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Sat, 10 Sep 2022
SFP West --> Three Sisters
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Sun, 14 Aug 2022 9:00 AM AEST
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Fri, 09 Sep 2022 11:59 PM AEST
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Fri, 09 Sep 2022 11:59 PM AEST
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Fri, 09 Sep 2022 11:59 PM AEST

Combined Calendar

We are proud to announce that this year's road season will be sponsored by Alivio Tourist Park.

VCC and CCC are again teaming up to bring you a combined road calendar for 2022. Each road race is the result of a collaborative effort from the two clubs and supported by Alivio.


By registering for this event you agree to act in accordance with our COVID Safety Plan.

Event Information


Course start/finish is at the Stromlo Forest Park West Carpark.

Stay @ Alivio

Are you travelling to Canberra for this race? Stay at Alivio Tourist Park. Use the code CCCVCC at time of booking for 15% discount on Alivio's best rate. Valid for future bookings two months from date of booking.

Looking for a good spot to finish your morning ride?

Alivio is offering an all you can eat breakfast for the reduced price of $19 (normally $22) per person when you show your digital CCC/VCC membership.

7 days 730am – 10am


Course Link

Starting from the SFP West Carpark, riders will head NE and turn on Uriarra Rd for a lap of approx 12km.

Junior turns will be located on the course at 2km and 4km to allow required distance requirements to be met. Junior grades will start and finish before senior grades take the course.

Race Schedule

Contactless rider 'check in' 9.30 - 9.45 am
First rider roll away 10:00am

Be sure to confirm your start time at check-in.

Do not arrive at the last minute - allow yourself enough time to attach your timing tag and race number.


Open Grades

Based on rider feedback men and women can register and ride in 'Open' grades.

There will be Open placings and Women's placings for each grade.

We will run "aero" and "non-aero" categories for our iTT series this year.

  • Open Aero - 1 Lap - 12 km
  • Open Non Aero - 1 Laps - 12 km
  • Come & Try - 1 Lap - 12 km
  • Junior U15, U17 - 1 Lap - 12 km
  • Junior U13 - Modified Lap - 8 km
  • Junior U9, U11 - Modified Lap - 4 km

The fastest times will be awarded as follows:

  • Open Aero - overall and women
  • Open Non-Aero - overall and women
  • Juniors - overall and women
  • Come & Try - overall and women

We will also publish a results list showing the fastest time by age category.



The full box and dice. UCI legal TT machines and all the trimmings.


  • no disc wheel or wheels > 44mm rim depth (don't sweat it if your pride and joy came stock with deeper section wheels - register anyway)
  • no aero helmets
  • no one-piece suits (including warnies)
  • no over boots
  • no TT specific aero frame, or aero bars.

Qualifying is at the discretion of the race director.


Juniors must use equipment in line with AusCycling Technical Regulations. IE clip on aero bars.


Juniors will race distances that are in line with the AusCycling Technical regulations.

Junior Rollout requirements apply and will be checked as per the AusCycling policy.

Season Numbers

VCC and CCC Season Numbers will be used at this event.

Frame Plates and 1x Cloth Number

If you have been issued with a VCC or CCC season number ensure you arrive at the event with your number pinned and frame plate correctly fitted to your bike.

Non-VCC and CCC riders who participate will be issued a temporary number and plate that must be returned after the event.


There is limited parking at the start / finish. Do not park on the roadside near the start/finish area. If you do park near the start / finish, please ensure that your vehicle is completely off the road, and well clear of the start / finish area.

The main car park at Stromlo Forest Park is a short warm up ride from the start / finish. We recommend that you park there.

Have you Volunteered Yet?

  1. Read the Volunteer FAQs
  2. Check the volunteer roster for where we need help
  3. Sign up to volunteer using this form

The 2022 Alivio Tourist Park Road Series is run by volunteers from the CCC and VCC, but members from other clubs are welcome to volunteer and support racing in the ACT as well as receive the volunteer incentives set out below.

Volunteers will receive the following incentives at eligible 2022 Road Events:

  • Race Director once in the season - next race free, access to $10 race entry per race *
  • Race Director two or more times - access the whole season of racing for free *
  • Volunteer two or more times in a non Race Director capacity - access to $10 race entry per race *

To be eligible to claim these benefits you must have nominated and been allocated to a race.

*Excludes ACT Champs events


To ensure that we have a record of all participants registration is only via EntryBoss.



AusCycling Race All Discipline licences are required for this event.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct licence. This will be verified when you register here.

No licence?

Not to worry! If you are eligible you can take out a 4-week free trial or sign up for a one or 7 day event licence.

Unfortunately, we can't accept other types of non AusCycling cycling insurance/membership.

On the Day

  1. Upon arrival please confirm your attendance at the check-in desk (including collecting a number and timing chip) and then move clear of the check-in desk area.

  2. A rider briefing, count and roll call will be conducted before each grade roll away. Please be ready when your grade is called.

  3. At the end of each grade ALL riders must visit the desk to confirm that they have returned from the course, and return temporary numbers and tags.

  4. Placegetters please wait for presentations and photos.

Scratching and Cancellation

  • Scratching - Scratching is a self-serve, automated refund via EntryBoss if withdrawing within scratching cut-off.
  • Event Cancellation - Riders will be provided with a full refund if the event is cancelled for any reason.
  • Refunds - Refunds will not be provided for no-shows or if you scratch after the cut off.

Contact Information

Club Contacts

Canberra Cycling Club
Vikings Cycling Club

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Entry prices

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Senior Riders
Juniors (up to U17)
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