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Sat, 30 Dec 2023
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Season Numbers


The Canberra Cycling Club is rolling out a Season Race Number System.

The key features are:

  • You are issued with Race Numbers that you keep (see below regarding Number Retirement should you stop racing with us)
  • Initially accepted at VCC CCC Road, CCC Crits, VCC Crits (but all AusCycling ACT affiliated clubs are free to join the scheme).
  • The numbers are arranged via club (Blue for CCC, Red for VCC). If you order using this form you will get a BLUE CCC number.
  • Once your numbers are issued, you no longer need to pick up and return race numbers. (you still enter via EntryBoss, after which we know your race number and registration becomes a much simpler walk past check-in process).
  • Details of how the Canberra Cycling Club will issue our numbers is on our website.

Why is Canberra Cycling Club introducing season numbers?

  • Cut rider registration visits and equipment sharing.
  • Leverage the one system to benefit multiple clubs.
  • Race day convenience for riders

Need to buy a number?

All CCC members get a free season number

  • CCC members will automatically be allocated the next available number, free of charge. This will be ready for you the first time you register and attend a CCC race (ie crit or normal road event).

Not a CCC Member?

  • Non CCC members can purchase a season number. Please do that using the 'Enter; button.
  • VCC members planning on racing CCC crits should contact their race secretary to organise a VCC season number.

What you get

  • 2 x quality cloth race numbers
  • 1 x Frame plate (with RFID Transponder)
  • Pins

Do I have to wear two numbers?

No. Always have the frame plate on your bike and one cloth number on your back. Some big events might require both cloth numbers. We'll let you know on the event listings.

Will I need to run the frame plate?

Yes. Frame plates will be required at all normal road and crit events.

Will I need to get a frame plate holder?

We will supply a relatively cheap & easy option. You are free to choose between a seat post option (28.5mm or 31.8mm - some adjustability) or a seat rail option (6.3mm - fits most seat rails).

We have sourced some quality seat post-mounted frame plate holders. You can purchase those separately.

You can also buy yourself a fancy frame plate holder if you prefer.

What will they look like?

Short answer: Full Pro

Frame Plate On Bike


A steal at $25


Check the 'Startlist' of this event. Once 'allocated' appears next to your name your number will be ready to collect at the next CCC race.

Can I choose my own number?

No sorry, there is already a lot of admin required to run this system.

Retirement Plan

If you haven't raced at any events organised by the CCC or any of the participating clubs for a period of TWO YEARS, your number may be retired and re-issued to a new rider. This is to help ensure we don't run out of numbers in the system.

Season numbers are yours to keep forever!

Still need more info?

See the season number info on our website.

Need to talk to someone?

Email a friendly person:

Rainer Wilton:

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