Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club
Elimbah - Graded Road Race

Sat, 20 Aug 2022
Elimbah State School
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Fri, 19 Aug 2022 7:00 PM AEST
Scratch cut-off
Sat, 20 Aug 2022 5:00 AM AEST
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Sat, 20 Aug 2022 8:00 AM AEST


Hamilton Wheelers - Graded Road Race - Elimbah

Saturday 20th August 2022

Course Map - https://www.strava.com/segments/27954857


Website - http://www.hamiltonwheelers.com

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamiltonwheelers/

Race Entry Enquiries - handicappers@hamiltonwheelers.com


Eligibility - Must have a valid AusCycling race licence. Riders from all clubs invited.

Entries - Entries close 7pm on Friday evening.

Gradings - Enter in your current HWCC grade. Provide an explanation if you wish to enter a different grade and check the start list on Friday evening. HWCC Handicappers' decisions are final.

Registration - From 7.30am - closes 10 minutes before race starts.

Course - Each lap is 28km of rolling hills. Riders must not cross centre lines (including broken centre lines).

Prizes - Cash prizes awarded proportional to entry numbers.


Grade Time Duration Comment
A Grade 8:15am 2 laps HWCC A Graded Men and Women
B Grade 8:17am 2 laps HWCC B Graded Men and Women
C Grade 8:19am 2 laps HWCC C Graded Men and Women
D Grade 8:20am 2 laps HWCC D Graded Men and Women
E Grade 8:22am 1 lap HWCC E Graded Men and Women
Juniors 8:24am 1 lap Juniors U15 and older - must be approved by HWCC Junior Coach


Online pricing:

  • All Seniors $11.00
  • All Juniors $5.50
    (Entry includes a card processing fee)


Eligibility - Riders with eligible AusCycling race licences are invited to race (all clubs invited). 'Lifestyle' and 'Non-Riding' licences not accepted. Riders must have a Hamilton Wheelers grading - details - http://www.hamiltonwheelers.com/general-info/club-grading-list

Course - Each lap is 28km of rolling hills, starting at Elimbah, travelling along Twin View Rd, turning left at Powell Rd, onto King Rd, then Boden Rd with the turn-around on Alcock Rd. These roads are not closed to general traffic. All Queensland road rules apply. Do not cut corners or cross centre white lines (including broken centre lines).

The turnaround for grades doing 2 laps is near the finish line on Twin View Road at Elimbah. Turnarounds are marked with a witches hat and are attended by a flag marshal.

Start/Finish - Start in the carpark of Elimbah State School. Finish line is on Twin View Road. Please note: the finish line is approx 100 metres past the 1 lap turn-around point.

Registration - From 7.30am and closes at 8.05am at Twin View Park (opposite the finish line). Riders who miss the compulsory commissaire's briefing will not be allowed to start. Riders should display their number patches on their left side.

EntryBoss Entry - Please make sure your current AusCycling licence number is registered with EntryBoss before entering. Do not use a previous licence number.

Licences - Riders should have their AusCycling licences available for checking. Please have your digital licence ready or printed email ready to show if required. To obtain your digital licence - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lOQwgx7wMiXIUzZ8ud5GuDWLpMjhfh1P/view

Gradings - Riders should enter according to their current HWCC grading (this event uses HWCC unisex gradings). Should a rider wish to enter an alternate grade, an explanation should be provided in the comments section of the entry form with appropriate info such as results elsewhere. All entries are provisional until confirmed by the club handicappers.

Grading Confirmation - VERY IMPORTANT - HWCC Club Handicappers review all provisional entries before they are confirmed. If a rider applies to race in a grade other than their current HWCC grading, they must check the EntryBoss startlist after 7pm on the evening before race day to confirm which grade they will be starting in. Please make yourself familiar with the HWCC EntryBoss entering policy - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IaUU0m95wCTQ_O_bwgmV8YeQHzuNdd4m/view

Race Rules - Racing is conducted under the auspices of AusCycling rules and regulations. Please note this is a graded scratch race on an open road. Riders will be disqualified for drafting on riders in a different grade or disobeying road rules (crossing double lines, etc).

Prizes - Prizes are proportional to entry numbers and awarded to the first 3 places

Women's Races/Prizes - The first unplaced female in each grade is presented with a prize, provided there are 2 to 7 female entries. If 8 or more females enter any grade, there will be a 'race within a race'. Read HWCC Women's racing/prizes policy for an explanation - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZFchCEfWpi3zGA2wzR_SVK6vrW_ZnSst/view

Podium Presentations - First 4 riders will be presented with a podium presentation in each race. There will be separate women's podium presentations if there are 3 or more women entered in a grade. Riders/spectators are encouraged to take photos.

Rollout - All Juniors U19s and younger must have their gearing rollout checked by a club official BEFORE picking up their race number.

Wet-weather Policy - A decision to cancel due to poor weather will only made by the Chief Commissaire with announcements made via the club's social pages. Generally, we race in all weather, except heavy rain or if there are sheets of water on the road surface. Any decision on cancellation will be made as early as possible.

All race entry fees will be refunded if races are cancelled.

Race Scratchings - If riders find they are unable to race after entering, they may 'scratch' themselves up to 5am on race days (3pm for Twilight races) and their entry fee will be refunded. Click on the 'Scratch' button on the EntryBoss event page. Please note that there is a very small cost to the club due to merchant fees, whenever riders' scratch themselves.


This event will be conducted using the current guidelines or rules established by Queensland Government, the Queensland Health Officer, AIS, AusCycling Australia and AusCycling Queensland.

More Info

Club website: http://www.hamiltonwheelers.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamiltonwheelers/


By entering this event you agree to all our terms and conditions:

I participate in this race at my own risk. I waive any rights I may otherwise have against Hamilton Wheelers relating to, and agree Hamilton Wheelers is not responsible for, any loss, of any type, caused by my participation in the race, including any loss that may arise from my or any other person’s death or injury, or any damage to any property.

If the participant in this race is under 18 years of age, I warrant that I am a parent or guardian of the participant and agree for myself, and the participant, to provide the acknowledge, waiver and release set out above in respect of the participant.

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Junior B/C
Regular Entry

Race Fees are inclusive of Credit Card Merch fee.

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