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2021 Season Number Order

Wed, 30 Jun 2021
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Thu, 22 Apr 2021 7:00 AM AEST
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Wed, 30 Jun 2021 6:05 AM AEST
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Season Number Order

Cairns Cycling Club is rolling out a Season Race Number System; the key features are:

  • You are issued with Race Numbers that you keep (see below regarding Retirement System should you stop racing with us).
  • Accepted at all Cairns Cycling Club events where race numbers are required.
  • Once your numbers are issued, you no longer need to pick up and return race numbers. (you still enter via EntryBoss and registration becomes a much simpler walk past check-in process).
  • The numbers are Graded (coloured jersey numbers denote grade), so you will be issued with new numbers if you are permanently regraded. Numbers will be issued to riders based on the grade you are currently riding in during the Bill Owen Insurance Brokers crit series.

Why is the club introducing season numbers?

  • To faciltate the use of our new timing system. This system uses a passive RFID tag that is attached to your seat post or seat rails. Unlike previous systems we have used, the RFID tags don't require batteries and should last for at least a year.
  • Reduce time at the registration desk and equipment sharing.
  • Race day convenience for riders. Just roll up before the race and you will be automatically checked in (some Road Race events may require self check-in for safety. More on that at a later date).

What you get

  • 2 x quality cloth race numbers for your jersey.
  • 1 x numbered frame plate (with RFID Transponder).
  • safety pins (feel free to use your own magnets or fasteners).
  • seat rail frame plate holder.

Can I choose my own number? We have allocated number ranges based on grades. Numbers have then been allocated in alphabetical surname order. So the short answer is no.

Category Number range
A Grade 001 - 049
B Grade 100 - 149
C Grade 200 - 249
D Grade 300 - 349
Women A Grade 400 - 449
Women B Grade 500 - 549
Juniors 600 - 649

Do I have wear two jersey numbers? Yes. Unless the race information specifically says otherwise.

Will I need to run the frame plate? Yes. Without the frame plate we can't time you. You may still be able to race but we can't guarantee you will be given a result.

Will I need to get a frame plate holder?
We include a simple seat rail holder with your number kit. You can also buy yourself a fancy frame plate holder if you prefer. Here''s one option -

When will they be available for collection? At the next two crits on May 2nd and May 16th.


How can I get my race numbers for free and receive a discount for the remainder of the season's races? That's easy! By being part of our volunteer register. You, a family member or mate can register to be a volunteer before May 4th 2021 and receive entry to all eligible club races (not including multi-stage tours or races the club is running on behalf of other organizations) for only $45 plus receive your race numbers for free!
Volunteer register is here:
Complete this first, retrieve your promo code and then come back here to claim your race number pack.

Retirement Plan
If you haven't raced at any events organised by the club for a period of TWO YEARS, your number may be retired and re-issued to a new rider. This is to help ensure we don't run out of numbers in the system.

Does the inclusion of a transponder on the frame plate mean all events will be timed? No, not all events will be timed. We will concentrate on road races for 2021. Do we have ambitions to expanding timing at all events including track, adding KOMs, intermediate sprints and other fun ideas? Yes, 2021 will be a trial of timing to support this where practical.

Is this system mandatory?
Yes, the Season Numbers are mandatory for club members. Buying season numbers and volunteering will save you time and money. We will continue to issue race-day numbers for visiting riders, come and try events and first time riders. If you forget your numbers you can still race but we can't guarantee your results will be recognised.

Is the timing system the only way race results will be judged?
No, the time keepers and commissaires still have the final say and will continue to use slo-mo video.

More information?

Entry prices

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Please consider volunteering. Your numbers are free if you fill out a vol roster nomination