Entry nominations in 2021 AusCycling VICXS R5 - Mt Beauty 01 Aug 22:01

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Team Mount Beauty website.

Name Status
FRANK, Michael Entered
NELSON, Diane Entered
OLIVER, Paddy Entered
ARCH, Peter Scratched
FARR, Michael Entered
WHITFIELD, Jamie Entered
MULLENS, Peta Scratched
HIBBURT, Stephanie Entered
BAXTER, Ella Entered
RAWLING, Tim Entered
CORBOY, Patrick Entered
KEOGH, Nick Entered
COLLETT, Rusell Entered
BROOKES, Karen Entered
MILLER, Heath Entered
MAY, Ben Entered
DE GRUCHY, Philip Entered
O'LEARY, Neil Entered
GRANDE, Martin Scratched
GRANDE, Kristoffer Scratched
STEWART, Christian Entered
HAEUSLER, Sebastian Entered
NORTHEY, Elsie Scratched
LINDSTROM, Jordie Entered
DE GRUCHY, Lia Entered
ANDERSON, Tom Entered
BUCKLAND, Brock Entered
BUCKLAND, Nicole Entered
BUCKLAND, Brett Entered
PEPPING, Danielle Scratched
WALKER, Paul Scratched
VIMPANI, Hayden Entered
SAMUHEL, Brianna Entered
MCDOUGALL, Mark Entered
STEWART, Lachlan Entered
STEWART, Scarlett Entered
THOMPSON, Sarah Entered
DWYER, Callum Entered
SEK, Ashley Scratched
MOSS, Rob Entered
DOYLE, Rob Scratched
COTTERELL, Nicholas Entered
KENNEDY, Jenny Provisionally entered
MCQUILLAN, Tom Provisionally entered
IACUONE, Allan Provisionally entered
HIGGINS, Myles Provisionally entered
JESSEN, Jude Scratched
DODD, Jude Provisionally entered
MCLEAN, Camden Scratched
YAW, Andrew Provisionally entered
JANSEN, Liege Scratched
OLLERENSHAW, Jane Scratched
MUNYARD, Steve Scratched
DEVEREUX, Douglas Provisionally entered
GRANDE, Oliver Scratched
STREISTERMANIS, Cameron Scratched
NORTHEY, Sam Scratched
NORTHEY, Cooper Scratched
CORTSEN, Lars Scratched
WINDSOR, Elizabeth Provisionally entered
WILLIAMS, Margarita Scratched