Entry nominations in BDCC Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisors Track Race 25.02.2021 15 Apr 20:02

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Bendigo & District Cycling Club website.

Name Status
MAW, Poppy Entered
COLES, Jamie Entered
CRUMP, Joel Entered
JELBART, Tobias Entered
MADDERN, Jade Entered
BAIN, Cameron Entered
BODY, Peter Entered
POWELL, Archie Entered
GILLIGAN, Ronny Entered
MATHEWS, Ethan Entered
BUCKELL, Isaac Entered
BUCKELL, Samuel Entered
MADDERN, Leshae Entered
GILL, Angus Entered
HUMBER, Iesha Entered
EVANS, Miller Entered
EVANS, Luca Entered
CLARKE, Joshua Entered
CLARKE, Hayley Entered
FREER, Milana Entered
DOHERTY, Joshua Entered
SCHINTLER, Todd Entered
LESKE, Justin Entered
MCCAIG, Toby Entered
HALL, Lucy Entered
JONES, Molly Entered
JONES, Isaac Entered
COLLIER, Taylor Entered
COLLIER, David Entered
COLLIER, Montanna Entered
DEAN, Braeden Entered
DEAN, Maliha Entered
NICHOLLS, Zac Entered
NICHOLLS, Bryce Entered
NICHOLLS, Daniel Entered
DOUGLAS, Madeleine Entered
MCLEAN, Amelia Entered
KEATING, Scott Entered
GARTSIDE, Zachary Entered
GARTSIDE, Hunter Entered
GARTSIDE, Charlie Entered
GARTSIDE, Robert Entered
TUPPER, James Entered
KORNMANN, Max Entered
STOLTZ, Oscar Entered
MORLEY, Harrison Entered
MORLEY, Mitchell Entered
HARNETTY, Hope Entered
KILLEEN, Kade Entered
HADDEN, Nate Entered
HADDEN, Chase Entered
HADDEN, Jackson Entered
TORRINGTON, Shane Entered
BYRNE, Harry Entered
LARSON, Jacob Entered
LARSON, Corey Entered
LARSON, Heidi Entered
CRONIN, Anna Entered
JACK, Haylee Entered
WALKER, Marcus Entered
BELL, John Entered
BURGESS, Tekeyah Entered
KNIGHT, Harrison Entered
JONES, Lilyth Scratched
FREER, Sebastian Scratched