Entry nominations in VIRTUAL Racing #4 - Cycling Australia Junior National Racing Series 24 Jan 10:15

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the AusCycling website.

Name Status
ROBINSON, James Entered
MCLENNAN, Liliana Entered
MARCKS, Edward Entered
BROXAM, Nicholas Entered
DERRICO, Meika Entered
HIBBURT, Robert Entered
TATARINOFF, Liliya Entered
GIRAMONDO, Ava Entered
JESSEN, Cohen Entered
MCKENZIE, Hamish Entered
WILLIS, Eddie Entered
MCGOVERN, Mitchell Entered
CARR, Jayson Entered
COLLETT, Ryley Entered
CATLIN, Ethan Entered
MATTHEWS, Robert Entered
STRETTON, Dalton Entered
CORSET, Caitlin Entered
WRIGHT, Amy Entered
WRIGHT, Zoe Entered
SANDERS, Amelie Entered
FREER, Milana Entered
VAN DER PLOEG, Hayden Entered
NORDMEYER, Summer Entered
RUSSELL, Isabelle Entered
SHOCKAIR, Rayhan Entered
GARDINER, Georgia Entered
LANG, Charlotte Entered
HOFER, Orlando Entered
COLLINS, Sebastian Entered
JACK, Haylee Entered
ANDERSON, Jamie Entered
MARTIN, Maya Entered
HOWARD, Connor Entered
MCDONALD, Briana Entered
CLIFF, Sarah Entered
CLIFF, Jacinta Entered
EAVES, Alex Entered
EAVES, William Entered
GOLDING, Sam Entered
MILLER, Angus Entered
APPLETON, Talia Entered
ROSE, Caitlin Entered
CASEY, Jacob Entered
MCINTOSH, Harvey Entered
HOLMES, Wil Entered
CHAMBERLAIN, Lachie Entered
HAMER, Jonah Entered
O'SULLIVAN, Finbar Entered
MILNE, Calum Entered
MATTHEWS, James Entered
MACDONALD, Bailey Entered
BATES, Lauren Entered
ALLISON, Brody Entered
COMBS, Amy Entered
WIGHT, Tess Entered
RICHERT, Etienne Scratched
RICHERT, Luke Entered
MEAKIN, Benjamin Entered
MOORE, Montgomery Entered
TAPLIN, Logan Entered
STEVENSON, Lucas Entered
JONES, Alexander Entered
O'ROURKE, Eugenie Entered
KINSMAN, Henry Scratched
HOWIE, Cadel Entered
DROHAN, Matthew Entered
DELL, Hayley Entered
HEFFERNAN, William Entered
CYRESZKO, Maximilian Entered
ABBLITT, Nicholas Entered
DEASEY, Luke Entered
MOORE, Thomas Entered
MATHISKE, Kobi Entered
BRITTEN, Ryan Entered
BRODIE, Joshua Entered
SCOTT, Liam Entered
MARTENSON, Ephraim Entered
CORSET, Stephanie Entered
PERTWEE, Guy Entered
JONES, Alexander Entered
THORNELOE, Toby Entered
OLIVER, Lachlan Entered
MORRISSEY, Kaide Entered
PALMER, Campbell Entered
NICOLLE, Oliver Scratched
LOVETT, Cadel Entered
STRATFORD, Lily Entered
COCKSHUTT, Alani Entered
JOHNSTONE, Caleb Entered
HEWES, Alex Entered
MATHWIN, William Entered
LANG, Ethan Entered
MASON, Noah Entered
CHAMBERLAIN, Oscar Entered
WHITTAKER, Jarlath Entered
CLARKSON, Hamish Entered
DAVEY, Julian Entered
TROWELL, Nate Entered
LOADSMAN, Thomas Entered
MCADAM, Matson Entered
CRICK, Nathan Scratched
HENDERSON, Keeley Entered
NIXON, Luke Entered
SHELVERTON, Jonas Entered
HUSSEIN, Ella-Kate Entered
BLAND, Xavier Entered
VAN NIEKERK, Niel Entered
WILLIAMS, Mia Entered
SMITH, Alexander Entered
STEVENS, Hayden Entered
HRIBAR, Alana Entered
STEWART, Lucinda Entered
MCKEE, Samuel Entered
NEY, Harrison Entered
BLOCH, Brayden Entered
EATHER, Dylan Scratched