AusCycling ACT
2023 AusCycling ACT Junior, Masters, U19 & Elite Criterium Championships

Sat, 18 Mar 2023
Stromlo Forest Park - Criterium Track
Entries open
Thu, 23 Feb 2023 5:00 PM AEDT
Entries close
Mon, 13 Mar 2023 11:59 PM AEDT
Pay online by
Wed, 15 Mar 2023 11:59 PM AEDT

Event Date Saturday 18 March 2023

Promoter: AusCycling

Closing Date: Monday 13th March 2023

Course: Stromlo Forest Park - Criterium Track

First Race: 8:30am

Categories & Race Duration - REVISED

Revised Start Time Category Race Duration
8:50am JB9, JB11 & JG11 7min + 3 laps
9:10am JB13 11min + 3 laps
9:35am JW17, JM15 & JM17 16min + 3 laps
10:10am WMAS 1, 3, 4, 7 & JW19 24min + 3 laps
10:40am MMAS 6, 7, 8 & 9 24min + 3 laps
11:15am MMAS 3, 4 & 5 32min + 3 laps
12:05pm MMAS 1, 2 & JM19 32min + 3 laps
13:05pm Elite Women 40min + 3 laps
14:00pm Elite Men 48min + 3 laps

N.B. Where Juniors or Masters Categories have a similar start time, races will be separate where rider numbers warrant. Ultimate discretion is left with the Commissaires on the day to maintain race day schedule

Schedule above is a draft and subject to change as entry numbers are finalised. Please arrive at venue with sufficient time prior to your race.

Presentations will occur immediately following each race.


  • $15 - U9, U11 & U13

  • $25 - U15, U17, U19, U23, Elite & Masters

Entries will only be taken online.

Technical Regulations

On the Day

  • Upon arrival, please confirm your attendance at the check-in desk.

  • Attendance must be recorded / ticked off on the "sign on" sheet.

  • A “Race All Discipline” Licence should already have been verified, if not evidence will be requested.

  • Collect your Transponder & Cable Ties along with the corresponding Number & Pins.

  • A rider briefing, count and roll call will be conducted before each grade rolls away. Please be ready when your grade is called.

  • At the completion of your Race please (1) move through the finishing chute and record your number, (2) return your Transponder & Number, (3) clear the area, (4) maintain social distancing requirements.

  • Results will be published here

  • Presentation of AusCycling Medals will be at the conclusion of each event.

Please Note

  • Please present your helmet including an approved helmet sticker at check-in. It must comply with Australian Standard. (i.e., have appropriate AS sticker)

  • Bikes must be mechanically sound, conform to AusCycling technical regulations, including standard drop handlebars, bar end plugs, no fixings to bars e.g., no TT bars.

  • Riders may access spare wheels in the event of a flat tyre.

  • Any mechanical problem will have to be fixed by the rider themselves, with 1 lap out to undertake the repair.

  • The 1 lap out rule will not apply to the last 3 laps of the race.

Scratching and Cancellation

Scratching - Scratching is a self-serve, automated refund via EntryBoss if withdrawing within scratching cut-off.

Race Cancellation - Riders will be provided with a full refund if the event is cancelled for any reason.

Event Risk and Acknowledgement Waiver

By entering online, riders agree that they have read, understood and accept the AusCycling ‘Event risk and acknowledgement waiver’ as set out below.

  • I understand, acknowledge and accept that cycling is an inherently dangerous sport, which may result in serious injury or death from a collision, fall, mechanical failure, physical exertion or another incident.

  • I voluntarily participate in this event at my own risk.

  • I waive any rights I may otherwise have against AusCycling, the event promoter and their agents and representatives relating to, and agree they are not responsible for, any loss or damage resulting from my participation in the event, including any loss that may arise from death or injury to myself or others, or damage to any property.

  • I agree to follow the directions of any event organiser or official and the AusCycling Technical Regulations, a copy of which is available on the AusCycling website.

  • If the participant in this event is under 18 years of age, I warrant that I am a parent or guardian of the participant and agree for myself and the participant that I provide the acknowledgements, agreements and waiver set out above in respect of the participant.



Chris Clarke Ph: (02) 8488 0647


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AusCycling Ph: 1300 137 397

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