Startlist for NCC Tuesday Criterium

Published at: Tue, 09 Mar 2021 2:15 PM ACDT as provisional startlist - subject to change.

Category Participant Club/Team
A BEAUMONT, Ryan Norwood CC
A BENNETT, Iven Norwood CC
A CHADWICK, Mark Port Adelaide Cycling Club
A DAVIES, Brad Norwood CC
A DOWDELL, Rylan Norwood CC
A GLASSPOOL, Lachlan Central Districts CC
A HARRISON, Josh Central Districts CC
A HOGAN, Jack Norwood CC
A MARRIAGE, Zac Kilkenny CC
A MOFFETT, Graeme Norwood Cycling Club
A SAYERS, Cooper Central Districts CC
A SHARRAD, Patrick Norwood CC
A SIMMONDS, Leo Norwood
A THOMAS, Kael Norwood CC
A WALKER, Lewis South Coast CC
A WARD, Michael Norwood Cycling Club
B BEVERIDGE, Samuel Norwood CC
B BOHDAN, Edwin Norwood Cycling Club
B BRUMFITT, Mathew FRA PowerOn
B BRYANT, Michael Richard Central Districts CC
B CHABREL, Nicholas Norwood CC
B CLARK, Nicholas Norwood CC
B EDEN, Joshua Happy valley
B ENRIGHT, Jesse Norwood CC
B FREETH, Aston Port Adelaide Cycling Club
B GALLOWAY, Patrick Norwood Cycling Club
B KINNANE, Alex Norwood CC
B LIENERT, Willis Port Adelaide Cycling Club
B LOUCA, Alex Port Adelaide Cycling Club
B MACDONALD, Nicola Hunter District Cycling Club
B POTTER, Daniel Norwood CC
B ROLTON, Todd Norwood CC
B STAUNTON, Richard FRA PowerOn
B UNDERWOOD, Nick Norwood CC
B WENTROCK, Paul Kilkenny CC
C ANDERSON, David Norwood CC
C BAKER, Dave Norwood CC
C BROOKS, Oliver Norwood CC
C BURGESS, Peter Norwood Cycling Club
C CHRISTINAT, Raphael Norwood CC
C COWAN, Celia Norwood Cycling Club
C CRANAGE, Joshua Norwood CC
C DAVIS, Peter Adelaide Cycling Club
C FEAR, Glenn Norwood CC
C GRIMS, Stephen Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C HANSBERRY, Darren Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C HARNESS, Billy Norwood CC
C HOCKING, Joshua Norwood CC
C HOMBURG, David Norwood CC
C JAMES, Matthew Norwood CC
C JANSSEN, Matt Norwood Cycling Club
C JOHNCOCK, Ben Norwood CC
C MANEY, Stephen Norwood CC
C MCSPORRAN, Kayla Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C MILLER, David Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C MINOR, Jacob Adelaide University Cycling Club
C SANDOW, Eloise Norwood CC
C SIMMONS, Lee Norwood CC
C SIMPSON, Toby Norwood Cycling Club
C SMITH, Reynard Norwood CC
C WILLIS, Jaidyn Norwood CC
C WILSON, Thomas Adelaide University Cycling Club
C WYELD, Ted Norwood CC
D BOSKEMPER, Felix Adelaide University Cycling Club
D BRENNAND, John Adelaide Hills Cycling Club
D BROOMHALL, Luke Norwood Cycling Club
D BURG, Trevor Norwood Cycling Club
D DOUGHERTY, Timothy Adelaide Cycling Club
D FREEMAN, Tom The Cove
D HILL, Alex Cycling South Australia
D HINCKS, Alan Port Adelaide Cycling Club
D KELLY, James Norwood CC
D KERSHAW, Mark Norwood Cycling Club
D MAGAREY, Sam Norwood Cycling Club
D MAY, Penny South Coast CC
D OAKLEY, Matty Norwood Cycling Club
D PIPE, Gordon Port Adelaide Cycling Club
D ROGERS, Joel Norwood Cycling Club
D SANDY, Brent Norwood CC
D WIGZELL, Jonathan Norwood
E BRAENDLER, Joshua free trial membership
E BRYANT, Carly Central Districts CC
E DELIA, Gennaro N\A
E HOLLITT, Thomas Adelaide Hills Cycling Club
E MELROSE, Karl Rapha CC/Adelaide MTBC
E ZHANG, Miu Lok Oscar Port Adelaide Cycling Club