Entry nominations in Dirt Squirts 2023 Summer Race 6 15 Apr 19:19

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Geelong Mountain Bike Club website.

Name Status
DALLY, Eliza Entered
DAWSON, William Entered
DAWSON, Amelia Entered
HEER, Isobel Entered
HEER, Elwood Entered
HEER, Oliver Entered
HEER, Alex Entered
LORD, Lucy Entered
MCKENNA, Theo Entered
MCKENNA, Patrick Entered
MCKENNA, Gilbert Entered
SHARMA, Avinsh Entered
CUTLER, Taeyn Entered
TALIMANIDIS, Louis Entered
TALIMANIDIS, Theodore Entered
TALIMANIDIS, Cosmo Entered
THURSTON, Roland Entered
WEBB, Ethan Entered
WEBB, Jackson Entered
GARNER, Ruby Entered
JACKSON, Kai Entered
CORTESI, Phoenix Entered
DICKMAN, Hugo Entered
DA COSTA, Lucy Entered
DA COSTA, Benjamin Entered
CULLEN, Charlie Entered
KUBIK, Alison Entered
MCHUGH, Rafferty Entered
MCHUGH, Arlo Entered
ILES, Cormac Entered
BAINBRIDGE, Dominic Entered
EAD, Elijah Entered
EAD, Leah Entered
EAD, Jude Entered
DURANTE, Luca Entered
DURANTE, Oscar Entered
RANIERI, Raphael Entered
RANIERI, Adrian Entered
HOOPER, Jasmine Entered
HOOPER, Alexander Entered
WHARTON, Jarvis Entered
WHARTON, Reuben Entered
WILEMAN, Ted Entered
MURPHY, Hugo Entered
MURPHY, Penelope Entered
NATIVIDAD, Luca Entered
WILLIAMSON, Ezra Entered
HARRINGTON, Angus Entered
WILLIAMSON, Willow Entered
WILLIAMSON, Archer Entered
PARSONS, Flynn Entered
PARSONS, Noah Entered
PEELMAN, Jed Entered
PEELMAN, Benji Entered
COLLINS, Ethan Entered
MALONEY, Tom Entered
BLAY, Daniel Entered
GOLDSTRAW, Stella Entered
GOLDSTRAW, Luis Entered
ZHENG, Declan Entered
DICKINSON, Freddy Entered
DURNALL, Heidi Entered
BYRNE, Charlie Entered
GALT, Hugh Entered
HARBOUR, Baden Entered
HARBOUR, Logan Entered
ANDERSON, Ollie Entered
ANDERSON, Tommy Entered
COWLEY, Benjamin Entered
COWLEY, Lucy Entered
MANGAN, Henry Entered
MANGAN, Xavier Entered
NEWITT, Billy Entered
TURNER, Levon Entered
LORD, Mimosa Entered
LORD, Daisy Entered
WALKER, George Entered
O'SULLIVAN, Jeremiah Entered
O'SULLIVAN, Mary Entered
LEE, Matthew Entered
LEE, Callum Entered
SHEEAN, Ewan Entered
SHEEAN, Xavier Entered
LAUWERIER, Flynn Entered
LAUWERIER, Kace Entered
IZZARD, Matthew Entered
JACKSON, Connor Entered
FISHER, Luther Entered
CARTER, Nicolas Entered
BARRETT, Alex Entered
SPARGO, Jonah Entered
WILSON, Reef Entered
WILSON, Koa Entered
AZZOPARDI, Jack Entered
AZZOPARDI, Ryan Entered
WHITE, Noah Entered
WILSON, Arlo Entered
WILSON, Hugo Entered
REYNOLDS, Jacob Entered
WHITE, Archie Entered
HUTCHESON, Jack Entered
HUTCHESON, Sam Entered
SMITH, Max Entered
SARGENT, Lucas Entered
PYKE, Montague Entered
PYKE, Archibald Entered
GILCHRIST, Lachlan Entered
BARTLETT, Violet Entered
BARTLETT, Leroy Entered