Entry nominations in Jacks Ridge Triple X | 2023 03 Dec 15:29

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Nambucca Valley Cycle Club website.

Name Status
BURNS, Kristyn Entered
NORTH, Jennifer Entered
RANKIN, Russell Entered
JAMES, Catherine Entered
HOWARD, Brendan Entered
MILLER, Alwyn Entered
ROODS, Graeme Entered
ODAMS, Jon Entered
MCQUEEN, John Entered
BRANGWIN, Robert Entered
FITZPATRICK, Henry Entered
BRANGWIN, Sam Entered
CAMPBELL, Lionel Entered
HAYWARD, Sebastian Entered
TULK, Joanne Entered
TULK, Clay Entered
O'KEEFE, Ryan Entered
HARRIS, Pete Entered
PALMER, Jesse Entered
RAE, Rodney Entered
RAE, Lilli Entered
BLAKE, Nigel Entered
ROOIMANS, Rich Entered
CRUMMY, Michael Entered
NEWMAN, Thomas Entered
SMITH, Graham Entered
WILMOT, Alan Entered
JENKINS, Tom Entered
KNEZEVIC, Brett Scratched
JOHNSTON, Nathan Entered
MILNE, Robert Entered
CAMPBELL, Ann-Maree Entered
ANDERSON, Craig Entered
FOSTER, George Entered
FOSTER, April Entered
CALDECOTT, Greg Entered
CAMPBELL, Paul Entered
HARROD, Eddie Entered
RANDALL, Michelle Entered
NEWSTEAD, Michelle Entered
HODGINS, Grant Entered
BROWN, Michael Entered
ROCK, Rory Entered
SHAW, Benjamin Entered
SHAW, Chris Entered
BARWICK, Jock Entered
VAN MILL, Dennis Entered
CURTIS, Glen Entered
MAY, Ben Entered
LAWLER, Joanne Entered
HAMILTON, Chris Entered
VAN GASTEL, Sam Entered
APPLEBY, Ben Entered
SMITH, Brett Entered
BARTLETT, Darren Entered
NEWMAN, Benjamin Entered
HANLON, Matilda Entered
ARMITAGE, Joel Entered
HOHNKE, Ben Entered
CLARKE, Jayson Entered
KIGHTLEY, Glenn Scratched
DWYER, Greg Entered
WHITFORD, Paul Entered
VERHOEF, Simon Entered
THISTLE, Peter Entered
NORTON, Addison Entered
NICHOLSON, Harvey Entered
GIBSON, Jay Entered
GIBSON, Archie Entered
BEEBY, Charlotte Entered
O'REILLY, Kieran Entered