Entry nominations in Winter '21 Road Race #4 - Dog Hill 18 Aug 01:20

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Peel District Cycling Club website.

Name Status
ROBINSON, Melissa Entered
CASTLE, Samuel Entered
CASTLE, Mark Entered
WEBB, Austin Entered
PREVOST, Kate Entered
STOLTON, Zoe Entered
SCHMID, Cameron Entered
BROWN, Blake Entered
AKERS, Jonathan Entered
SCHULZ, Brad Entered
KILGOUR, Jason Entered
CULLEN, Brodie Entered
MOHAMAD PUAD, Mohammad Syairazy Entered
VAN DER VEEN, Chris Entered
VAN DER VEEN, Caleb Entered
SPENCER, Mitchell Entered
HARVEY, Matthew Entered
HARVEY, Timothy Entered
BERTHELSEN, Casey Entered
FRASER, Connor Entered
WOOD, John Scratched
MAHON, Michael Entered
DIXON, Donna Entered
BOWDEN, James Entered
LAURENDI, Joseph Entered
HANSSON, Gary Entered
JAMES, Hayden Entered
HALL, Stephen Entered
RICHARDS, Darcie Entered
VUKOVICH, Alec Entered
WOOD, Courtland Entered
VAN WYK, Constant Entered
CLAYDON, Mark Entered
OSMOND, Harry Entered
LAMBERT, Connor Entered
JONES, Daniel Entered
PEARMINE, Gavin Entered
BROWN, Nathan Entered
POPE, Jill Entered
FLOCKHART, Samantha Entered
GILBERT, Darren Entered
STAPLETON, Brett Entered
CASTLES, Tim Entered
VICKERS, Ryan Entered
MCGILLIVRAY, Hamish Entered
MCGILLIVRAY, Callum Entered
CARTER, John Entered
JOHNSON, Julian Entered
NAVALOV, Andrei Entered
LIGHTFOOT, Jack Entered
KHARUK, Anton Entered
LOCKE, Aaron Entered
RAMSHAW, Brook Entered
WASHINGTON, Peter Entered
TURTON, Hayden Entered
DOHLER, Greg Entered
SALEH, Kelana Entered
MALARDEAU, Amandine Entered
LAURENCE, Dennise Entered
BARTLETT, Luke Scratched
KIDNIE, Robert Entered
REID, Alastair Scratched
PATERSON, Chris Entered
DOHLER, Jack Scratched
MOSTERT, Zander Entered
NGUBULA, Koziba Entered
LEAHY, Conor Entered
PAHL, Adrian Entered
GIUSTO, Lorenzo Entered
POWER, Paul Entered
QUARTERMAINE, Kelly Scratched
MEULEMAN, Braydon Entered
LIM, Alvin Entered
BROWN, Andrew Scratched
JAMES, Oliver Entered
CARLYLE, Clynton Entered
COWIE, Nick Entered
WILSON, Matthew Entered
FRYER, Russell Entered
RIDLEY, Peter Entered
WASHINGTON, Samuel Entered
WHEELHOUSE, John Entered
LORD, Ben Entered
HAPI, Kristeen Entered
MOOHAN, Michael Entered
DA SILVA, Dominic Entered
LINDSAY, Andrew Entered
EVANS, Alastair Entered
STELLA, Nigel Scratched
MIJAT, Dan Entered
CLARK, Peter Entered
PERTWEE, Guy Entered
RIEDEL, Tony Entered
HOSKEN, Michael Entered
SMITH, Steve Entered
SMITH, Jeremy Entered
PREVOST, Keith Scratched
HEARNE, Paul Scratched
HARRIS, Tim Entered
BACKSHALL, Michael Entered
BACKSHALL, Lauryn Entered
CASHMAN, Dave Entered
CLARKE, Shane Entered
HOOPS, Kristan Entered
RICE, Simon Entered
AVES, Harrison Entered
JOHNSON, Vanessa Entered
MCDOWELL, Campbell Entered
MCDOWELL, Scott Entered
MCLENNAN, Katrina Entered
MEARS, Ben Entered
SAVAGE, Danny Entered
KEMP, Darren Entered
PEDERSEN, Ricky Entered
THORPE, Neil Entered
OVERAL, Glyn Entered
GAMMIE, Megan Entered
NAGLE, Jethro Entered
VAS, David Entered
UPTON, Matt Entered
CONNAN, Matthew Scratched
CAMPBELL, Callum Scratched
SWAINE, Craig Entered
HORT, Clinton Scratched
DAWSON, Jordan Scratched