Cairns Cycling Club
MakoTrac Crit Series Race 1

Sun, 25 Feb 2024
Entries open
Thu, 18 Jan 2024 5:00 PM AEST
Entries close
Sat, 24 Feb 2024 5:00 PM AEST
Pay online by
Sat, 24 Feb 2024 5:00 PM AEST



Start/Finish area is at MakoTrac Mareeba.


$20 (Seniors and and Womens Grades)
$15 (Juniors U9 and above)

Online registration closes 5:00PM on Saturday before race day.


Entrants can withdraw with a self-serve, automated refund within EntryBoss. Scratching closes at the same time as entries. Use the SCRATCH button on the race entry page to scratch.


The following grades are on offer (depending on numbers).

*Elite Men and Womens *Seniors A, B, C, D (all grades are combined male and female) * Womens A and B * Juniors U9/U11, U13, U15

  • Please nominate in comments when entering which grade you would like your junior entered in. Consideration will be given for juniors (U15 particularly) to progress to senior graded racing where possible. Again, this is largely dependent on having a sufficient number of juniors racing to allow Junior Graded Racing to occur alongside juniors progressing to senior grades.

New juniors, including those from other clubs, will be required to be deemed competent to race prior to participating in the criterium. This is arranged through the Club Coach. Please contact us on Facebook for more information and leave a comment on this entry form.

Race Schedule

**Registrations from: 7:15AM and racing from 8:00AM with juniors categories starting first.

Facilities & Race Day Reminders

  • Race Numbers - please bring along your designated club race numbers on the day. If you don't have one, it will be provided to you to pickup prior to race day or at the MakoTrac.
  • Warming up - warm up time on the MakoTrac will be provided prior to each race.
  • Course Closure - this is a closed course on private land. *Long Course crits will run in the first in the morning and Short Course crits thereafter.

Long Course Distances *A Grade - 45 minutes plus 2 laps (intermediate sprint after approximatly 25 minutes)
*B Grade - 40 minutes plus 2 laps (intermediate sprint after approximately 20 minutes)
*C Grade - 30 minutes plus 2 laps (intermediate sprint after approximately 20 minutes)
*D Grade - 20 minutes plus 2 laps (intermediate sprint after approximately 15 minutes)
*Women - 20 minutes plus 2 laps (intermediate sprint after approximately 15 minutes)
*Juniors - U9/U11 - 10 minutes plus 2 laps; U13 - 15 minutes plus 2 laps, U15 20 minutes plus 2 laps.

Short Course Sprint Distances *A Grade - 10 laps *B Grade - 8 laps *C Grade - 6 laps *D Grade - 5 laps
*Womens A and B - 5 laps *Juniors - U9/U11 - 3 laps; U13 - 4 laps, U15 4 laps.


*If rider wins their grade convincingly that will be moved up a grade and take half their points with them.

*If a rider is moved down a grade, they most likely don’t have many points to impact the lower grade series results.

*A rider’s point will be tallied overall for placings. Riders do not have to participate in all races if the series.

*Criterium Race only - Sprint Lap – 2 points to the winner only. Sprint laps will only be for A, B, C, D, W.

Place Points
1. 11
2. 9
3. 8
4. 7
5. 6
6. 5
7. 4
8. 3
9. 2
10. 1


Races cannot proceed without corner marshals and help with setting up and packing down. Please let us know if you can help out by filling in your availability & preference details when entering.


Race licence or email receipt of same from AusCycling to be presented at registration desk.


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Entry prices

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Regular entry
Juniors to U15

Capped pricing discount automatically applies on entry to 2nd event.

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