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Roller Frenzy XIII

Thu, 21 Jan 2021
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Mon, 21 Dec 2020 12:00 noon ACDT
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Thu, 21 Jan 2021 11:59 AM ACDT
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Roller Frenzy XI


Port Adelaide CC’s Roller Frenzy’s 13th edition is set to take part as part of the Santos Festival of Cycling! Held at 88 O'Connell alongside Maker, you can be part of the select group of 32 riders go head-to-head in frenetic roller racing.

This is your chance to be on the stage and stake your claim to win the coveted PORT ADELAIDE CC ROLLING PIN prize, with some other prizes available along the way! Read on for eligibility and bike requirements before entering!

I dunno whether I know how to ride rollers

While we encourage people to ride 'free rollers' (as in riding rollers properly - we use quality Kreitler Rollers (thanks to Kilkenny Cycling Club!) which are smooth and easy to ride. We ask all riders bring their own handler to help you set up on stage and hold you. We also offer riders the ability to use a front fork stand which makes riding rollers literally idiot proof - note they only fit quick-release type forks, no through-axle stands are available - again, we recommend all riders have a helper for setup and holding.

What bike am I riding and what do I wear?

Riders must BYO bike. Ride whatever bike you like - singlespeed, fixie, road, MTB, BMX - whatever you got but we do recommend smooth tyres. The only restrictions are on gearing. You cannot ride a gear bigger than 50t front, 14t rear (96.46"). On a road bike that is 53:15 (or 52:15). If you're on a geared bike you must select an equivalent gear or smaller, and stick to it - no changing gears mid event. Cranks must be 165mm, or longer. Riders are encouraged to dress up to try to win best-dressed as judged by the crowd.

How it works

Four sets of rollers are connected to an electronic dial. As the rollers are driven, the dial rotates – simulating a 500m lap on the track. Riders will bring their own bike to use on the rollers. All entrants will get a minimum of two rides. People placing in major prizes 1st through 4th will race a total of six times as per the following:

  1. Qualifying - Riders will go on stage in groups of four to set a qualifying time. Riders must try to go as fast as they can over 500m to win some cash prizes - prizes for fastest men and woman on both free-rollers and fork-held prizes are on offer. The fastest riders will sit in the hot seat till all 32 riders have set their times.
  2. Riders will draw a random number from the hat which sets their seeding/path through to the finals.
  3. Knockout Rounds: Riders will go up in pairs in a sudden-death elimination from then on. Your handicap will be based upon your qualifying time (note 'sandbaggers' will be punished). Rounds:

-Round 1: 16 races, eliminating 16 riders (32 riders participate) over 500m

-Round 2: 8 races, eliminating 8 riders (16 riders participate) over 500m

-Round 3: Quarter Finals: 4 races, eliminating 4 riders (8 riders participate) over 500m

-Round 4: Semi Finals - Winners to Final, Losers to 3rd vs 4th (The top 4 riders participate)

-Round 5 Finals: Bronze Final - Winner Bronze, Loser is 4th; Gold Final - Winner Gold, Loser Silver. Finals over 1000m

Each round is handicapped so riders should in theory have an equal chance to win!


Event Name: Roller Frenzy XIII
Event Date: Thursday 21 January 2021 Event Time: Be there ready to ride before 7pm sharp for 7:15pm start
Online Cut off: 20th Jan at Noon
Location: 88 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide
Entry categories: 'Ladies' and 'Gents'
Field limit: 32 overall
Entry fee: $25
Eligibility: You must hold a valid AusCycling membership (either All Discipline or Lifestyle) or Cycling Australia equivalent.

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Facebook event: Website: pacc.org.au/events

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