Entry nominations in 2021Tolland Open Handicap Weekend - Day 2 04 Aug 23:44

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Cycling New South Wales website.

Name Status
MAWDITT, Lionel Entered
HILL, Aidan Entered
BLOCH, Sean Entered
BLOCH, Brayden Entered
STEWART, Toby Entered
DUTTON, Brett Entered
BRUNT, Sean Entered
FITYUS, Lucie Entered
SPRATT, Nick Entered
FOWLER, James Entered
DUBIER, Andre Entered
SIMPSON, Nicholas Entered
ADDISON, Daniel Entered
CLARKEBURN, Jeffrey Entered
SILVER, Will Entered
MENZIES, Russell Entered
MARKOVSKI, Ashley Entered
GORDON, Owen Entered
CHUBB, Alex Entered
RUTTER, Graham Entered
LENON, Shane Entered
HEFFERNAN, William Entered
BENNETT, Jack Entered
BATES, Joshua Entered
EDDY, Sam Entered
MANN, David Entered
VROOMANS, Marc Entered
DARMODY, Jennifer Entered
OVERVLIET, Jay Entered
HARRIGAN, Lachlan Entered
STEWART, Myles Entered
JOHNSON, Peter Entered
MIANSAROW, Georgia Entered
PIFFERO, Andrew Entered
SMITHSON, Matthew Entered
DAVIS, Nick Entered
RYAN, Martin Entered
JONES, Adam Entered
JOHNS, Nick Entered
LUCAS, Phillip Entered
PAYNE, Michael Entered
MOUTTER, Finley Entered
GOODSPEED, Bruce Entered
COMBS, Calvin Entered
RICARDO, Gina Entered
HEFFERNAN, Kieran Entered
TALBOT, Josie Entered
BERTOLDO, Stephen Entered
TILSTON, Craig Entered
HARRIS, Mark Entered
MINATO, Jason Entered
LANGRIDGE, Robert Entered
SAUTELLE, Sam Entered
SMITH, Sean Entered
MORRISON, Ben Entered
LYNCH, Tom Entered
WILTON, Rainer Entered
MCINNES, Christopher Entered
GEORGE, Dylan Entered
TUCKWELL, Luke Entered
WILTSHIRE, Glenn Entered
CONWAY, Fintan Entered
CRIDLAND, Luke Entered
DUNSTONE, Nigel Entered
JONES, Campbell Entered
SCHUGAR, Sofia Entered
PEPPARD, John Entered
STRUMFIN, Emily Entered
LUKE, Daniel Entered
COVINGTON, Malachi Entered
MICALLEF, Alexander Entered
MILLWOOD, Martin Entered
MARSHALL, Ben Entered
CHAPMAN, Sophie Entered
CHAPMAN, Kai Laqurant Entered
GREWAL, Devraj Entered
KIRKHAM, Will Entered
RENSHAW, Jack Entered
BURROWS, Lachlan Entered
HARVEY, Ben Entered
TREBLE, Benjamin Entered
FORREST, Taylor Entered
DOLE, Tahlia Entered
SHORT, Mike Entered
BRITTEN, Luke Entered
GALEA, Alexander Entered
NIXON, Luke Entered
ROPER, Luke Entered
GANDY, Daniel Entered
CUFF, Stephen Entered
NELSON, Adam Entered
SHORT, Ryland Entered
HARRIS, Jack Entered
WILLIAMS, Emily Entered
DIMMOCK, Tristan Entered
BOOTH, Nathan Entered
BOLTON, Tom Entered
HAYDON-SMITH, Rohan Entered
MCCOSKER, Andrew Entered
FULLER, Haylee Entered
FULLER, Zara Entered
SESSINI, Hugh Entered
JUDGE, Marcus Entered
SPENCELEY, Ben Entered
WHITFIELD, Sean Entered
EATHER, Kurt Entered
EATHER, Dylan Entered
GARDNER, John Entered
PERRY, Deren Entered
BRODIE, Joshua Entered
HAGEMAN, Christopher Entered
NICOLLE, Keith Entered
WILLIAMS, Jarrod Entered
JOHNSON, Anthony Entered
TOOVEY, Ayden Entered
CRIDLAND, Jonathon Entered
DEASEY, Luke Entered
LUDMAN, Joshua Entered
BROOKER, Rebel Entered
HEFFERNAN, Chloe Entered
WALLIS, Ben Entered
WALL, Terence Entered
BEGGS, Matt Scratched
COOPER, Peter Entered
MORGAN, Harrison Entered
MILLYNN, Kathy Entered
MILLYNN, Paul Entered
JOUSTRA, Christopher Entered
ANDERSON, Paul Entered
AITKEN, Colin Entered
JACKSON, Andrew Entered
CARTER, Glen Scratched
FAWLE, Asher Scratched
YOUNAN, Nadia Scratched
OWEN, Zach Scratched