Entry nominations in CCMTB 2024 Downhill Round #2 (Re-Scheduled) 20 Jul 08:24

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Central Coast MTB Inc website.

Name Status
JEFFREY, Joshua Entered
STUART, Daniel Entered
MYATT, Jett Entered
WEM, Hayden Entered
DUMITRU, Oliver Entered
WHITE, Judah Entered
WILLEMSEN, Luke Entered
JEFFREY, Michael Entered
PHILLIPS, Otto Entered
GILLETT, Shane Entered
GAVIN, Mitchell Entered
OLDHAM, Beaudene Entered
KIRCHNER, Sean Entered
POPLE, Brett Entered
BROWN, Zander Entered
MORRIS, Ryan Entered
LUNDIN, Andreas Entered
HARVEY, Max Entered
WILLEMSEN, James Entered
WALL, Owen Entered
BIRKETT, Elliot Entered
LEVY, Isaac Entered
LEVY, Chaim Entered
BENSON, Michael Entered
CARLSSON, Katarina Entered
GAIRNS, Heidi Entered
RENSHAW, Laura Entered
THORNTON, Taj Entered
FACKLER, Natalie Entered
CONWAY, Elliot Entered
WEST, Cruz Entered
WOLTER, Talan Entered
WALLACE, Grant Entered
TOBIN, Christopher Entered
HARRAP, Cian Entered
HODGKINSON, Anton Entered
RUSSELL, James Entered
HILL, Carter Entered
HAYNES, Darcy Entered
HAYNES, Jesse Entered
ALECKSON, Ethan Scratched
LAMBERT, Indiana Entered
SULLIVAN, Jett Entered
VENNING, Baylem Entered
VENNING, Harvi Entered
SCHIPP, Jake Entered
WILLOUGHBY, Callum Entered
MCMANUS, Lincoln Entered
MORRISON, Bailey Entered
OLIVE, Riley Entered
CONNOLLY, Jackson Entered
BOTES, Tobias Entered
HANLON, Ivy Entered
WILLIAMS, Kobi Entered
ROSTRON, Lucas Entered
NASH, Jared Entered
RUTHERFORD, Angela Entered
FEKI, Xander Entered
ROCHESTER, Monty Entered
MOSELEY, Cooper Entered
STANEK-JOYNES, Jaedyn Entered
MCILVEEN, Lucas Entered
BURTON, Chaise Entered
QUINLAN, James Entered
PENDLETON, Jake Entered
GEORGE, Marcus Entered
VENNING, Kingston Entered
CICOGNANI, Declan Entered
BROWN, Rhydan Entered
KOHLER, Isaac Entered
MCKINNON, Nate Entered
GRIEVE, Natacha Entered
TEBB, Will Entered
CRICK, Lachlan Entered
BROOMFIELD, Corey Entered
SMIDT, Anthony Entered
KANE, Jackson Entered
EKERT, Anthony Entered
WELCH, Flynn Entered
ROGERS, Nixon Entered
HOAD, Brodie Entered
RYALS, Zane Entered
WHITE, Finn Entered
VANDERDRIFT, Gavin Entered
CREEK, Jett Entered
HARON, Max Entered
BURNS, Jonte Entered
BURNS, Brock Entered
TYLER, Riley Entered
MCKINLAY, Jaxson Entered
MCKINLAY, Charlie Scratched
NEWTON, Stuart Entered
SOPER, Elisha Entered
BROWN, Eddie Entered
BLOMQUIST, Ryan Entered
THRAVES, Max Entered
SAMWAYS, Lucas Entered
SAMWAYS, Josh Entered
ANDERSON, Paul Entered
MYERS, Max Entered
MOORE, Ethan Entered
HICKS, Olivia Entered
MARSH, Jake Entered
YATES, Ryan Entered
YATES, Joel Entered
BERRY, Oscar Entered
LYONS, Craig Entered
WRIGHT, Finley Entered
SCARR, Oska Entered
SCARR, Anthony Entered
SCARR, Ruben Entered
MALLINSON, Daniel Entered
BOLTON, Jaie Entered
BROWNLEE, Jai Entered
MATTHEWS, Ben Scratched
SAMS, Zak Scratched
BROWN, Spencer Scratched
RICHARDS, Oliver Scratched
COGLEY, Max Scratched
AFIF, Woll Scratched
OCONNOR, Ryley Scratched
LEWIS, Will Scratched
MANSOTTE, Hugo Scratched
QUINN, Harrison Scratched
PANCHAL, Alec Scratched
HUGHES, Chris Scratched
LANE, Daniel Scratched
HUGHES, Marcus Scratched
COUZIN, Bryn Scratched
SHORTER, Edward Scratched
ORIORDAN, Seamus Scratched
EVANS, Elliott Scratched
FROGGATT, Wayne Scratched
ROBBINS, Tom Scratched
GILCHRIST, Cameron Scratched