Entry nominations in STAMPS ROAD GSR (Macclesfield) 18 Jan 11:15

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Adelaide Hills Cycling Club website.

Name Status
MAYNE, Grace Entered
RODGERS, Matthew Entered
TILDESLEY0434620457, Tony Entered
ROBINSON, Phil Entered
DOWDELL, Curtis Entered
BARRY, Victoria Entered
BENNETT, Iven Entered
GOLDING, Will Entered
WALKER, Lewis Entered
EDEN, Joshua Entered
SIWEK, Daniel Entered
WOODARD, Jason Entered
SIMMONDS, Leo Entered
SAUNDERS, Tristan Entered
TURNER, Gavin Entered
OAKLEY, Matty Entered
BROOMHALL, Luke Entered
CHUNG, Edward Entered
MCRAE, Lachlan Entered
CUNNIFF, Andrew Entered
PASCALE, Donny Entered
HUGHES, Adam Entered
ATTRILL, Chris Entered
BEAUMONT, Ryan Entered
MOORE, Jason Entered
SCOTT, Cameron Entered
PETERSEN, Matt Entered
ZHANG, Miu Lok Oscar Entered
DAVILL, Phil Entered
WILLSON, Tony Entered
PERSICO, Alex Entered
DAVIDS, Brendon Entered
STEELE, Amanda Entered
MAGAREY, Sam Entered
ZHARKOU, Yeudakim Entered
MULDOON, Jay Entered
CAMPBELL, Simon Entered
BIRD, Matthew Entered
HOLLITT, Thomas Entered
FROST, Andrew Entered
THOMASON, Jason Entered
RYAN, Kahl Entered
PARKINSON, Rob Entered
TURNER, Catelyn Entered
PARKER, Robert Entered
ALLISON, John Entered
KELLY, Daniel Entered
EDWARDS, Nicola Entered
DOBSON, Dave Entered
SCHMIDT, Jordan Entered
TICHY, David Entered
EDWARDS, Wayne Entered
MARTIN, Dean Entered
KEY, Daniel Entered
HAMMOND, David Entered
PEARCE, Callum Entered
POTTER, Daniel Entered
SHUTTLEWORTH, Matthew Entered
GALLYER, Adrian Entered
MARAFIOTE, Steve Entered
ENRIGHT, Jesse Entered
NORTON, Alisteir Entered
NORTON, James Entered
BRAY, Phil Entered
HOFFMAN, Lucas Entered
SAYERS, Cooper Entered
OSBORN, Mark Entered
MCCUDDEN, Staci Entered
MORCOMBE, Daniel Entered
WOODWISS, Sueann Entered
LEWIS, Nick Entered
BRENNAND, Tony Entered
FATHERS, Gavin Entered
KNUCKEY, Kym Entered
BATEMAN, Paul Entered
HUTCHENS, Craig Entered
BRENNAND, John Entered
WALSH, Sam Entered
HESELTINE, Stuart Entered
KREBS, Kim Entered
SKINNER, Alison Entered
VU, Thien Entered
AFNAN, Ruhi Entered
PEARCE, Paul Entered
EVANS, Karl Entered
CARPI, Wagner Entered
CLARKE, Paul Entered
CLARKE, Jarred Entered
LESKE, Ben Entered
LIENERT, Willis Entered
WHITSON, Iain Scratched
WELLMAN, Michael Entered
MCKINNON, Janine Entered
HARNESS, Billy Entered
DOVETON, Kevin Entered
BOYLAN, Margaret Entered
GRAY, Chris Scratched
BRENT, Kurtis Scratched
CARMICHAEL, Jason Entered
MUSPRATT, David Entered