Entry nominations in 3hr Twilight Race No Frills Racing Series - Round 4 01 Mar 18:36

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Geelong Mountain Bike Club website.

Name Status
TOWART, Mick Entered
CARLYON, Adam Entered
GUIRGUIS, Mark Entered
KRIZMANIC, Angelo Entered
KEIR, Martz Entered
CRISTOFOLI, Tristano Entered
MACKENZIE, Brent Entered
WALLACE, Craig Entered
DAVIS, Craig Entered
HILL, Nigel Entered
WHYTE, Max Entered
CHAN, Ben Entered
LANE, Matthew Entered
LANE, Sam Entered
MIDDLETON, Hamish Entered
BORGELT, Nick Entered
ELLIS, Shane Entered
RUDD, Oliver Entered
BROOKES, Karen Entered
TYLER, Tim Entered
GRANT, David Entered
VRINS, Richard Entered
VRINS, Abigale Entered
CARTER, Mike Scratched
TOD, Jason Entered
MULLIGAN, Matt Entered
GEYSEN, Joel Entered
WALLACE, Wade Scratched
LEBBINK, Grant Scratched
BIVIANO, Melissa Entered
SAUNDERS, Brad Entered
DONALDSON, Luke Entered
HARDING, Warren Entered
BUCKLEY, Finn Scratched
STENHOUSE, Anders Scratched
ROMITI, Stefano Scratched
KEIR, David Entered
FLETT, Conor Scratched
PENDLEBURY, Jon Scratched
PAUL, Richards Entered
MATHEWS, Fiona Scratched
MCCARTHY, Benjamin Scratched
SPROSON, Lucas Entered
STEWART, Verita Entered
LONG, Purdie Entered
ASHFORD, Travis Scratched
HILL, Chiara Scratched
NEWTON, Bruce Entered
NORMOYLE, Erin Entered
HJORT, Chad Entered
SMITH, Brad Scratched
BURTON, Dominic Entered
BURTON, Madeleine Entered
FLETT, Mark Entered
WILSON, Nathan Scratched
WEIR, Adam Entered
TROTTER, Vince Entered
NOYE, Andrew Entered
KRAJNIK, Sam Scratched
OLDHAM, Nigel Scratched
O’NEIL, Phil Entered
LUHM, Jason Scratched
MERCHANT, Shayne Entered
WHITFORD, Jett Entered
WHITFORD, Ty Entered
DIXON, Neil Entered
CROSBIE, Michael Entered
PEARCE, Connor Scratched
PEARCE, Chris Entered
LUCAS, Scott Entered
HESELWOOD, Nathan Entered
PENGLASE, Kate Entered
ROWE, Tim Scratched
BAAS, Trevor Scratched
JOHNSON, Stephen Entered
MARSHALL, Fraser Entered
FICE, Chris Entered
PAGE, Lisa Scratched
MARSHALL, Rachael Scratched
HUGHES, Jack Scratched
GOLDSTRAW, Ashley Entered
SULLIVAN, Steven Entered
SHAKESPEARE, Cameron Entered
BROWNE, Chris Entered
BARTLETT, Lyle Entered
TOY, Steve Entered
DAT, Cameron Entered
WILKINSON, Ross Scratched
CHARLES, Amon Entered
KELLY, Ian Entered
DAVIES, Brad Entered
HENKEL, Bert Scratched
HENKEL, Peter Scratched
FLETCHER, Paul Entered
GAVENS, Scott Entered
MALONEY, Brian Entered
LINAHAN, Colin Entered
STORMONTH, Tyler Scratched
EVANS, Alex Scratched
CLARKE, Nathan Entered
URIE, Melissa Entered
SCRAGG, Michael Entered
JESSEN, Jude Scratched
ERBS, Danielle Entered
HUGHES, Nick Entered
ERICKSON, Gavin Entered
CAFFRY, Anthony Entered
PILE, Nick Entered
IACUONE, Allan Entered
MONKIVITCH, Jarrod Entered
DOUGLAS, Jess Scratched