Entry nominations in Muzz July 24 21 Sep 03:53

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Balmoral Cycling Club website.

Name Status
SCHOUPPE, Vincent Entered
HATFIELD, John Entered
COOK, Robert Entered
MCADAM, Dave Entered
WALSH, Liam Entered
MCKENNA, Brett Entered
BATES, Michael Entered
WEST, Lizzi Entered
FLACK, Stephen Entered
BATESON, Kyle Entered
RUDOLPH, Malcolm Entered
HANLON, Beau Entered
ASHWORTH, Matthew Entered
LINFORD, Todd Entered
MILLER, Brad Entered
CHESSWAS, Helen Entered
HEATH, Will Entered
FORREST, Andrew Entered
OLSEN, Brad Entered
LUTZE, Brett Entered
FRIMAN, Nicko Entered
BARTLEY, Peter Entered
BURGESS, Jayden Entered
OWEN, Adrian Entered
MCADAM, Matson Entered
VEAL, Michael Entered
OLIVER, David Entered
MILLER, Lachlan Entered
JENSEN, Flyn Entered
CROFT, Alexander Entered
BATTLE, Claire Entered
STANLEY, Blake Entered
CLARK, Zachary Entered
BETTLES, Carter Entered
PALOMBA, Stephen Entered
BARBAGALLO, Michael Entered
HENRY, Darrell Entered
ROTTA, Sergio Entered
HAINS, Jack Entered
SHEFFIELD, James Entered
SMALL, Simon Entered
WITHERS, Stuart Entered
LANDSBERG, Jack Entered
HENDERSON, Keeley Entered
SAYLES, Harry Entered
MALOWIECKI, Sophie Entered
BLADIN, Michael Entered
BURNS, Luke Entered
MILNE, Lachlan Entered
KISS, Attila Entered
DYER, Richard Entered
JANSEN, Peter Entered
ODDSSON, Peter Entered
MASSELOS, Alec Entered
PLANT, Indianna Entered
WILCOX, Ben Entered
PORTER, Jason Entered
TREZISE, Declan Entered
WITANA, Piri Entered
MCDONALD, Kurt Entered
ROBERTS, Jacinta Entered
GILFEDDER, Alexander Entered
WEIER, Chris Entered
LUBCKE, Holly Entered
HAY, Andrew Entered
BRELSFORD, Oscar Entered
WATSON, Conor Entered
SWART, Bernie Entered
NEWMAN, Paul Entered
BAYLEY, Mark Entered
WILLIAN, Luke Entered
TAYLOR, Eli Entered
JOHNSTON, Ian Entered
TAYLOR, Daniel Entered
MCDONOUGH, Benjamin Entered
SEYMOUR, Daniel Entered
BEIKOFF, Joshua Entered
SPEIGHT, Daryl Entered
BRIANT, Craig Entered
CHANCELLOR, Laura Entered
LENNON, Dominic Entered
MARTENSON, Ephraim Entered
HERRMANN, Gus Entered
BONA, Luke Entered
CAMPOMANES, Juan Carlos Entered
RAUSCH, Angus Entered
LAMBERT, Matthew Entered
FLYNN, Michael Entered
HOBSON, Jonathan Entered
ADAMS, Paul Entered
MOORE, Harley Entered
CAVDARSKI, Philip Entered
BAKER, Ric Entered
RASHLEIGH, Stephen Entered
MOORE, Megan Entered
FRANCIS, Jessa Entered
BATESON, Joel Entered
MATHIESEN, Andrew Entered
HOWELL, Gary Entered
KEAM, Luke Entered
ALTON, Imogen Scratched
GRAY, Gavin Entered
LONERGAN, Chris Entered
COATES, Thomas Entered
GLARVEY, Nathan Entered
ROWORTH, Mark Entered
BLEUMINK, Jamie Entered
DOUGLAS-SAVAGE, Maddie Entered
DOUGLAS-SAVAGE, Zachary Entered
THOMPSON, Hugo Entered
LASPINA, Mark Entered
STEWART, Mitchell Entered
GEEVES, Jack Entered
ELLIOTT, Thomas Entered
ANDREWS, Ben Entered
IVE, Clayton Entered
TAYLOR, Cynthia Entered
BENNETT, Douglas Entered
GILMOUR, Tanner Entered
DILLON, Rose Entered
POTTS, Isabella Entered
CAMPBELL, Max Entered
THOMPSON, Paul Scratched
HAYDEN, Mia Entered
PATTIE, April Entered
WYNN, Matthew Entered
BIRON, Anthony Entered
COLLINS, Sebastian Entered
YARDE, Mitchell Entered
AYRES, William Entered
MCGUIGAN, Sharron Entered
WHITTAKER, Jarlath Entered
WELLS, Alisha Entered
GREENWOOD, Darcy Scratched
HAINS, Michael Entered
PRATT, Emma Entered
TAPPER, Stephen Entered
VESELY, Damien Entered
PANIZZA, James Entered
BISHOP, Ryan Entered
VELASQUEZ, Henry Entered
HILDITCH, Samuel Entered
HILDITCH, Max Entered
WILSON, Georgia Entered
MCGAUGHEY, Liam Entered
WARD, Nicolas Entered
PERKINS, Joseph Entered
LARKINS, Judd Entered
LARKINS, Flynn Entered
COOK, Robert Scratched
COOK, Michael Scratched