Peel District Cycling Club
Peel Enduro 2024

Sat, 3 Aug 2024
PDCC Motorplex Crit Course
Entries open
Entries close
Fri, 02 Aug 2024 5:00 PM AWST
Scratch cut-off
Fri, 02 Aug 2024 5:30 PM AWST
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Fri, 02 Aug 2024 5:30 PM AWST


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Entry Costs

Category Solo Duo Team Start Finish
12 Hour $50 $40 $30 10 AM 10 PM
6 Hour $40 $30 $20 2 PM 8 PM
3 Hour $30 $20 - 3 PM 6 PM

The maximum hours each junior are allowed to compete are 6 hours for U19, 3 hours for U15/17, and 1.5 hours for U13. Duos and Teams can be a mixture of Adults and Juniors.

How far can you go? The podiums are based purely on distance covered.

Riders are free to ride and draft with whoever they please, regardless of laps/distance covered.

The finish flag will be raised after the time limit has elapsed, and riders can complete their current lap. If competitors are on the same lap then whoever crosses the line first wins.

Can I take breaks?

Of course! Laps are only counted when you complete a lap and cross the finish line. The grassed area will work as our race pits for any rest and repairs.

How to teams work?

Only one member of a team can be on the course at a time, swapping a single timing chip in the pit area. Their combined laps will be added together for the team distance.

What amenities are available?

The Motorplex has Water, Toilets, Showers, and Electricity.

What should I bring?

In addition to your normal race equipment (bike, helmet, etc) we would recommend a variety of food and drink so you can avoid the dreaded BONK. There is also plenty of grass available for shelter and seating.

Once the sun goes down at 6:00 PM, front and rear lights are a requirement for all competitors on the track.

License Requirements
An AusCycling Competition License is a requirement for all competitors.
* Click here to obtain the full yearly license online.
* Click here for a day license (do this on the day before event)
* Click here for a 4-week free trial.
* International licenses are permitted.

More Info

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Entry prices

Online pricing:

Solo 12 Hour
Solo 6 Hour
Solo 3 Hour
Duo 12 Hour
Duo 6 Hour
Duo 3 Hour
Team 12 Hour
Team 6 Hour

Prices are per rider. Please provide a team name at entry.

A payment card fee may apply (calculated at checkout).

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