Norwood Cycling Club
NCC Tuesday Senior & Junior Criteriums

Tue, 13 Feb 2024
Victoria Park, Adelaide
Entries open
Tue, 23 Jan 2024 12:00 AM ACDT
Entries close
Tue, 13 Feb 2024 12:00 noon ACDT
Pay online by
Tue, 13 Feb 2024 7:00 PM ACDT


Junior Entries opening soon once price adjustments have been made.

NCC is always looking for extra hands so we can keep doing things better. Want to get involved - from corner marshalling to something more? Check out our volunteer page

Please ensure your membership number in EntryBoss matches your current AC licence number. Due to the admin burden involved, NCC will no longer place riders with incorrect or incomplete EB accounts on the start list (ie you wont race!)

Race Day Procedures

AC race all discipline License: You must bring proof of our your valid AusCycling race license if your licence can't be verrifed through EB.
New riders: please see more information below.
Online entry $25
On the day entry it's not 1999. Enter online.,
Junior Riding Up Policy Any U17 riders who wish to ride up must contact and seek approval from SA Junior Development Coach Josh Harrison, at - The previous Junior Riding up policy is no longer in use. If senior grades fill up, then juniors wont get to race twice.


NCC Live Results can be found here.

Sign on: Seniors from 5:30pm, required 10min prior to race.

Race Schedule

Grade (Seniors) Start Duration Colour
Junior C 5.15 pm 15 mins inc 2 laps
Junior D 5.15 pm 10 mins + 1
Junior A 5.30 pm 25mins + 2 laps
Junior B 5.31 pm 20 mins +2
Senior E 6.00 pm 25 mins + 2 LIGHT BLUE
Senior F 6.01 pm 20 mins + 2 PINK
Senior B 6.30 pm 40mins + 2 laps Red
Senior D 6.31 pm 35 mins +2 Dark Blue
Senior A 7:15 pm 45 mins + 2 GREEN
Senior C 7.16 pm 35 mins + 2 YELLOW


Presentations will happen promptly after each race.


NCC will run regular racing with prize money and/or prizes. These will be advertised as part of the listing, and confirmed at the start line. Prizing is subject to sponsorship so if this is important to you - we encourage you to reach out to the club and help us support you!

When available we will award: 1st - 3rd in Male in each Grade *1st-3rd Female in each Grade * Preme Sprints
**(Women can claim a place and 1st Women)

If you would like to sponsor our monthly Tuesday / Thursday Prize Criteriums, Please reach out to or contact us through messenger on Facebook!

To assist our Line Judges, can all riders please claim places following each race. Claim with line judges and commissaires after your event in a timely manner regardless of transponders being in place or not. Thanks.

Numbering and transponders - I don't know how it works!!

NCC runs fixed numbers and transponders for all regular riders.

After you have been allocated with a new number/transponder - it is the rider responsibility to make sure there details are updated in our database - and that can be done HERE!. This must be done before Friday before the next race (and preferably at sign on - when you get allocated your transponder/number).

Not sure which number you're meant to have or don't think you have a number? *
If you have raced with NCC in the last two years you will have a fixed number. If you've lost it you will need to buy a new one.
This is not your super series number.
This is not some crusty number you found in the back of your cupboard.
The number should match your grade.

B Grade Red
C Grade Yellow
D Grade Navy
E Grade Light Blue
F Grade Pink


Something not right? No stress - we can always fix it at sign on!

NCC Sign on

More Information


Grading is at the discretion of the handicapper, and not at the whim of the rider. Riders who request grade changes through EB without having their preference ok'd by the handicapper will be placed into their existing grade. Handicapping takes in more than rider fitness, but considers skill, ability to contribute positively to the race and appropriateness. The best way to move up a grade is to win. If you can't win your current grade, you probably aren't ready to move up.


Please check what grade you have been placed in by the handicapper via the "View startlist" button prior to the event starting. The handicapper reserves the right to handicap riders as they see fit. It is the responsibility of the rider to review the published start list. Please enter relevant information for the handicapper when you nominate. The earlier you nominate, the earlier you get handicapped. Changing of grades on the day is not permitted. Only the Handicapper or the Chief Commissaire may regrade a rider on the day.
Please do not request grade changes to our volunteers on the Sign-on desk

You can contact the NCC Handicapper Peter Varricchio on 0411 118 262. Please be courteous and understanding. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in sanctions.

New Riders

Are you new to racing? Then why not try the AusCycling Australia's 4 week free license, to try racing before committing to a full license, see link below.

Not quite sure which grade you are? Please feel free to have a chat with NCC Handicapper Peter Varricchio on 0411 118 262. If you have questions about racing please contact NCC on facebook messenger. If its your first race recommend arriving at sign on at least 30min prior to your race starting, to sign on, have your paper work with proof of license. Leave time to pin on numbers, put on timing transponder and warm up / have a nervous toilet break!

If you have never raced a criterium before and not confident in your bunch riding skills, we recommended you attend a Norwood CC + AusCycling SA criterium training session. See the AusCycling SA and Norwood C.C. facebook pages for more details.

Grade Caps

NCC enforces strict grade caps at our crits in the interest of rider safety. We have been selling out grades regularly over the past 12 months, so encourage everyone to enter early to ensure that you don't miss out. You can scratch with full refund up to nomination closing time.

If you receive one of the five waitlisted places - this means you are first in line if anyone scratches. We will move these riders up if we can, but it is unlikely that you will get to race.

If you get Waitlisted (Doubtful) it is very unlikely that you'll get to race.

Please don't:
-Ask to race with another grade;
-Turn up on the night hoping someone doesn't show;
-Ask to be given special consideration to race.

NCC is a volunteer run club and we hate having to say no to people! We want everyone to be able to race, but it just not possible sometimes.


Through our Facebook page Messenger!

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