Entry nominations in Dirt Squirts 2022 Winter Series - Round 2 13 Aug 19:11

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Geelong Mountain Bike Club website.

Name Status
PERRY, Kai Entered
HEER, Elwood Entered
HEER, Oliver Entered
HEER, Alex Entered
LIPA, Thomas Entered
LIPA, Asher Entered
LIPA, Ezekiel Entered
MCKENNA, Patrick Entered
MCKENNA, Theo Entered
MCKENNA, Gilbert Entered
KUSTERS, Nash Entered
HARBOUR, Baden Entered
HARBOUR, Logan Entered
PAWEZKA, Emmett Entered
PAWEZKA, Finn Entered
DA COSTA, Benjamin Entered
DA COSTA, Lucy Entered
O'NEILL, Quinn Entered
WEBB, Ethan Entered
COWLEY, Benjamin Entered
BEATTIE, Austin Entered
BEATTIE, Toby Entered
HUTCHINS, Emilia Entered
MCHUGH, Rafferty Entered
MCHUGH, Arlo Entered
LITTLEFORD, Hugo Entered
LITTLEFORD, Morgan Entered
PARSONS, Noah Entered
NATIVIDAD, Luca Entered
RAYSON, Sam Entered
RAYSON, Eddy Entered
HALE, Joseph Entered
HALE, Sophie Entered
HALE, Grace Entered
MALONEY, Tom Entered
JACKSON, Connor Entered
FAYAD, Emily Entered
DURANTE, Luca Entered
DURANTE, Oscar Entered
WILSON, Hugo Entered
WILSON, Arlo Entered
WHYTE, James Entered
THURSTON, Roland Entered
ROWELL, Jaxx Entered
WILLIAMS, Sophie Entered
STEER, Reuben Entered
STEER, Harriet Entered
ELLIOTT, Nate Entered
ELLIOTT, Archie Entered
BELL, Greta Entered
AZZOPARDI, Jack Entered
GRIFFIN, Lenny Entered
ILES, Cormac Entered
GOLDSTRAW, Stella Entered
GOLDSTRAW, Luis Entered
BARANSKI, Teddy (Theodore) Entered
BARANSKI, Beau Entered
PYKE, Montague Entered
PYKE, Archibald Entered
EAD, Elijah Entered
EAD, Leah Entered
EAD, Jude Entered
GRELLET, Harrison Entered
GRELLET, Matilda Entered
DURNALL, Heidi Entered
HARMER, Freya Entered
HARMER, Amelia Entered
COWLEY, Benjamin Entered
WILEMAN, Ted Entered
TUBAILAGI, Levi Entered
DICKINSON, Albert Entered
DICKINSON, Freddy Entered
DICKINSON, George Entered
HARRINGTON, Angus Entered
KRATZMANN, Hayden Entered
SPARGO, Jonah Entered
QUERELLA, Vinnie Entered