Entry nominations in Race 2 Wild West Series Wondai 02 Dec 15:39

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Ipswich Offroad Cyclists website.

Name Status
OOST, Peter Entered
CROSS, Jonathan Entered
BATTISTA, Adam Entered
STEVENS, Madeleine Entered
STEVENS, Luke Entered
PETRE, Shannon Entered
JANSSEN, Peter Entered
JANSSEN, Patrick Entered
RAMKE, Seith Entered
MAIERHOFER, Chris Entered
SMEATON, Madeleine Entered
SMEATON, Ed Entered
SCUTTS, Rory Entered
SCUTTS, Cameron Entered
ST PIERRE, David Entered
ST PIERRE, Isabella Entered
WRIGHT, Cameron Entered
QUINN, Colette Entered
PROVAN, Becky Entered
OOST, Riley Entered
OOST, Bailey Entered
STONE, Rebecca Entered
STRONG, Rob Entered
WALTERS, Ian Entered
WALTERS, Ryan Entered
MENZIES, Oscar Entered
MENZIES, Clancy Entered
LUBCKE, Holly Entered
MOLLENHAUER, Alison Entered
BECK, Anna Entered
COOMBS, Harry Entered
STEWART, Kyle Entered
POLLEY, Warren Entered
TURTON, Luca Entered
TURTON, Soren Entered
KYPR, Kadel Entered
AAREKOL, Toby Entered
AAREKOL, Lucas Entered
ROSSITER, Michael Entered
DOUGHERTY, Levi Entered
RAMKE, Lincoln Entered
WATTAD-GRAEBER, Bashier Entered
WAITES, Thomas Entered
WAITES, Damien Entered
CORRY, Harrison Entered
LARSSON, Alexandra Entered
PENNISI, Lachlan Entered
PENNISI, Jason Entered
BATTISTA, Georgia Entered
JOHNSON, Thomas Entered
WEISS, Cody Entered
WEISS, Ethan Entered
BOURKE, Lockie Entered
KEHRES, Ryder Entered
KEHRES, Bryn Entered
KEHRES, Anne-Marie Entered
KEHRES, Brian Entered
BROWNSEY, Ashley Entered
BROWNSEY, Camden Entered
DOYLE, Cooper Entered
HOOKER, Tim Entered
HEAP, Sharon Entered
HEAP, Les Entered
MOLLENHAUER, Nathan Entered
PHILLIPS, Amelia Entered
ELDRED, Luke Entered
BIGGS, Amelia Entered
BIGGS, Mark Entered
POZZEBON, Luca Entered
SCOBLE, Barry Entered
SCOBLE, Dylan Entered
INGLES, Joshua Entered