Entry nominations in Erik Mather Cup 20 Jul 08:25

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the AusCycling New South Wales website.

Name Status
GRAF, Tony Entered
THOMASON, Matthew Entered
WAKEFIELD, Peter Entered
LACEY, Mark Entered
BROWNE, David Entered
PANNELL, Bernie Entered
TERRY, Ryan Entered
VICTOR, Natalie Entered
MATRIANO, Joey Entered
BULL, Richard Entered
O CONNOR, David Entered
GUDIKSEN, Joshua Entered
GIBIAN, Mark Entered
NASH, Klara Entered
VELLA, Don Entered
CREMEN, Craig Entered
ZANCHETTA, Rafael Entered
WILD, Ken Entered
SINTEUR, Craig Entered
DAVIDSON, Dayna Entered
DAVIDSON, Brett Entered
BUILTH-SNOAD, Danny Entered
BEZUIDENHOUT, Jackie Entered
GATT, Joe Entered
MARQUARDT, Trudy Entered
JOHNSTON, Matthew Entered
MEDRANI, Makayal Entered
DALE, Susanna Entered
DALE, Luke Entered
GROGAN, Terance Entered
CALLAWAY, Daniel Entered
THOMAS, Allison Entered
GALVIN, George Entered
CUPITT, Michael Entered
MACKAY, Katherine Entered
THOMAS, Oliver Entered
BEHAN, Lynda Entered
BANERJEE, Katie Entered
VEBER, Stephen Entered
CUMMINGS, Anthony Entered
STEVENS, Craig Entered
JOHN-HOPKINS, Faye Entered
HOPPER, Lt Entered
WAI, Andrew Entered
HOOKER, Matthew Entered
OH, Nicole Entered
BUTTENSHAW, Adam Entered
SULLIVAN, Denis Entered
HARRIS, Keith Entered
MORGAN-THOMAS, Eleri Entered
CAFFREY, Matt Entered
CROMER, Luke Entered
BRIAN, Nikki Entered
EL HALAWANI, Farah Entered
DRUMMOND, Rowan Entered
CLARKE, Rhys Entered
DABROWSKI, Ludwik Entered
NERY, Carlos Entered
NOTARO, Rodrigo Entered
HOLBERT, Grant Entered
WALL, Terence Entered
GROVES, Tim Entered
BENNETT, Fiona Entered
SAMWAYS, Andrew Entered
YOUNG, Kevin Entered
YUEN, Jack Entered
MASON, John Entered
SWORDS, Gary Entered
KERRISON, Tobias Entered
PAKULA, Mark Entered
DYBALL, Ben Entered
BRYANT, Ian Entered
MUIRHEAD, John Entered
VAN WYK, Charl Entered
COOK, Jason Entered
MILLINGTON, Johnathan Entered
TAAFFE, Philip Entered
MORT, Duncan Entered
PLUMB, Anthony Entered
VAN CALCAR, Hendrik Entered
LEE, Matthew Entered
GIBBONS, Andrew Entered
PEREYRA, William Entered
HENDERSON, Alexander Entered
MUSICH, John Entered
BURVILL, Jess Entered
BRAUN, Audrey Entered
NEPPL, Ben Entered
BALL, Simon Entered
KANE, Simon Entered
SMITH, Calvin Entered
COCHRANE, Greigory Entered
GILBERT, Adam Entered
LIND, Steve Entered
MCMURRAY, Tim Entered
LEE, Ungseok(James) Entered
I'ONS, Bernie Entered
TIMM, Clemens Entered
CRIDLAND, Jonathon Entered
GRAINGER, Ian Entered
CRIDLAND, Luke Entered
MIKAC, Antoni Entered
JONES, Hugh Entered
PARKER, Edward Entered
WILLIS, Robert Entered
LATHAM, Rodney Entered
TREBLE, Benjamin Entered
MCHUGH, Jamie Entered
BERNARD, James Entered
GONZALEZ, Mario Entered
HARPUR, Brett Entered
COLLINS, Gareth Entered
STRACHAN, Luke Entered
COLEMAN, Glenn Entered
HATT, John Entered
JONES, Amanda Entered
PETTETT, Malcolm Entered
ATKINS, Bryan Entered
WOOLFORD, Mark Entered
MILOSTIC, Peter Entered
ARMSTRONG, Aimee Entered
BROUGHTON, John Entered
PETTIT, Ben Entered
JUDGE, Marcus Entered
CALLADINE, Robert Entered
JACKSON, Andrew Entered
SCOTT, Michelle Entered
GENDEK, Stephen Entered
ARNOLD, Neil Entered
MORRISSEY, Daniel Entered
OATEN, Brad Entered
HONG, Victor Entered
RHODES, Luke Entered
STANTON, Michael Entered
SMITH, Allan Entered
PAGE, Guy Entered
MIMNAGH, Brian Entered
PLAKOTARIS, Steve Entered
LAW, Merrick Entered
LING, Chris Entered
MORRIS, Procter Entered
ALLEN, Robbie Entered
BREMAUD, Mathieu Entered
SMITHSON, Todd Entered
BORG, Stephen Entered
POMERING, Daniel Entered
SIMMONS, Annie Entered
DAVIS, Scott Entered
EDWARDS, Clinton Entered
SHERIDAN, Nigel Entered
GRANT, Ian Entered
BAKER, Simon Entered
CHAMPION, Simone Entered
COOPER, Steven Entered
BALL, Christopher Entered
PETTERSON, Anthony Entered
UNICOMB, Tony Entered
GILLMER, Blake Entered
SCHNEIDER, Benedikt Entered
CLARSEN, Timothy Entered
FRANCIS, Michael Entered
QUINN, Mick Entered
WIN, Phillip Entered
DEITZ, David Entered
FANTIN, Michael Entered
MCALPINE, Ben Entered
MANIATY, Peter Entered
NICOLLE, Keith Entered
HOWELL, Matthew Entered