Startlist for NCC Tuesday Criterium

Published at: Tue, 02 Mar 2021 1:44 PM ACDT as final startlist. Changes may still occur prior to event.

Category Number Participant Club/Team
A 19 BEAUMONT, Ryan Norwood CC
A 3 CHADWICK, Mark Port Adelaide Cycling Club
A 17 CLARKE, Thomas Norwood Cycling Club
A 37 DECKER, Tim Bendigo & District CC
A 38 DOWDELL, Curtis Norwood CC
A 7 EVANS, Karl Norwood CC
A 23 GILL, Russell Norwood CC
A 39 GOLDING, Will Norwood CC
A 25 HOFFMAN, Lucas Whyalla CC
A 40 HOGAN, Jack Norwood CC
A 41 MARGRATE, Daryl Norwood CC
A 5 MURADA, Elliott Norwood CC
A 30 PARKER, Robert St George CC
A 32 PLOWRIGHT, Jensen Hawthorn Cycling Club
A 33 SAUNDERS, Tristan Norwood CC
A 34 SAYERS, Cooper Central Districts CC
A 35 SIMMONDS, Leo Norwood
A 4 SIWEK, Daniel Whyalla CC
A 6 THOMAS, Kael Norwood CC
A 42 THOMASON, Jason Norwood CC
A 8 WALKER, Lewis South Coast CC
A 12 WARD, Michael Norwood Cycling Club
A 13 WELLMAN, Michael Norwood CC
A 36 WIGHT, Rohan Scotch College South Australia CC
B 175 BATELAAN, Mischa Adelaide University Cycling Club
B 169 BEVERIDGE, Samuel Norwood CC
B 157 BIRKEDALE, Mark Norwood
B 149 BOHDAN, Edwin Norwood Cycling Club
B 166 BRAY, Phil Adelaide Hills Cycling Club
B 179 BROSNAN, Troy Inside Line
B 180 BRUMFITT, Mathew FRA PowerOn
B 161 BRYANT, Michael Richard Central Districts CC
B 162 CHABREL, Nicholas Norwood CC
B 153 EDEN, Joshua Happy valley
B 151 ENRIGHT, Jesse Norwood CC
B 145 FEELY, Craig Norwood CC
B 181 FINLAY, Luke Norwood CC
B 144 FREETH, Aston Port Adelaide Cycling Club
B 182 FRISBY, Travis Kilkenny
B 164 GALLOWAY, Patrick Norwood Cycling Club
B 183 GOLDING, Sam Norwood CC
B 177 HARDY, Max Norwood Cycling Club
B 155 HOWARD, Kym Port Adelaide Cycling Club
B 147 KEY, Daniel Central Districts CC
B 141 KINNANE, Alex Norwood CC
B 174 LIENERT, Willis Port Adelaide Cycling Club
B 142 LOUCA, Alex Port Adelaide Cycling Club
B 184 MASSEY, Benjamin Norwood Cycling Club
B 148 POTTER, Daniel Norwood CC
B 171 RISCHMUELLER, Thomas Norwood CC
B 165 SHANAHAN, Patrick Norwood CC
B 150 SMITH, Frank Norwood CC
B 176 WENTROCK, Paul Kilkenny CC
B 154 WHITTAKER, Josiah Adelaide University Cycling Club
C 336 ANDERSON, David Norwood CC
C 364 BAKER, Dave Norwood CC
C 365 BROSNAN, Baden Norwood CC
C 344 BRYANT, Michael Mervyn Centrals
C 348 CHRISTINAT, Raphael Norwood CC
C 357 CRANAGE, Joshua Norwood CC
C 366 CRICK, Phil Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C 288 DOLMAN, Bronwyn Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C 338 FEAR, Glenn Norwood CC
C 367 HANSBERRY, Darren Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C 334 HARNESS, Billy Norwood CC
C 341 HOCKING, Joshua Norwood CC
C 355 HOLMES, Wil Norwood Cycling Club
C 337 HOMBURG, David Norwood CC
C 343 JAMES, Matthew Norwood CC
C 333 JOHNCOCK, Ben Norwood CC
C 350 KIRBY, Ryan Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C 281 MACPHERSON, Jenny Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C 283 MCSPORRAN, Kayla Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C 358 MILLER, David Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C 368 MINOR, Jacob Adelaide University Cycling Club
C 286 MITSIGEORGIS, Nicole Norwood CC
C 369 NOBES, Glenn Port Adelaide Cycling Club
C 287 SANDOW, Eloise Norwood CC
C 360 SHORTT, Rich Norwood CC
C 361 SHUTTLEWORTH, Matthew South Coast CC
C 342 SIMMONS, Lee Norwood CC
C 345 UNDERWOOD, Nick Norwood CC
C 340 WILLIS, Jaidyn Norwood CC
C 352 WILSON, Thomas Adelaide University Cycling Club
C 363 WORRALL, Darcy Norwood CC
C 370 YOUNG, Sam Norwood CC
D 650 BROOMHALL, Luke Norwood Cycling Club
D 622 BURGESS, Peter Norwood Cycling Club
D 623 DOUGHERTY, Timothy Adelaide Cycling Club
D 651 FREEMAN, Tom The Cove
D 644 GROVE, Robert Norwood CC
D 626 HILL, Alex Cycling South Australia
D 628 JOHNSON, Jason Norwood CC
D 574 JOLLY, Alice Norwood Cycling Club
D 629 KELLY, James Norwood CC
D 652 KERSHAW, Mark Norwood Cycling Club
D 653 LAWRIE, Edward Cycling Australia
D 646 MAGAREY, Sam Norwood Cycling Club
D 630 MARSHALL, Peter FRA PowerOn
D 634 OAKLEY, Matty Norwood Cycling Club
D 648 OGILVIE, Chris n.a
D 654 PIPE, Gordon Port Adelaide Cycling Club
D 655 SANDY, Brent Norwood CC
D 656 SCAIFE, Peter Adelaide University Cycling Club
D 637 SIMPSON, Toby Norwood Cycling Club
D 639 THOMAS, Mark Norwood CC
E 912 BOSKEMPER, Felix Adelaide University Cycling Club
E 915 DELIA, Gennaro N\A
E 901 GALLYER, Adrian Adelaide Hills Cycling Club
E 902 HENDERSON, Hugo nil
E 904 MELROSE, Karl Rapha CC/Adelaide MTBC
E 916 NANGLE, Dylan N/A (Trial License)
E 907 THOMAS, Nathan Norwood Cycling Club
E 917 WIGHTMAN, Fabian NA