Entry nominations in Criterium - Graded Scratch Races (Melb Cup) 06 Oct 09:24

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Northern Cycling website.

Name Status
BLACKLEY, Colin Entered
GIACOMIN, Luca Scratched
GROMEK, Jarek Entered
WILLIAMSON, Rebecca Entered
WALKER, David Entered
MORGAN, Troy Entered
JACKSON, Robert Entered
SEDDON, Mark Entered
CRIFO, Frank Entered
EASTOE, Adam Entered
SAID, Noel Entered
WATTS, David Entered
O'KEEFFE, David Entered
GOODROPE, George Entered
CARMICHAEL, Matt Entered
MARKS, Brian Scratched
JODLOWSKI, Jake Entered
WILLIAMSON, Neville Entered
HARDING, Bill Entered
COPPOCK, Xavier Scratched
BISHOP, Ian Entered
TYLER KING, Tom Entered
DIGHT, Gregory Entered
DOWNING, David Entered
RIM, Trevor Entered
GANSS, Peter Entered
MITSINIKOS, John Entered
FORBES, Geoff Entered
BONE, Simon Entered
BONE, Ken Entered
SIMPSON, Tanya Entered
CLARK, Iain Scratched
KNIGHT, Pete Entered
WALKER, Dominic Entered
BELBRUNO, Morgan Entered
HARVEY, Craig Entered
MORRIS, Colin Entered
DAPCICH, Walter Entered
O’ROURKE, Glen Entered
TEHAN, Phillip Entered
STREET, Neil Entered
MCKINNON, John Entered
HARTMAN, Michael Entered
DREW, David Entered
GRIFFITHS, Paul Entered
OLIVER, Liam Entered
WATT, Allison Entered
MURRAY, Iain Entered
SMYRK, Lindsay Scratched
RIZZO, Maurice Entered
TYLER KING, Tom Entered
SHORT, John Entered
BOL, Simon Entered
PERRY, Trevor Entered
GRAY, Tommy Entered
FOSTER, Cristine Entered
LEWIS, Michael Entered
MAHERAS, Stephen Entered
CARUANA, Joe Entered
KOUNNAPIS, Kerry Entered
D'ARCY, Nathan Entered
WRIGHT, Glen Entered
SHARP, Jamie Entered
MCDONOUGH, Tom Entered
SINNI, Vince Entered
LESNIOWSKA, Raelene Entered
KELLY, Meredith Entered
EDELE, Mark Entered
MICALLEF, Mark Entered
SCHUBACH, Ross Entered
ANDERSON, Tim Entered
WOOD, Trevor Entered
CASTELLANI, Robert Entered
MARINO, Matthew Entered
FORBES, Brian Entered
CARUANA, Joe Scratched
HASTINGS, Simon Scratched