Entry nominations in Chidlow 25 Jul 10:28

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Midland Cycling Club website.

Name Status
DEPIAZZI, Martin Entered
DE CASTRO, Mark Entered
YATES, Theo Entered
HARVEY, Daniel Entered
VAN DER VEEN, Chris Entered
RAPHAEL, John Entered
VAN DER VEEN, Caleb Entered
SINGH, Reevenjit Entered
HARPER, Michael Entered
MAHON, Michael Entered
DREGHORN, Rob Entered
VOGEL, Olivia Entered
YANG, Jane Entered
WISEWOULD, Tim Entered
WILLIAMSON, Zara Entered
CLAYDON, Mark Entered
LEE, Jer Ling Serene Entered
POPE, Jill Entered
FITZGERALD, Mitchell Entered
ADAMS, Josh Entered
PUYALES, Daryl Entered
JOHN, Angus Entered
MACCAN, Andrew Entered
DHUE, Toby Entered
HERRMANN, Maurice Entered
BURNS, Steve Entered
BONNER, Michael Entered
DAVIS, Ian Entered
PHILLIPS, Ben Entered
CELIS, William Entered
HIND, David Entered
ILAHI, Waeel Entered
BONNER, Kate Entered
CALDER, Logan Entered
MAH, Peter Entered
SCOTT, Ben Entered
KIDD, Annabel Entered
DE SALVE, Pacome Entered
TURNER, Liam Entered
KILGOUR, Jason Entered
SING, Brian Entered
TYMMS, Joshua Entered
EVES, Daniel Entered
TURTON, Hayden Entered
SMITH, Steve Entered
WOOD, John Entered
HACKETT, Mary Entered
THOMPSON, Clint Entered
MUNDT, Marion Entered
SOEUNG, Kenny Entered
MIJAT, Dan Entered
WILSON, Joshua Entered
WALES, Rachael Entered
STARING, Bryan Entered
WASHINGTON, Peter Entered
DYER, Declan Entered
VAS, David Entered
WINFIELD, Joe Entered
BOWDEN, James Entered
PEPPER, Ben Entered
COMMONS, Joshua Entered
HANSSON, Gary Entered
HARVEY, Matthew Entered
HARVEY, Timothy Entered
KNIGHT, Steven Entered
DAWSON, Jordan Entered
CLEARY, Kathy Entered
FRASER, Connor Entered
CASTLE, Samuel Entered
ZORANJIC, Maya Entered
ZORANJIC, Jasmin Entered
SMITH, Jeremy Entered
WILLIAMSON, Mark Entered
KHARUK, Anton Entered
HARWOOD, Dave Entered
PEDERSEN, Ricky Entered
PRICE, Jonah Entered
STEWART, Doug Entered
MCCREA, Lachlan Entered
BEARD, Joel Entered
WILSON, Mckenzie Entered
FREIBERG, Michael Entered
MURRAY, Greg Entered
DE JONG, Julie Entered
SPENCER, Mitchell Entered
SPENCER, Danielle Entered
COUPLAND, Savannah Entered
COUPLAND, Mackenzie Entered
BROWN, Nathan Entered
SIME, Shanon Entered
MCROBBIE, Angie Entered
GILMORE, Brady Entered
JORDAN, Lee Entered
LAMBERT, Connor Entered
SIBBEL, Claire Entered
RICHARDS, Darcie Entered
RAYNER, Corey Entered
MCGILLIVRAY, Hamish Entered
MCGILLIVRAY, Callum Entered
MURPHY, Hunter Entered
WASHINGTON, Samuel Entered
BOON, Larissa Entered
DOHLER, Jack Entered
CONNAN, Matthew Entered
ALCOCK, Belinda Entered
MACCAN, Adam Entered
OSMOND, Harry Entered
ROBERTSON, Stuart Entered
ATTARD, Teneal Entered
STENNING, Oli Entered
MOSTERT, Zander Entered
ANDREWS, Isaac Entered
LILLEY, Andrew Entered
JOHNSON, Julian Entered
YEATES, Andrew Entered
KELLY-WILSON, Chaice Entered
BOGLIO, Cassia Entered
MCDOWELL, Scott Entered
MCDOWELL, Campbell Entered
NAVALOV, Andrei Entered
BOLT, Nicholas Entered
LIGHTFOOT, Jack Entered
DEATH, Kaitlyn Entered
DEATH, Ryan Entered
SIBBEL, Scarlett Entered
MCROBBIE, Fraser Entered
MCROBBIE, Finlay Entered
CARTER, John Entered
MCLENNAN, Katrina Entered
DAL PASSO, Chloe Entered
AVES, Harrison Entered
NAGLE, Jethro Entered
STAPLETON, Brett Entered
SIBBEL, Reuben Scratched
HOSSACK, Riley Scratched
JAMES, Oliver Scratched