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Coaching - Intermediate, Advanced Beg Sept 18th

Mon, 18 Sep 2023
Canberra BMX Club
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Sun, 17 Sep 2023 6:30 PM AEST
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This is the weekly listing for Club Coaching.
Please decide on what sessions you intend attending before entering (as you can't edit your entry afterwards)

Beginner Coaching times TBC

Sessions, Coaches & Cost

Day Session Coach Time Cost
Monday Advance Beginner Coaching Annino 6pm to 7pm $8
Intermediate Coaching Armande 6pm to 7pm $10

Each coaching session has a capacity limit of 12 riders.
You will be waitlisted once that capacity is reached.

Coaching Sessions Info

Canberra BMX is dedicated to providing our members with the skills and development required to achieving their goals.

Club Coaching Beginner: Intend to ride a pedal bike. Available to all riders and designed to build rider confidence while having fun. There is an assumed level of ability that riders can complete a full lap of the track, if your rider is still working on getting around the track they are very welcome but please let us know so we can plan the session to be appropriate and inclusive.

Club Coaching Advanced Beginner: Riders aged 8+ Designed for riders who are ready for more advanced techniques. We have a few prerequisites for this to make sure riders are confident on their bike and also are able to listen to and take in instructions. Prerequisites: - Must be able to balance sitting down at the gate for 20 seconds - Must be able to stand up and balance at the gate for 5 seconds - Pump through 3rd straight - Be confident around the berms including when near other riders

Club Coaching Intermediate: This will be designed as a training group, there will be an expectation that riders know how to jump (last straight table, double and step up), manual and have consistent gate starts. There will also be a bit of a higher level of behavior expected with this group. They will still be having fun with their friends but they will be expected to listen, follow instructions and arrive on time. Content will vary depending on the race calendar, rider progression and priorities.

What to Wear

RACE PANTS or jeans that are fitted at the ankle are acceptable to race in.

LONG SLEEVE TOP or Race Jersey that is fitted at the wrist.

Any type of GLOVES that have complete hand and finger protection.

A FULL FACE HELMET that covers the ears.

You must wear fully enclosed SHOES to protect your feet.

Bikes, full face helmets and gloves can be borrowed from the club during coaching

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