Entry nominations in South Coast Cycling Club Junior Tour 30 May 00:14

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the South Coast Cycling website.

Name Status
KANAMORI, Tomoyuki Entered
ZAJACZKOWSKI, Sebastian Entered
TIDSWELL, Andrew Entered
WHITE, Tristan Entered
LOWRIE, Nicholas Entered
SNELLING, Peter Entered
HICKMAN, Tully Entered
CRICK, Nathan Entered
HOFER, Orlando Entered
CORBETT, Angus Entered
SCOTT, Ben Entered
CRANAGE, Joshua Entered
KEY, Jameson Entered
WILSON, Ava Entered
MATHWIN, William Entered
KULATHUNGA, Binuk Entered
BLACKBURN, Harrison Entered
SCHMIDTKE, Luca Entered
STANTON, Riegan Entered
MCGILLIVRAY, Hamish Entered
BURGESS, Lily Entered
ABEL, Charlie Entered
COUPLAND, Indiah Entered
CLARK, Jack Entered
VAN HOUT, Billy Entered
DENTON, Liam Entered
CROWHURST, Oliver Entered
SEARLES, Jacob Entered
PETZ, Jett Entered
NAGLIS, Jay Entered
VERHOEF, William Entered
MILLER, Freya Entered
WARD, Oliver Entered
BUCKLEY, Jami Entered
PENTLAND, Jack Scratched
HOCKEY, Callum Entered
PATON, Bailey Entered
MACKIE, Donovan Entered
WASSERBAECH, Madeleine Entered
BRINKLEY, Thomas Entered
LANDMAN, Ewan Entered
TUCKER, Kalan Entered
BROWN, William Entered
GRIERSON, Ewan Entered
SZCZYPKOWSKI, Patryk Entered
JONES, Daniel Entered
DEATH, Kaitlyn Entered
DYER, Declan Entered
DEATH, Ryan Entered
ANDREWS, Isaac Entered
DOYLE, Connor Entered
BRYANT, Zachary Entered
CRANAGE, Isabel Entered
WATTS, Thomas Entered
VAN DER BERG, Leani Entered
GATES, Louis Entered
GOOLEY, Joel Entered
BUCHANAN, Stirling Entered
BUCHANAN, Karri Entered
MCKENZIE, Brayden Entered
GRAY, James Entered
UNDERWOOD, Ryan Entered
UNDERWOOD, Liam Entered
PRICE, Toby Entered
MCDOWELL, Campbell Entered
SQUIRE, Paige Entered
BUCKLAND, Elmer Entered
LACE, Harrison Entered
LACE, Oliver Entered
LATTY, Miles Entered
BELL, Cameron Entered
WINTER, Archie Entered
REYNOLDS, Alicia Entered
ZETTER, Lucas Entered