Entry nominations in 2022 | Round 8 | Evedon Park 29 May 23:52

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the WA Gravity Enduro website.

Name Status
PUGH, Blair Entered
BEIJERING, Baiden Entered
BRIGINSHAW, Angus Entered
DAWE, Ethan Entered
MCKENZIE, Paul Entered
WHITAKER, Zach Entered
NANNEN, Jon Entered
RUBERY, Tom Entered
FRYER, Lindsay Entered
DUNLOP, Jared Entered
DUDEK, Charlie Entered
MANUEL, John Entered
EDWARDS, Tom Entered
BLACK, Louise Entered
STEPHENS, Dave Entered
DAWE, Nick Entered
DAWE, Joe Entered
HENWOOD, Will Entered
CLAY, Riley Entered
WALDRON, Jessica Entered
SMITH, Kathy Entered
SORENSEN, Christian Entered
SORENSEN, Annalise Entered
YANN, Nigel Entered
LENDICH, Steve Entered
HOWARD, Charlie Entered
MAUNDER, Matthew Entered
IRVING, Joel Entered
CAIN, Trent Entered
PILOT, Daniel Entered
BEIJERING, Lance Entered
SMITH, Sean Entered
ADAMS, Cadel Entered
MILLBAND, Daniel Entered
ALTSCHWAGER, Riley Entered
BIRMINGHAM, Luca Entered
DEEKS, Oliver Entered
DEEKS, Chris Entered
WILSON, David Entered
DRISCOLL, Jeremy Entered
DRISCOLL, Jack Entered
LEDGER, Tim Entered
PARKER, Jacob Entered
HOWELL, Reeve Entered
HOWELL, Oliver Entered
HOWARD, Sean Entered
CAMERON, Toni Entered
KRASNOFF, Fiona Entered
STAUDE, Francis Entered
BARKEY, Ciara Entered
BAJAKY, Jake Entered
POUND, Kade Entered
CURREY, William Entered
BARRETT, Kaiyden Entered
APLIN, Karis Entered
LITTERICK, Eleanor Entered
ROUND, Sam Entered
PICKFORD, Bailey Entered
NORMAN, Arissyn Entered
DIGGINS, Oakie Entered
ADAMS, Seth Entered
GIBSON, Veeren Entered
MURRAY, Ross Entered
MURRAY, Jake Entered
JOHNSON, Tate Entered
HOLLY, Jonte Entered
VERWIJMEREN, Samuel Entered
MCKENZIE, Meg Entered
SUMPTON, Darran Entered
HOCKNULL, Mark Entered
LEAR, Oscar Entered
LEAR, Ollie Entered
ECKERSLEY, Ethan Entered
WALKER, Scott Entered
WILLIAMSON, Brock Entered
LOOHUYS, Natasha Entered
WATTS, Taylah Entered
ROECKER, Dinah Entered
DAVIES, Jarvis Entered
SMITH, Weston Entered
SMITH, Cash Entered
VERSLUIS, Lars Entered
CANDRA, Ivan Entered
BEECH, Brad Entered
BEECH, Sophie Entered
LARDNER, Chase Entered
WOZNIUK, Lee Entered
WOZNIUK, Flynn Entered
LEE, Sean Entered
SCANNELL, Declan Entered
TAYLOR, Kayden Entered
TREWENACK, Patrick Entered
DRUMMOND, Brad Entered
DRUMMOND, Jake Entered
DRUMMOND, Jy Entered
VAN DER VEEN, Caleb Entered
SIMMONDS, Thomas Entered
ADAMS, Hayden Entered
KLYNNYK, Callum Entered
THOMSON, Chris Entered
THOMSON, Fraser Entered
HAMLEY, Tom Entered
HOLLY, Nora Entered
LAIRD, Andrew Entered
PILOT, Ethan Entered
DELLA VECCHIA, Mirco Entered
DELLA VECCHIA, Jacob Entered
HASELGROVE, Emile Entered
WOODS, Macklin Entered
WILSON, Chad Entered
NEESHAM, Peter Entered
HANSEN, Simon Entered
HOUGH, Beaux Entered
HOWARD, Sam Entered
