Entry nominations in Spring Criterium Series - Race 6 23 Jun 11:47

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Footscray Cycling Club website.

Name Status
ROBERTSON, Tim Entered
MOSBEY, Rilyn Entered
CORNFOOT, Michael Entered
JIROVEC, Ollie Entered
MARZELLA, Tobias Entered
MARTIN, Darren Entered
WILLIAMS, Bjorn Entered
AUGUSTES, David Entered
SHEARER, Ged Entered
TANCREDI, Natalie Entered
ABBATE, Gaetano Entered
DUYS, Marco Entered
GIBB, Martin Entered
WALLIS-TAYLER, Michael Entered
REBESCO, Thomas Entered
GEARY, Cian Entered
SMALL, Travis Entered
O'LEARY, Benjamin Entered
MOGAVERO, John Entered
ZAMMIT, Joshua Entered
NEWETT, David Entered
BAILLIE, David Entered
MCVICAR, Greg Entered
HASTINGS, Mackenzie Entered
AHMED, Khalid Entered
COLE, Graeme Entered
STOCKFELD, Martin Entered
JIANG, Lifeng Entered
LAJOIE, Jacques Entered
HUDD-BAILLIE, Rupert Entered
OCAL, Bilal Entered
CAMERON, Dale Entered
COSENTINO, Joel Entered
RICHARDSON, Liam Entered
BIGARELLI, Tim Entered
VAN DUIJNE, Ben Entered
COSTIN, Jason Entered
LEE, Simon Entered
ROMANO, Emilio Entered
KIRBY, Shayne Entered
FAUX, Clinton Entered
MORRIS, Bronwyn Entered
VITSENTZATOS, Lewis Scratched
WHITING, Matt Entered
TROVATELLO, Keith Entered
SCHUBACH, Ross Entered
SATCHELL, Sam Entered
LOWE, Benjamin Entered
GOSS, Vanessa Entered
MACKELVIE, Greg Entered
MCDONALD, Alistair Entered
DEMPSEY, Luke Entered
TEPPER, Joshua Entered
DRAPAC, Pat Entered
SHANNON, Tynan Entered
STUART, James Entered
SMITH, Shawn Entered
MUSCAT, Michael Entered
O'BRIEN, Liam Entered
DACOSTA, Miles Entered
PAGANO, Angelo Entered
NORTON, Barry Entered
SMALES, David Entered
MERKEL, Robert Entered
O’SHANNESSY, Liam Entered
VAN, Ivan Entered
TAYLOR, Anne Entered
HARGREAVES, Matthew Entered
MASTERSON, David Entered
LOMBARDI, Thomas Entered
TAMMARO, Sam Entered
HOBBS, Dennis Entered
MCHEYZER, Jason Entered
MEREDITH, Rob Entered
DONNELLY, Aaron Entered
BRETHERTON, Tristan Entered
HAMILTON, William Entered
DICK, Andrew Entered
BIGGS, Steven Entered
CLARK, Tiernan Entered
JOHNSTON, Neil Entered
WALCHER, Sam Entered
ADDISON, Brett Entered
PURCELL, Dan Entered
MCNAMARA, Jack Entered
MAURER, Brayden Entered
MCQUADE, Peter Scratched
SMEAL, Andrew Entered
BAIN, Andrew Entered
TEMPLAR, Shane Entered
NYEHOLT, Marcus Entered
KURTOGLU, Akif Entered
GLOWACKI, Paul Entered
CARTER, Moegamat Faiek Entered
HARRIS, Steven Scratched
O'DWYER, David Entered
TEHAN, Phillip Entered
CATLIN, Ethan Entered
SILINSKIY, Alexander Entered
YOUNG, Stephanie Entered
LESNIOWSKA, Raelene Entered
LYMBERY, Tristan Scratched
SLINGSBY, Tim Entered
FLOCKHART, Samantha Entered
RAFIQ, Rifqi Entered
MUSCAT, Sam Entered
SALT, Nathan Entered
TIPPETT, Nick Entered
LIPEC, Calven Entered
MARKOF, Luke Entered
MICALLEF, Mark Entered
MCDONOUGH, Tom Scratched
HUNTER, Brendan Scratched
DEL BEATO, Julian Scratched
PRICE, Daniel Scratched
HELMORE, Riley Scratched
KOUNNAPIS, Kerry Scratched
HEYWOOD, Barry Scratched
SHORT, Fraser Scratched
MAURER, Neil Scratched
CHNG, Gianni Scratched
BUTLER, Jimmy Scratched
BELL, Samuel Scratched
O'ROURKE, Glen Scratched
SCHULTZ, Mark Scratched