Entry nominations in R34 Drake Criterium + FCC Womens Criterium Series Race 1 14 Apr 11:53

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Footscray Cycling Club website.

Name Status
HAINES, William Entered
TAMMARO, Sam Entered
NYEHOLT, Marcus Entered
TANCREDI, Natalie Entered
STOCKER, Robert Entered
DAVIDSON, Andrew Entered
MCQUADE, Peter Entered
HICKFORD, Brett Entered
CARGILL, Riley Entered
RANDLES, Marcel Entered
STUART, James Entered
MILLEN, Grant Entered
ROSS, Giovanni Entered
NAUGHTIN, Andrew Entered
CRAGGILL, Shannon Entered
DARLING, Stuart Entered
MACLENNAN, Dean Entered
HEATH, Matthew Entered
DICK, Andrew Entered
CLARK, Tiernan Entered
WILLEN, Harry Entered
PRICE, Stephen Entered
HUNTER, Ray Entered
ATKINS, Daniel Entered
KELLY, Leigh Entered
JOVANOVSKI, Toni Entered
FRISLIE, Graeme Entered
RAYNES, Jared Entered
JONES, Tim Entered
MOLONEY, Tom Entered
GULLERY, Simon Entered
BURKE, Peter Entered
BELL, James Entered
PRICE, Tim Entered
MORRIS, Colin Entered
BONNETT, Fiona Entered
SESTICH, Bryce Entered
SCHULTZ, Mark Entered
KIRKLAND, Nicolas Entered
BOROWSKI, Michael Entered
ATKINSON, Ella Entered
STODDART, Jim Entered
BROWN, Corinna Entered
HOLLOWAY, Adam Entered
BURGHOUWT, Roel Entered
GRAY, Tommy Entered
QUICK, Christopher Entered
EATON, Darren Entered
COSTIN, Jason Entered
CHETCUTI, Walter Entered
DUMARAOS, Alvin Entered
MCDONALD, Alistair Entered
TAN, Michael Entered
NORTON, Barry Entered
GRBESA, Glen Entered
DEPETRO, Vito Entered
BENNETT, Keely Entered
JOHNSON, Matthew Entered
DIETZE, Henry Entered
MOORE, Oskar Entered
WATSON, Alix Entered
BELL, Karla Entered
WALDRON, Andrew Entered
DA COSTA, Miles Entered
JENKINS, Hayley Entered
MILLER, Evan Entered
EDWARDS, Diane Entered
LAUNDER, Tania Entered
LOWE, Benjamin Entered
HARRIS, Rowena Entered
CARTER, Nick Entered
NICHOLS, Robert Entered
HARRIS, Steven Entered
LECHNER, Karen Entered
GIRAMONDO, Agostino Entered
ROBERTS, Darren Entered
BROWN, Scott Entered
ROMANO, Emilio Entered
MEDHURST, Luke Entered
HUNTER, Hal Entered
ZAMMIT, Gerard Entered
LANE, David Entered
HEYWOOD, Barry Entered
DOWNING, Michael Entered
DAM, Michael Entered
LEWIS, Samantha Entered
MARSHALL, Amelia Entered
HIBBURT, Stephanie Entered
BAILLIE, David Entered
KILLEEN, Kade Entered
CRAM, Barry Entered
GRUBA, Joanne Entered
TEHAN, Phillip Entered
SIMPSON, Kath Entered
SCHUBACH, Ross Entered
TIPPETT, Nick Entered
SCRAGG, Michael Entered
MICALLEF, Mark Entered
KENNY, Paul Entered
MOLAN, Luke Entered
BLADE, Scott Entered
STEVENS, Tamaryn Entered
O'FARRELL, Edward Entered
HOBBS, Dennis Entered
PURCELL, Dan Entered
CHIPPINDALE, Luke Scratched