light
6m x 6m Marquee – Luxury $3,500 Basic fitout plus 2 heaters, fridge, microwave, BBQ, Urn
Camping (Thu/Sun nights) $20 per rider Fri and Sat included in entry

Corporate Team of 10. If you wish to purchase a Corporate Team Entry, you should contact Russ Baker direct on bakersmtb@mac.com to receive a Tax Invoice. The Corporate Team Entry gets you the luxury 6m x 6m marquee fitout, with tables, chairs, lights, power, heaters, fridge, BBQ, microwave and Urn plus 10 rider entries. You can race as a team of 10, or split the 10 riders up into solos or teams. Corporates are allowed to advertise on their marquees and in the 3m deep space in front of their marquees. If you want to enter, for example, two teams of 6 under you corporate entry, you can purchase additional rider slots. If you want to do this, make sure to tell Russ when you contact him for your Corporate Entry.

Entry Cutoff Dates. While you can enter up to a week before the race, there are specific cutoff dates by which you must enter if you want to be eligible for a refund or receive certain race items. These are:

• by 6 Jun 2024 : last date for cancellation by the entrant with entry refund.
• by 6 Jun 2024 : for Solos to receive T Shirts and Race Bidons.
• by 6 July 2024 : to order tents and gas heaters.
• by 13 Sep 2024 : to get custom Solo race plates with name and flag.
• 20 Sep 2024 : online entries close.

License Details. An International UCI Licence will not cover riders for this event. WEMBO strongly encourages all riders to ensure they have travel insurance coverage plus race coverage for medical coverage, ambulance and medical transport flights.

Entry Refunds and Cancellation Policy. After the cutoff date for entry refunds, if you cancel your entry you will not receive a refund of the race entry fee. You will receive a refund of hire items such as a tent. If CORC cancel the event, then your refund will be limited to the race entry fee and this is the limit of CORC's liability to you. If the race is paused or cancelled during the event due to a major weather event, bushfire etc, then the results will be determined under the WEMBO rules, but there will be no refunds.

Supplementary Information for Solo Riders

In addition to your Entry, we will need some additional basic information to help with the smooth running of the event. Some of this may not be known to you at the time of your entry (eg international traveller arrival dates, helper name & contact details etc), which is why this is decoupled from entry and requested from you separately.

Please ensure you have completed the Supplementary Information prior to the cut-off date for that information described above. For example, if you want to receive T-Shirts, you would need to enter size information by 6 June 2024.

Supplementary Information can be provided here;

Supplementary Information Form - All Solo Competitors are to complete prior the event

We recognise things can change so you are able to edit that information should you need to update any details.

Further WEMBO Information:

Frequently Asked Questions About 24 Hrs and Stromlo

In response to some of the feedback from entrants:

  • Food Stromlo's Handlebar will be open throughout the event, including overnight Friday (if racing is on Friday night) and Saturday.

  • Mechanics There will be very limited services available. You must come to the race with your bike ready to go (not hoping that someone will be there to service it). With the various parts shortages and large number of parts options, riders should bring their own spare parts for the race and not expect an on-site bike shop.

  • Bike Wash There will be a bike wash down on the crit track with 4 hoses supplied, There is also a single point bike wash at the southern end of the Handlebar area, but riders need to ensure they do not pass through the finish line area when going to this location.

  • Winners Well - we like to think that everybody wins at a 24 Hr, but within each category, the rider/team with the most valid laps wins. For riders/teams on the same number of laps, the shortest overall race time gets the higher place.

  • Numbers in a Team Only got 5 riders? You have to enter a Team of 6 category. You can ride any category with less than the nominal number of riders, but not with more.

  • Course Direction You cannot backtrack against the direction of the course.

  • Course Details Will be published when finalised, but expect about 13 Km, 250m of climbing and all the best parts of Stromlo such as Skyline and Luge (but no Hammerhead). However, this is subject to course condition and a final inspection.

  • Lights You must have lights for the 24 hour. A main white front light, a backup light and a red rear light. The race brief will cover when you have to have lights fitted to your bike to start a lap.

    • Music and Earpieces You cannot wear earpieces while riding a lap. You are encouraged to have your phone with you for safety, but you must pull off the course and stop before using it.
  • Mixed Teams We don't specify the number of males/females in a mixed team - but there is a minimum number of laps that must be completed by female rider(s) within a mixed team for the team to have a valid result. So, if you have two female riders in a T6, then between them, they would have to complete at least that minimum number of laps. If you only have one female rider, then she has to complete that many laps herself. The number is based upon the total number of laps completed by the team, divided by the number of riders in the team’s category, less a defined number of laps dependent upon the team’s race category (ie. 3 laps for teams of 2 riders, and 1 lap for teams of 4, 6 or 8 riders). For example, for a mixed team of 4 completing 25 laps: 25/4 = 6.25, rounded to 6, less 1 = a total of 5 laps to be undertaken by the female rider(s).

  • Breakdowns If you have a mechanical on a lap, you can complete the course by walking the remainder of the lap and that lap will count. But if you shortcut back to the finish line, that lap does not count. If you get a message back to your team, a replacement rider can start a lap to replace you, but has to ride the whole lap, not shortcut to get to you. They then become the rider on the lap and their lap time would be from when you started you lap until when they finish theirs. The rider with the mechanical can then take the quickest route back to the event centre, but cannot ride through the finish line.

  • Can We Have a Fire? No. No open fires, no braziers. You are allowed to have a Gas BBQ but it cannot be a hot coal variety. It has to be something where the fire goes off instantly it is turned off, and an Adult must be with the BBQ whenever it is on. Sealed Gas Heaters (mushroom/column) are allowed.

  • Showers and Toilets Stromlo has both in the event pavilion. Drinking water is there also.

  • Battery Charging There will be battery charging facilities available. The eBikes have a separate one.

  • Camping Areas If you camp in an area which is inside the course loop or requires you to cross the course for access, then you must be in by 1800 on Friday and then you cannot leave until 1400 on Sunday.

  • Pets Sorry - No.

  • Parking Stromlo is now a paid-parking area. You can park in Stromlo but please don't obstruct camping areas. You cannot park down in the crit track area. You can use your car to drop of gear before 1800 Friday and to collect gear after 1400 Sunday.

  • Cash Prizes The only category with cash prizes is the WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Championships in Solo Elite. Prizes go to 10th place in Solo Elite in accordance with the WEMBO World Championships scale and are equal for men and women.

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Regular Entry
Team Entries - from
Team Entries - to

Team entries are per rider - see main listing for pricing details. Please provide a TEAM NAME at entry to enable us to marry you up with your team mates.

A payment card fee may apply (calculated at checkout).

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