DEE, Jamie Entered
CHEESEMAN, Liam Entered
CHEESEMAN, Robert Entered
DUFF, Callum Entered
CICANESE, Zac Entered
CHRISTIE, Max Entered
MCPHILLIE, Callan Entered
FIELDING, Sam Entered
SHILKIN, Felix Entered
BROWN, Lucas Entered
DAY, Darcy Entered
PAMMENT, Archie Entered
WHISH-WILSON, Luka Entered
EDEN, William Entered
HOEY, Dan Entered
HAMPEL, Oscar Entered
HAMPEL, Adam Entered
LITTLEJOHN, Saxon Entered
YEWERS, Levi Entered
MARTINDALE, Jacob Entered
HILL, Oscar Entered
WADE, Nigel Entered
FIEVEZ, Wil Entered
LAMBERTI, Ryan Entered
KELLY, Daniel Entered
KIRBY, Darren Entered
CORNICK, Mason Entered
MASKELL, Addison Entered
LAIRD, Sarah Entered
SCALLY, Jamie Entered
DUYVESTEIN, Reuben Entered
DUFFIELD, Travis Entered
TAYLER, Jimmy Entered
HUNT, Aaron Entered
HURST, Jaxon Entered
CHRISTIANY, Christiany Entered
TOWNS, Luke Entered
TOWNS, Chase Entered
TAYLOR, Mitch Entered
LAWSON, Tyler Entered
CUSACK, Brendon Entered
TOLCZYK, Joe Entered
SMITH, Megan Entered
MCCOMBIE, Hunter Entered
STEEL, Callum Entered
STEEL, Denver Entered
STEEL, Keith Entered
STEEL, Oliver Entered
OAKMAN, Vincent Entered
KELLY, Adrian Entered
ADELINE, Dora Entered
DAVIS, James Entered
SHABANI, Talan Entered
HULL, Miles Entered
HULL, Clancy Entered
HULL, Harvey Entered
SERTIS, Taki Entered
WILLIAMSON, Paige Entered
BARRETT, Oscar Entered
COLEMAN, Drew Entered
VAN RYT, Ben Entered
VAN RYT, Thomas Entered
HILL, Lucy Entered
STEELE, Rebecca Entered
DINGEY, Taashi Entered
DINGEY, Sage Entered
WEBB, Toby Entered
WALKER, Laurence Entered
WALKER, Finlay Entered
STOREY, Aaron Entered
MAGOWAN, Beau Entered
MAGOWAN, Nathan Entered
OLNEY, Scott Entered
ALDRIDGE, Ani Entered
LANE, Steve Entered
FENTON, Alex Entered
NICHOLS, Simone Entered
HAWKINS, Bodhi Entered
FISHER, Joel Entered
FISHER, Riley Entered
COCIVERA, Kobe Entered
MERCER, Andrew Entered
MERCER, Evan Entered
MEYER, Stephen Entered
SCHMID, Flynn Entered
SCHMID, Alayla Entered
WALSH, Brady Entered
GIBBONS, Damon Entered
VON PALESKE, Ben Entered
VON PALESKE, Kyle Entered
DEROCHE, Pascal Entered
WATTERS, Riley Entered
JAMES, Jamie-Lee Entered
FRY, Cameron Entered
FRY, William Entered
HISCOX, Anthony Ross Entered
TAPLIN, Hugh Entered
TOOHEY, Kai Entered
KYME, Roly Entered
BARRATT, Oscar Entered
ANNAND, Estelle Entered
SCHWARTZ, Anna Entered
BORRA, Daniel Entered
BOYLE, Archie Entered
DANIEL, Ian Entered
HOOPER, Kai Entered
STILL, Will Entered
FARQUHAR, Hugh Entered
LOTZ, Debbie Entered
VAN VUUREN, Benjamin Entered
STEWART, Jack Entered
REES, Eric Entered
WALKER, Brett Entered
OVENDEN, Finn Entered
MORGAN, Jamie Entered
JARMAN, Lance Entered
GODDEN, Kaiden Entered
MANSON, Joshua Entered
MANSON, Logan Entered
ROSS, Greg Entered
TURNER, Matt Entered
TURNER, Finn Entered
TURNER, Jack Entered
