Northern Cycling
Tour de Metro Race 2 Northern Vs Eastern [Split Start Times]

Sun, 16 Jul 2023
Scratch (must enter online)
National Boulevard
Entries open
Fri, 07 Jul 2023 8:00 AM AEST
Entries close
Sat, 15 Jul 2023 9:00 AM AEST
Pay online by
Sat, 15 Jul 2023 9:00 AM AEST

Tour de Metro Race 2 - Graded Scratch Races Northern C.C Vs Eastern C.C [SPLIT START TIMES]

Members only event for Northern & Eastern Primary & Add On Members.

Masters racing for men & women aged 30+

This race requires a current membership with AusCycling ltd

Walk up entries will not be accepted at registration on race day.

Start Times - Grades B, D & E 9:30AM /Grades A & C 10:40AM

Self Service Registration: Northern entries please do not forget your kit (transponder, race number & cap) as our two races we host will have My Laps timing, only reason you need to come to registration will be if you need to make your entry payment or speak to our handicapper Bruce Logan about your grade.

Eastern riders at our two Tour de Metro races will be picking up their kit now from the self service table at the start / finish line near the area where we set up My laps. Some Northern riders without a permanent kit will also need to pick up a visitors kit. All competitors need to be at the crossway ten minutes before their race start time. Please return all visitor kits after racing in the box.


11+ riders 1st $30, 2nd $25, 3rd $20

6 - 10 riders 1st $30, 2nd $25

1- 5 riders 1st $30

Duty Roster 2023 - Northern primary members will be required to do two duties in a 12-month period, Northern add - on members & visiting riders who race constantly at our club will be required to do one duty. Please put your name down on our duty roster by accessing signup via the link and you will be helping provide a safe racing environment at Northern Cycling races πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ πŸš΄πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ πŸ˜€

Do not attend our events if you have flu like symptoms

Race Information

Race Format: Criterium

Circuit: National Blvd

Distance: Race duration time, per grade will be announced on race day.

Start Times: Grades B, D & E 9:30AM / Grades A & C 10:40AM

Race Fee: $15.00 (please note we prefer online payment if possible)

Grades: Riders are requested to provide a Grade and a 'Level to assist with handicapping.

Trial Riders Welcome:
Trial riders are not eligible for any prizes, and race entry fee is free (trial riders only) for Northern Cycling races.

Club Information

Club Rules:

Northern Cycling 2022 Race Program:

Northern Cycling 2022 Major Awards Qualification: Northern primary and add on members two major aggregates (Northern members overall aggregate / Northern women’s overall aggregate) and club championship race, will require 6 races and two of those races must be a handicap event (excluding any handicap events at National Blvd). This will allow Northern members to be eligible for the aggregate awards and qualify to race in the club championship race. Qualification period will start from Northern Cycling first race in January 2022 until 16 of October 2022 for club championship event and 30 of October for aggregate awards. Points will only be allocated to Northern Cycling members from the day they joined.

These following races will now be counted as a qualification for our club championship event and aggregate awards, Tour de Metro Eastern C.C races they host on the two Saturdays will be counted as a handicap, even though they are going to be graded scratch road races. Same will apply for the two Seymour / Broadford events we have in August. and the Eureka C,C event we have in October.

2022 Penalties :

Late entry fee for visiting riders, missed cut off entry closing time, extra $5.00 = $20.00 entry fee.

Tail light not compliant when at start line, club to give them a rental for $5.00.

Forgot transponder, club to give them a rental for $5.00.

Lost blue transponder, $55 to replace.

Forgot race number, club to give them a rental for $5.00.

Lost race number, $10 to replace.

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Regular entry

No late entries will be accepted for this race.