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CORC CX#4 (NSW/ACT State Series Round) - Stromlo

Sun, 24 Jul 2022
Entries open
Sun, 17 Jul 2022 6:00 PM AEST
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Sun, 24 Jul 2022 10:00 AM AEST
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Sun, 24 Jul 2022 1:00 PM AEST


CORC Cyclocross Round 4 2022

Round 4 of the CORC Cyclocross Series 2024 will be held in Stromlo. This round is part of the NSW/ACT state series

Please get in touch at if you can help with course setting on Saturday afternoon. We will set up from 2pm, meet at the start of Holden's Creek.

A valid Auscycling, MTBA or CA license is required. We do not issue day licenses anymore, but you can purchase a day license online here or if you are eligible, a free trial license is available here. The cost of entry is $15.

For riders racing in B-Grade or C-Grade any bike is welcome, however for A-Grade Men, and A Grade-Women , in the spirit of cyclocross, a maximum tyre width of 35mm are required.

The Junior race is on the adults course for those kids after a bit more of a challenge before stepping up to C-Grade. For Kids racing: please register as junior.

NSW/ACT State Series point scoring: The NSW/ACT series categories align with the club categories, with two differences: - In CORC club races we allow MTB in B grade while the NSW/ACT series limits this category Cyclocross bikes with drop bars and tyre widths of less than 35 mm. For this race, we will start B-grade together, but only those on cross/gravel bikes and 35ísh tyre width will collect points for the series. -The NSW/ACT series has a U17 (boys + girls) category that we do not offer in club races. For those that would like to score points in this category, please enter in C-grade (men or women). We will then create a separate result sheet for the U17 categories for series scoring purposes. If you enter A or B grade you will not be allocated any points in U17.


  • Course Open: 11:00.
  • Number pickup: 11:00 – 12:00.
  • C Grade Women, Juniors - 20mins: 11:30
  • C-Grade Men and B-Grade Women – 30mins 12:00.
  • B-Grade Men and A-Grade Women – 40mins 12:40.
  • Little Crossers Participation Event: 1:30.
  • A-Grade Men – 50mins 1:50.

Results The race is timed using the clubs electronic timing system and the results can be found by using this link

Race Briefing

-Each grade will start separately with approximately 30seconds between each wave. The start order will be as follows:

Race 1: C Grade Women and Juniors. Depending on numbers this race may be combined with Race 2.

Race 2: C Grade Men, followed by B grade women, C grade women and Juniors(last)

Race 3: B grade Men, followed by A grade women.

Race 4: A grade men only

-All riders will need a number on their back . The timing tag needs to be attached to the seatpost. Without a timing tag you will not get a result.

-All numbers and tags needs to be returned after the race, in the same ziploc bag you got it in.

-There will be multiple categories on course at the same time. If you are being caught by a rider in another category or you are being lapped please be courteous and let them through at the first safe opportunity. If you are the faster rider, please ask the rider in front to let you pass.

-The number of laps for each race will be determined based on laptime for the first lap, and the target racetime for each grade.

-Have fun and be kind to each other

-Please stick around and help pull down the bunting after the race


The Course will start near the start of Holden's Creek and run in the area behind the bushfire memorial. A Google maps "pin"can be found here. Park at the smaller (off Swallowtail Rd) Stromlo Parking or the main Stromlo Carpark. A rough course map is below:


Entry prices

Online pricing:

Standard Entry
KIDS (under 9)

Kids (U9) Race is free - please enter online. Volunteers race free.

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