SNAPE, John Entered
LAMB, Nathan Entered
MITCHELL, Theo Entered
KOKALIS, Jack Entered
WATTS, Liam Entered
JONES, Coby Entered
STRAPPS, Daniel Entered
STEVENS, Gabe Entered
LUKAC, Tommy Entered
BLACK, Paul Entered
BLACK, Matilda Entered
BLACK, Jett Entered
GARROD, Brandon Entered
SMYTH, Philip Entered
SMYTH, Brody Entered
KING, William Entered
JAMES, Mark Entered
ALERS, Trent Entered
ALERS, Bronte Entered
ODDY, Angus Entered
PEYDO, Adam Entered
ROGERS, Luke Entered
NICHOLS, Angus Entered
WALLACE, Jarrah Entered
CLARKE, Wilson Entered
WILDING, Connor Entered
THOMSON, Wesley Entered
NEWMAN, Rowley Entered
BARKER, Terry Entered
SAVILLE, Andrew Entered
SAVILLE, Darcy Entered
LOOHUYS, Sebastian Entered
LOOHUYS, Alexander Entered
WRAGG, Richard Entered
BARTLE, Calvin Entered
GLYNN, Robert Entered
STAPLES, Luke Entered
PHILLIS, Stewart Entered
PRINCI, Anthony Entered
BENNETT, Ashley Entered
CHRISTIE, Alex Entered
DE JONG, Nathan Entered
BENNETT, Oliver Entered
MCENTEE, Belinda Entered
LOLY, Raymond Entered
MCLEAN, Campbell Entered
MCLEAN, Reece Entered
MCLEAN, Louis Entered
SPITTLE, Lucinda Entered
EVERITT, Ryan Entered
ORKNEY, Lucas Entered
MCCLYMONT, William Entered
MAGNALL, Beau Entered
MAGNALL, Theo Entered
SUMMERS, Tom Entered
KIRK, Jonathan Entered
JOHNSTON, Simon Entered
POTGIETER, Joel Entered
VON KNOLL, Aidan Entered
HENRY, Nicholas Entered
JONES, Cameron Scratched
JONES, Lachlan Scratched
GROVES, Adam Entered
LITTERICK, Ryan Entered
LITTERICK, Reed Entered
TYSOE, Vanessa Scratched
COLLINS, Griffin Scratched
COLLINS, Claudia Scratched
WICKES, Jayden Entered
GOODREID, Adrian Scratched
WALKER, Alex Entered
FORDE, Christine Entered
FORDE, Roman Entered
THOMPSON, Hamish Entered
BALDWIN, Tosh Entered
BALDWIN, Sonny Entered
CLARK, Tom Entered
BAGAIPO, Jairus Entered
WRIGHT, Mark Entered
WRIGHT, Louie Entered
COWBURN, Jem Entered
COWBURN, Liam Scratched
LEESON, Campbell Entered
JOYCE, Jack Entered
SALMOND, Chris Entered
KUCKELKORN, Beau Entered
FEARON, Tim Entered
NICHOLSON, Joel Entered
RUSSELL, Thomas Entered
CABIAC, Rory Entered
PAVLINOVICH, Boston Entered
ROGERS, Harley Entered
KOPPENOL, Jeroen Entered
KOPPENOL, Mila Entered
RIDE, Lochlain Entered
MAIN, Colin Entered
DUBOIS, Rex Entered
SMITH, Travis Entered
SMITH, Riley Entered
HARMS, Darren Entered
BATHGATE, Glenn Entered
TATHAM, Rhys Entered
BOYES, Ethan Entered
BOYES, Nate Entered
ONG, Justin Entered
CHANSBURY, Callum Entered
RADICE, Anton Entered
PIMBLETT, Steven Entered
PIMBLETT, Deegan Entered
PIMBLETT, Cody Entered
HOWARD, Judd Entered
HOWARD, Ace Entered
EVANS, Rob Scratched
EVANS, Chiara Scratched
DE VILLIERS, Wayne Entered
BAIRD, Rory Scratched
PLANT, Sam Scratched
MCDONALD, Jake Entered
MCDONALD, Harley Entered
