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Volunteer's season pass

Sat, 24 Apr 2021
Cairns Club Rooms
Entries open
Tue, 06 Apr 2021 7:00 AM AEST
Entries close
Sat, 15 May 2021 5:00 PM AEST
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Sat, 24 Apr 2021 9:05 AM AEST

Season Pass

What is it?
Cairns Cycling Club offers a Volunteer Season Pass - unlimited racing at 2021 events for only $45.

How it works

  • First you need to join the volunteer roster here: Either you as a racing club member, or a family member or a mate can volunteer. You just need to give us their details. Got more than one person who can volunteer? That's fine too. Just fill out two forms!

  • Then buy the season pass here.

  • When they open, enter any eligible event that takes your fancy.

  • EntryBoss will recognise Season Pass Holders as eligible for free entry - no further payment required.

  • Note: No need to wait. You are able to access the volunteer pass as soon as you have submitted your volunteer nomination. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you in due course and together you will confirm your volunteer duty.

Who is eligible?
The volunteer season pass is currently open to all club members with a race licence. Riders can have someone volunteer on their behalf and still claim volunteer status (a great way to involve friends or family in your racing).

Eligible Events
All criteriums, kermesses and road races run by the club during 2021. Please note this doesn't inlcude multi stage races or events the club runs on behalf of other organisations such as Tour of the Tropics. Also doesn't inlcude track racing or training events like motorpacing.

Frequently Asked Questions
Volunteering - What's Involved? To be recognised as a volunteer, you need to register for a volunteer duty. There are several different roles available depending on the event. To learn more please visit our volunteer registration page:

The Volunteer Coordinator then confirms you in a duty, and will try to accommodate your preferences.

You are expected to complete up to three duties during in the season (noting that you give up vol status if no mutually suitable dates can be found between yourself & the vol co-ordinator).

You cannot race on the day you perform your duty (unless - see next)

You can have someone else perform your duty on your behalf (must be as capable and willing as you are)

All vols are briefed prior to their roles so do not necessarily need direct race volunteer experience.

Will I get a refund if races are cancelled?
This is a season pass, and that season offer is in the context of COVID, weather etc. Riders are asked to bear some risk themselves if race cancellations are required. The Club is NOT looking to offer pro-rata discounts if the full season cannot be delivered due to cancellations.

Where Do I Find the Vol Roster?
Please nominate for a duty here
The Vol Coordinator will confirm your preferred role or help organise an alternative date.

Are numbers limited? Its first come first served. Once the volunteer roster is full, we'll be closing this offer.

Do I still have to enter races?
Yes - you'll still need to enter races, you just won't need to pay any more. This is to prevent "no shows" impacting the integrity of the startlists for individual races - especially handicaps.

Can I get a refund for unused races?
Sorry, no refunds or partial refunds.

Can I enter as normal and pay the race entry fee if I don't want to claim Vol status?
Yes, you can enter & pay race-by-race as normal.
The Season Pass is completely optional and offered as a special reward for those who give back to racing through volunteering.

Until April 30th any nominations will also receive their new race numbers for free. Normally $15. Register for your race numbers here:

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Volunteer Season Pass

Entry fees include any payment card fees.