Entry nominations in Race 4 Wild West Summer Series- now WALLOON 02 Dec 15:15

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Ipswich Offroad Cyclists website.

Name Status
STRONG, Rob Entered
SCUTTS, Rory Entered
BIGGAR, Nicholas Entered
MAYNE, Julian Entered
OAKES, Hayley Entered
MARTIN, Geoffrey Entered
MARTIN, Angela Entered
DONOHUE, Sophie Entered
VEENSTRA, Ryan Entered
RICHDALE, Ron Entered
QUINN, Colette Entered
FLOOD, Patrick Entered
FLOOD, Darren Entered
EDWARDS, Jay Entered
DOUGHERTY, Levi Entered
WOODHILL, Bas Entered
COTTER, Rhett Entered
COTTER, Maisie Entered
BAKER, Theresa Entered
COTTER, Damien Entered
BIRD, Liam Entered
STEWART, Kyle Entered
JOHNSON, Thomas Entered
EGGINS, Russell Entered
VAN DER MERWE, Werner Entered
RUTTER, Leteisha Entered
RUTTER, Zakary Entered
RUTTER, Jayne Entered
ANDERSON, Louis Entered
VAN DE HOEF, Alanna Entered
SMYTHE, Declan Entered
WALTERS, Ian Entered
WALTERS, Ryan Entered
GOOD, Jonas Entered
GOOD, Amy Entered
GOOD, Lauren Entered
BURKE, Kallan Entered
DUNSMORE, Lindsay Entered
SCUTTS, Cameron Entered
RHYMER, Emma Entered
MAYNE, Annabelle Entered
COOPER, Michelle Entered
AAREKOL, Tora Entered
AAREKOL, Toby Entered
AAREKOL, Lars Entered
AAREKOL, Lucas Entered
SPENCER, Miley Entered
ADAMS, Paul Entered
WEISS, Ethan Entered
TROTTER, Austin Entered
TROTTER, Evie Entered
MENIGOZ, Ella Entered
SAYER, Bradley Entered
MINEHAN, William Entered
MINEHAN, Samuel Entered
BRESLIN, Erin Entered
RAMKE, Lincoln Entered
BEIKOFF, Joshua Entered
WAITES, Thomas Entered
FLETCHER, Paul Entered
STONE, Hayley Entered
STONE, Rebecca Entered
MADZAREVIC, Stella Entered
HUGHES, Owen Entered
POZZEBON, Luca Entered
DEVINE, Chris Entered
MOON, ChloÉ Entered
POLLEY, Warren Entered
MELVIN, Charlie Entered
PINSENT, Andrew Entered
LEIGHFIELD, Simon Entered
PARKER, Nicholas Entered
GRAVES, Jared Entered
ANDERSON, Shannon Entered
ELDRED, Sophie Entered
MOORE, Zara Entered
ELDRED, Luke Entered
COLLINS, Patrick Entered
INGLES, Joshua Entered
SMITH, Quinn Entered
FRACCHIA, Brayden Entered
GOODING, Richie Entered
BIGGS, Amelia Entered
BIGGS, Mark Entered
BOURKE, Lockie Entered
BOARDMAN, Zak Entered
DUGGAN, Shannon Scratched