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Numbat Cup 2022 - Series Entry

Fri, 20 May 2022
Entries open
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Fri, 20 May 2022 5:00 PM AWST
Scratch cut-off
Fri, 20 May 2022 5:00 PM AWST
Pay online by
Fri, 20 May 2022 9:59 PM AWST

COVID-19 Notice

We are taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously.
By entering this event, you agree to the following:

  • you will not attend if you have flu-like symptoms within 5 days of the event
  • you will follow all safety guidelines and directions of the event promoter
  • you will maintain excellent hand hygiene and use the provided hand sanitizers before and after your event
  • maintain 1.5 metres separation between people who are not from the same household or groups of other patrons and refrain from all unnecessary physical contact
  • It is strongly recommended that you download the SafeWA App
  • Please register you attendance via the QR codes that will be located around the course
  • People are assuming that it’s all gone away and it won’t come back. We have to realise that it can come back - if we drop our guard, just remember the last 5 day hard lockdown Perth had in January

The Liquor Barons WA Cyclocross Season for 2022

proudly presented by WA Cyclocross on behalf of Perth MTB Club

Numbat Cup22 Series Sponsor

The Liquor Barons Numbat Cup for 2022

proudly presented by WA Cyclocross on behalf of Perth MTB Club

The Numbat Cup is the no-nonsense Cyclocross (CX) state series. No big cash prizes, no professional setups - just pure racing for fun! Local parks, local riders, and local businesses support it. There’s a grade for everyone, and you can race on any bike you choose. Don’t try it if you don’t like having fun!

Series Entry

This listing allows you to enter the entire Numbat Cup 2022 series

Your entries will be automatically created in each individual race.

This is for the rider(s) that only want to enter once, and enter all seven in one hit.

Included Events

The Events included in the Series Entry are as follows;

Main Event Included Event Date Location
Liqour Barons Numbat Cup - Round 1 WAPC Trofee 1 9-Apr-2022 Gloucster Park, East Perth
Liqour Barons Numbat Cup - Round 2 22-May-2022 Fish Market Reserve, Guildford
Liqour Barons Numbat Cup - Round 3 WAPC Trofee 2 12-Jun-2022 Lake Gwelup, Gwelup
Liqour Barons Numbat Cup - Round 4 3-Jul-2021 Guildford Meadows - West Swan Rd
Liqour Barons Numbat Cup - Round 5 WAPC Trofee 3 7-Aug-2022 Gavey Park, Belmont

Event dates & locations are subject to change. Please follow WACX on Facebook or bookmark WACylocross to stay current!

Grades, bikes and tyres widths matrix

Grade Bike Tyres Bars Gears
Kidz CX U9 & U13 Any Any Any Any
Elite Men's and Women's CX Only 33mm Drop Any
Men's B, Masters B and Women's B CX Only 33mm Drop Any
Men's C, Masters C, Women's C and CX Young Guns CX Only Max 35mm Drop Any
Men's & Women's Open Any Bike (no pedal assist/e-bike) Any Any Any
Single Speed CX CX Only 33mm Drop or Flat One


  • $15 one off payment and it's your number for the whole season.
  • Keep and bring you plate and rear number along to the next event you enter.
  • These are your numbers and your responsibility.
  • If you leave your plate at home if will be a $20 replacement fee
  • Cyclocross Categories

    • Men's Categories: - CX-Elite, SSCX, CX-B, CX Masters (+40) B, CX-C, CX Masters (+40) C, CX Young Guns U17
    • Women's Categories: - CX-Elite, CX-B, CX-C, CX Young Guns U17

    Any Other Bike Categories

    • Men's Categorie: - Open (any bike or +35mm tyre width)
    • Women's Categorie: - Open (any bike or +35mm tyre width)

    LICENSING - Basically this is your responsibility

    Licensing Requirements for Racing WA Cyclocross in 2022

    AusCycling Licensing Categories

    Click here for AusCycling Licensing Categories and Perth MTB membership info Log on to Tidy HQ here: https://auscycling.tidyhq.com/

    If you don’t have one of the examples above, you will need to read below and decide which racing license suits your needs.

    Memberships available are: Race: All Discipline – Any bike any race! Designed for members who want it all on two wheels, a licence where you can compete in BMX / CX / Freestyle / MTB / Road and Track right around Australia. Adult (Ages 19 – 64) $250 / Concession (U19, 65+, Para) $120 / Under 13 (Ages 8 – 12) $75 / 7 and under (Ages 2 – 7) $50

    Race: Off-Road – Riders can participate in BMX / MTB / CX / Freestyle competitions nationwide. You can’t compete in Road or Track events on this licence. Note for Concession, Under 13 and 7 and Under memberships, we recommend an All-Discipline licence for the same cost without limiting disciplines. Adult (Ages 19 – 64) $150 / Concession (U19, 65+, Para) $120 / Under 13 (Ages 8 – 12) $75 / 7 and under (Ages 2 – 7) $50

    4 week Free Trial Membership - AusCycling offers free trial memberships for those who want to dip into riding. This membership allows you to participate in AusCycling activities, including All Discipline Racing at club level events. Trail memberships are available for riders who have not held a Cycling Australia / MTBA / BMXA membership in the past three years.

    Family Discounts Family Memberships – discounts are available for members residing at the same address with a Lifestyle or Racing membership. Two members get a 10% discount, three or more a 15% discount. Further details are available here: https://auscycling.org.au/membership/other/family-membership (note club fee will be applied after the discount is calculated).

    Jump to the AusCycling Membership page here: https://auscycling.org.au/membership

    Renewing your membership? Log on to Tidy HQ here: https://auscycling.tidyhq.com/

    Make sure you download your digital membership card to show the friendly WACX sign on volunteers at every event. It will also be required to register on all WA Cyclocross Entry Boss race listings.

    All riders from U9 to 65+ will need to have a valid license to enter any WACX event in 2022 via Entry Boss and you will need to present it when you collect your racing numbers this season.

    The more riders of this magnificent cycling discipline that cyclocross is, the greater the chance that the sport has of gaining proper recognition - therefore funding and support from our newly formed national governing body.

    AusCycling Licensing Categories

    Click here for AusCycling Licensing Categories and Perth MTB membership info

    Please Note:

    • Once you enter the series, you do not have to enter in individual races, you are automatically included
    • You will be able to check that you are included by checking the startlist for individual races (when the startlist is made available)
    • You can check race details for individual events (eg location and start times) by using the links above.


    For insurance purposes, you must be an AusCycling Member to race WA Cyclocross events.

    No refunds are available for the series pass. If any COVID lockdowns are imposed by the WA Gov. unfortunately there will be no refunds. If unable to attend a race, please scratch individually.

    Entry prices

    Online pricing:

    Volunteers (inc Race Plate)
    Adults (inc Race Plate)
    U15/U17 (inc Race Plate)
    U15/U17 (no Race Plate)
    U9/U11/U13 (no plate fee)

    Race Plates are a once-off $15 fee and include a timing chip. Yours to keep all season.

    Actions available