Entry nominations in Dirt Squirts 2021 Summer Series - Round 2 18 Jan 12:22

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Geelong Mountain Bike Club website.

Name Status
WALSH, Lucca Entered
WALSH, Lennon Entered
GAYLARD, Lachy Entered
BRAMICH, Charlie Entered
WILEMAN, Ted Entered
GAYLARD, Angus Entered
MCDONALD, Clinton Entered
MCDONALD, Mitchell Entered
ILES, Charlotte Entered
NORMAN, Matilda Entered
REES, Freya Entered
REES, Oliver Entered
CLAYDON, Oscar Entered
EVANS, William Entered
BARANSKI, Teddy (Theodore) Entered
BARANSKI, Beau Entered
BERNARD, Magnus Entered
BERNARD, Perrine Entered
BERNARD, ClÉMence Entered
PEART, Ned Entered
ROBINSON, Zac Entered
SHEEAN, Xavier Entered
SHEEAN, Ewan Entered
BEATTIE, Toby Entered
DICKINSON, Freddy Entered
DICKINSON, George Entered
DICKINSON, Albert Entered
MERCHANT, Owen Entered
BAIRD, Ethan Entered
BAIRD, Joel Entered
BAIRD, Oliver Entered
DACEY, Isabella Entered
DACEY, Matthew Entered
HARBOUR, Logan Entered
HARBOUR, Baden Entered
GOLDSTRAW, Luis Entered
TAYLOR, James Entered
ANDERSON, Ollie Entered
STEVENS, Flynn Entered
STEVENS, Natalie Entered
ILES, Cormac Entered
LENEHAN, Isaac Entered
ROWELL, Jaxx Entered
VAN RYSWYK, Christian Entered
VAN RYSWYK, Logan Entered
NEVILLE, Fraser Entered
WHITFORD, Piper Entered
RABICH, Bentley Entered
RABICH, Harper Entered
MCRAE, Spencer Entered
VIMPANI, Hayden Entered
MCHUGH, Arlo Entered
MCHUGH, Rafferty Entered
WILLIAMS, Sophie Entered
WILLIAMS, Hannah Entered
WILSON, Thomas Entered
WILSON, Nathan Entered
WILSON, Ada Entered
HOWKINS, Oliver Entered
HOWKINS, Camilla Entered
HOWKINS, Thomas Entered
NOYE, Archer Entered
NOYE, Austin Entered
GAVENS, Evan Entered
GAVENS, Mia Entered
MALONEY, Tom Entered
IRELAND, Lenny Entered
IRELAND, Herb Entered
IRELAND, Clem Entered
MURRAY, Elise Entered
MURRAY, Sophie Entered
MURRAY, Spencer Entered
BLAY, Daniel Entered
BLAY, Kieran Entered
BELL, Lucas Entered
BELL, Greta Entered
BELL, Darcy Entered
BRAIN, Ethan Entered
BREED, Logan Entered
JAMES, Flynn Entered
JAMES, Hugh Entered
ANDERSON, Tommy Entered
MANLEY, Josh Entered
MANLEY, Luke Entered
CAREY, Isaac Entered
GARRA, Flynn Entered
WHYTE, James Entered
MC PEAKE, Max Anthony Entered
MURPHY, Penelope Entered
MURPHY, Hugo Entered
MAGIERA, Marek Entered
EISNER, Kate Entered
CARTER, Nicolas Entered
DURANTE, Luca Entered
HOWLETT, Ethan Entered
BARTLETT, Leroy Entered