FRASER, Forrest Entered
GOUGH, Dean Entered
FREEMAN, Paul Entered
FREEMAN, Jennie Entered
FREEMAN, Dillon Entered
OLNEY, Finn Scratched
HOLMES, Callum Entered
HOLMES, Scott Entered
KINNUNEN, Miikael Entered
WOOD, Jamie Entered
MULQUEEN, Bruno Entered
MULQUEEN, Mahe Entered
WINTER, Archie Entered
FITZPATRICK, Lloyd Entered
TOBIN, Mark Entered
O'DONNELL, Marcey Entered
O'DONNELL, Abbey Entered
O'DONNELL, Harper Entered
ELLIOTT, Hannah Entered
ELLIOTT, Daniel Entered
SUHERMAN, Evan Entered
WAY, Stuart Entered
WAY, Tramain Entered
FOX, Jamie Entered
STEWART, Bailey Entered
GARRETT, Matt Entered
LEGG, Rocky Entered
REID, Sharnee Scratched
DELANEY, Oliver Entered
HOLLAND, Alyssa Entered
HOLLAND, Cooper Entered
HOLLAND, Brendan Entered
CAMPBELL, Lucas Entered
CAMPBELL, Jake Entered
MILLWARD, Dallas Entered
WRIGHT, Connor Entered
COLLIS, Chloe Entered
COLLIS, Jeremy Entered
COLLIS, Adam Entered
WRIGHT, Aiden Entered
THOMPSON, Lochlan Entered
KING, Joel Entered
THOMPSON, Flynn Entered
MYERS, Noah Entered
WRIGHT, Owen Entered
DILLON, Ryan Entered
BOND, Kewan Entered
BOND, Cooper Entered
SMITH, Brodie Entered
MCROBBIE, Fraser Entered
NOBLETT, James Entered
SOBEY, Dwayne Entered
SOBEY, Beau Entered
MALSEED, Jesse Entered
FERNIHOUGH, Dylan Entered
HERITAGE, Mark Entered
ATKINS, Kalan Entered
MARSHALL, Lachlan Scratched
NEALE, Beau Entered
O'SHANNESSY, Paddy Entered
O'SHANNESSY, Joe Entered
GAUNT, Luke Entered
MARCHANT, Nate Scratched
MARCHANT, Ethan Scratched
MARCHANT, Zak Scratched
MARCHANT, Roddy Scratched
HURLEY, Seth Entered
FINKEL, Bastion Entered
GRAHAM, Mark Entered
GRAHAM, Ben Entered
HAENSEL, Elijah Entered
MARTIN, Rohan Entered
PETERS, Thomas Entered
PELLEW, Wez Entered
PODMORE, Matthew Entered
CHRISTIE, Bailey Entered
BOCHTLER, Lucas Entered
KIRK, Robbie Entered
HENDERSON, Emma Entered
HENDERSON-HANSON, Sterling Entered
READ, Matt Entered
HOLLINGBERY, Xavier Entered
HOLLINGBERY, Craig Entered
MACKAY, Lachlan Entered
DURNIN, Adam Entered
LEE, Lincoln Entered
LEMMEY, Harlen Entered
PAVLINOVICH, Denan Entered
BIRNIE, Joshua Entered
RUTLEY, Dylan Entered
RUTLEY, Richard Entered
PACHOTA, Max Entered
CAMPBELL, Dylan Entered
BARBOUR, Benjamin Entered
KEMP, Rogan Scratched
FRASER, Jayden Entered
MOORE, Bella Entered
MOORE, Josh Entered
ANTON, Jasper Scratched
DUNLOP, Cooper Entered
HASIUK, Pawel Entered
DALGLEISH, Jaxon Entered
DALGLEISH, Archie Entered
ROBERTS, Kai Scratched
ROBERTS, Paul Scratched
ROBERTS, Arran Entered
HARDING, Jett Entered
BLACKWELL, Cody Entered
WRIGHT, Alex Entered
BOWDEN, Jimmy Entered
HASLAM, Jamie Scratched
DAVIS, Jayden Entered
MCCAUGHAN, Bob Entered
DICKINSON, Koby Entered
HAYES, Lincoln Entered
PELLEW, Ted Entered
BRADLEY, Kai Entered
BRADLEY, Bodhi Entered
KOPPENOL, Van Scratched