Entry nominations in Bayside Skoda Winter Criteriums at Casey Fields incorporating BBN Club Criterium Championships 01 Aug 21:55

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Blackburn Cycling Club website.

Name Status
SUTTON, Sophie Entered
HINWOOD, Lauren Entered
NEAL, Ian Entered
DEMPSTER, Alex Entered
DEMPSTER, Aiden Entered
RENEHAN, Tony Entered
MAXTED, James Entered
CHRISTENSEN, Aaron Entered
REBBECK, Leigh Entered
KIRWAN, Anthony Entered
LAKE, Glenn Entered
LAKE, Caitlyn Entered
LAKE, Alanah Entered
VELU, Jayden Entered
RIGOLI, Boris Entered
RIGOLI, Renato Entered
HENRY, Ross Entered
PRYJMAK, Annie Entered
BAIN, Andrew Entered
BAIN, Chloe Entered
ROBINSON, Tim Entered
RYAN, Rick Entered
RYAN, Kaeden Entered
WRIGHT, Jake Entered
BURSILL, Trish Entered
CROTTY, Isaac Entered
WAIN, Sam Entered
EVANS, Ryder Entered
BAKER, Robyn Entered
BROWN, Ewan Entered
BEATON, Paul Entered
WOODS, Benjamin Entered
WOODS, Joshua Entered
WOODS, Barry Entered
PRITCHARD, Tallis Entered
PRITCHARD, Audrey Entered
FELSTEAD, Peter Entered
FELSTEAD, Kai Entered
CHURCH, Russell Entered
CHURCH, Nathan Entered
SLATTERY, Charlotte Entered
HETSRON, Amit Entered
PUNAY, Joshua Entered
GEARY, Mark Entered
ROBINSON, Zac Entered
VIMPANI, Ella Entered
JOHNSTONE, Andrew Entered
BOLTON, Alan Entered
GREEN, Ryan Entered
HASSETT, Jordyn Entered
GREEN, Brendon Entered
DHIMAN, Harmann Entered
YEOH, Angus Entered
YEOH, Nicholas Entered
LOWRIE, David Entered
TIERNEY, Kaja Entered
BISCHOFF, Kelly Entered
BEATON, Ned Entered
BEATON, Oliver Entered
KIRMIZI, Aziz Entered
KIRMIZI, Omer Entered
BORDEN, Andrew Entered
CLARKSON, Matthew Entered
CLARKSON, Hamish Entered
VIMPANI, Hayden Entered
SCHOFIELD, Ben Entered
GALLAGHER, David Entered
ERMERT, Cameron Entered
OOSTHUIZEN, Wouter Entered
OOSTHUIZEN, Ruan Entered
BARTLETT, Simon Entered
BARTLETT, Leroy Entered
DESAI, Aarav Entered
BANTICK, Brady Entered
VAN TOL, Danielle Entered
VAN TOL, Mikaela Entered
LOWRIE, Nicholas Entered
VAN TOL, Justin Entered
ERMERT, Lachlan Entered
RUSSELL, Billie Scratched
WARD, Lavinia Scratched
WARD, Philippa Scratched