Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club
Battle of the Aarses - HWCC vs UQCC - Sat 6th April 2024

Sat, 6 Apr 2024
Albert Bishop Park, Nundah
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Wed, 24 Jan 2024 10:00 AM AEST
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Fri, 05 Apr 2024 7:00 PM AEST
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Sat, 06 Apr 2024 1:00 PM AEST

Battle of the Aarses- HWCC vs UQCC

Postponed from Sat 17th Feb 2024

UQCC A Grade + UQCC B Grade - Please note these grades are full. If you enter now you will be placed on a wait-list (and will only get to race if there any scratchings - if not, entry fee will be refunded).

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Teams Race - Riders must be a member (or add-on member) of Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club or University of Queensland Cycling Club. Please ensure your club name is correct on your EntryBoss profile (including if you are an 'add-on' member).

Max 30 Riders Club/Grade - Entries are limited to a maximum number of 30 riders representing each club in each grade (Max of 60 riders per race).

Juniors - No separate Junior races at BOTA - however Juniors are encouraged to have a go in the Junior specific races at the CX championships held straight after BOTA. For info/entry - Click Here

Race Entry Enquiries

Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club (HWCC) Members - handicappers@hamiltonwheelers.com

University of Queensland Cycling Club Members - info@uqcycle.com

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The Basics

Eligibility - Riders must have a valid AusCycling race licence and be a member of either Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club or the University of Queensland Cycling Club.

Dual (add-on) Membership? - If riders have 'add-on' membership of either club, it is very important to ensure they indicate which club they are racing for in the 'comments' section of the EntryBoss entry.

Race entries - Entries from each club/race will be capped at 30 (i.e. 60 entries maximum per race). Riders may nominate to race in a higher grade if their club/grade numbers have reached 30 (subject to approval by handicappers).

Race Kit - All riders are asked to wear their club kit if possible.

Course - The course is the Nundah Criterium Circuit (1.2km), Hedley Ave Nundah.

Host Club Responsibility - The hosting club for this 2024 event is Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club (Commissaires, officials, first aid, etc).

Teams Racing - This is a teams race - riders are racing for the honour of their club winning the Battle of the Aarses Trophy. Entries from each club will be capped at 30 per grade.

Entries - Entries close 7pm on Friday evening (16th February). Please make sure your AusCycling membership has not expired and your current membership number is in your EntryBoss profile (AusCycling licence numbers sometimes change when renewing licences).

Entry fees - Seniors - $12, Juniors up to U17 - Free

Gradings - Enter in your usual club grade. Provide an explanation if you wish to enter a different grade and check the start list before your race. To try to ensure close racing, HWCC and UQCC will vet entries to ensure riders are graded appropriately. Handicappers' decisions are final. Contact your club officials if you are unsure which grade to enter.

Women's races - There will be separate Women's C/D and Women's A/B races. Please note that half BOTA points for will be awarded in any race with less than 20 entries.

Registration - From 6.00am on race day - closes 10 minutes before race starts.


Grade Start Time Duration HWCC Code UQCC Code
A Grade Men 7.00am 50 min + 2 laps A-HW A-UQ
C Grade Men 7.00am 40 min + 2 laps C-HW C-UQ
A/B Grade Women 7.50am 45 min + 2 laps ABW-HW ABW-UQ
B Grade Men 8.00am 50 min + 2 laps B-HW B-UQ
C/D Grade Women 8.45am 40 min + 2 laps CDW-HW CDW-UQ
D Grade Men 8.55am 40 min + 2 laps) D-HW D-UQ

Race Points System - Points awarded to clubs for 1st to 4th places + primes in each race. Half points are awarded for any races with 20 or less entrants. There will be 1 Prime in each race.

Place Points
1st 50
2nd 40
3rd 30
4th 20
Prime 10

Event Details

Prize Money - No individual prize money will be awarded. Riders get a podium pic, a handshake and glory only! Prize money is split between the two clubs as a percentage of the points won by each team (e.g., if the outcome was UQCC: 400 points, HWCC: 400 points, both clubs would take 50% of the entry fees less expenses). The Battle of the Aarses Interclub Trophy will be presented to the winning club.

Rollout - All Juniors U17 and lower, no matter what grade they are racing in, must have their gearing rollout checked on the footpath near the clubhouse steps BEFORE picking up their race number

Licences - Riders should have their digital licence ready or printed email ready to show if requested. How to obtain your digital licence for your phone - Click Here

Registration - closes 10 minutes before race start. Riders who miss the compulsory commissaire's briefing will not be allowed to start. Riders must wear their race patch number on their right hip.

Race Scratchings - If riders find they are unable to race after entering HWCC races, they may 'scratch' themselves up to 5am on normal race days, 3pm for Twilight races and up to 7pm the night before handicap races - the entry fee will be refunded. Click on the 'Scratch' button on the EntryBoss event page. Please note that there is a small cost to the club due to unrecoverable merchant fees, whenever riders' scratch themselves.

Wet-weather Policy - A decision to cancel due to poor weather will be made by the Chief Commissaire with announcements via the club's social pages. Generally, we race in all weather, except heavy rain or if there are sheets of water on the road surface. Any decision on cancellation will be made as early as possible.

All race entry fees will be refunded if races are cancelled.

Battle of the Aarses Trophy - The current holders of the annual trophy are Hamilton Wheelers. This annual teams race between the two clubs commenced in 2011. UQCC have won 10 times and HWCC 3 times.

Bryn Hughes Acknowledgement - Both clubs acknowledge UQCC member Bryn Hughes for coming up with this idea of the 'Battle of the Aarses' between UQCC and HWCC so many years ago (and he's still competing!) - congratulations Bryn!

Race Entry Enquiries

Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club (HWCC) Members - handicappers@hamiltonwheelers.com

University of Queensland Cycling Club - info@uqcycle.com


By entering this event you agree to all our terms and conditions - Click Here

Riders must be a member (or add-on member) of HWCC or UQCC. Please indicate which club you will be representing in the comments box of the entry form if you are an 'add-on' member!

Entry prices

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Regular Entry
Juniors (U17 & under)

Race Fees are inclusive of Credit Card Merch fee.

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