CARR - Alice Springs MTB Club
Alice Springs NT Interschools 2021

Fri, 30 Apr 2021
Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve
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Tue, 13 Apr 2021 6:00 PM ACST
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Thu, 29 Apr 2021 11:29 PM ACST
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Proudly hosted by: CARR - Alice Springs MTB Club

Location: Telegraph Station

Price: Free (However you must have membership, day license or free 4 week trial to compete)

Duration: 3 hr 15 min

This is the third year of Inter School MTB Event in the Northern Territory run by St Philip's College. This is a part of a 2 race series.

It will be located at the Telegraph Station on the 30 April 2021 and again on 21 May between 9am and 12:00pm. (Race Briefing from 8.45am, please note that we would ideally have these races may be finished earlier than advertised time)

Course Info

All competitors will be invited to do a practice lap before the event commences so that they are aware of the course and where it goes. If you and your team are planning on doing this please arrive at 7.30am and follow marked course or ride track before with school group.

The Race will vary in length depending on your age but a single lap is on the current Arrwe Trail and is 4.8kms in length. It will leave from the grass at the TGS and head north until turning right at the cattle grid/ fence travelling through the river (this is a fast and bumpy part of the course so be careful). Another right turn after crossing the river and heading south along the Wallaby Trail to 4 posts where you will turn back towards the TGS taking in the 'B' line of the rock garden and then riding the Todd River sandy crossing to the finish at TGS.

Please note the track for the 21 May will be slightly altered for a bit of spice

Ages & Distances

Laps for age group
Under 11 - 1 lap (approximately 4.8km)
Under 13 - 2 laps (approximately 9.6km)
Under 15 - 3 laps (approximately 14.4km)
Under 17 - 4 laps (approximately 19.2km)
Under 19 - 5 laps (approximately 24km)

What to Bring

Participants should bring;

  • A functioning bicycle
  • A helmet that meets Australian standards and is in working order
  • Spare tube and pump
  • Water bottle that can be carried on your bike
  • Gloves and bike suitable riding attire are also recommended
  • It would be considered best practice to make sure that your bicycle has slimed tubes to reduce your chances of having a flat tyre.
  • Please consider bringing your own snacks for pre and post race munching!


Membership: Being a member of AusCycling (for new members) or Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA was the older system) and Central Australian Rough Riders as the local Club (CARR) the Alice Springs mountain bike club - is the best option.

Step 1:
If your child is not already a member options are:
1. 4 Week Free Trial membership: with AusCycling can be timed to cover both events.
2. 1 Year Race membership - AusCycling Off-Road 8-12 yrs $75
Click here to register:
3. Day permit $30 - you will automatically be given this option as you continue to register here.

One of these 3 options must be chosen. No membership or day permit no ride.

Membership with CARR is free for juniors, supports the club and the development of mountain biking in Alice Springs enormously, and is encouraged.

More Info

Please contact David Atkins on if you have any questions.

COVID-19 Notice

We are taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously.
By entering this event, you agree to the following:

  • you agree to follow Government COVID recommendations applicable to your jurisdiction
  • you agree to follow the Event's COVID directives
  • you agree that you may be asked to leave the event for non-compliance
  • we appreciate your cooperation, our intention is simply to run a safe event.
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