Entry nominations in 2022 | Round 6 | Karratha 18 Jun 06:22

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the WA Gravity Enduro website.

Name Status
BLACK, Louise Entered
VAN NIEUWBURG, Jemima Entered
KEVILL, Heather Entered
STEELE, Rebecca Entered
DINGEY, Sage Entered
JAMES, Jamie-Lee Entered
MALSEED, Jesse Entered
GRYLLS, Susan Entered
GRYLLS, Jack Entered
O'DONNELL, Marcey Entered
O'DONNELL, Abbey Entered
O'DONNELL, Harper Entered
CASEY, Joshua Entered
RODGERS, Dean Entered
FINLAY, Scott Entered
MULLER, Toby Entered
MYERS, Sam Entered
JOHNSON, Kai Entered
WATTS, Taylah Entered
STUBBS, Shannon Entered
IOPPOLO, Mick Entered
CABIAC, Rory Entered
BRAY, Jazlyn Entered
NICHOLS, Angus Entered
NICHOLS, Simone Entered
SUMMERS, Tom Entered
THOMPSON, Flynn Entered
THOMPSON, Lochlan Entered
RIDDELL, Aidan Entered
SMITH, Travis Entered
SMITH, Riley Entered
WEBB, Toby Entered
MULLER, Damien Entered
RASIAH, Sam Entered
MINOGUE, Aidan Entered
POUND, Kade Entered
DRUMMOND, Brad Entered
DRUMMOND, Jake Entered
DRUMMOND, Jy Entered
FRASER, Jayden Entered
LOWTHER, Shannon Entered
GETHIN, William Entered
RENTON, Kyle Entered
WOOD, Jamie Entered
ROUGHTON, Daniel Entered
HAENSEL, Elijah Entered
DICKSON, Allister Entered
BLACK, Paul Entered
BLACK, Matilda Entered
BLACK, Jett Entered
WALSH, Nathan Entered
WATLING, Jake Entered
CRAWFORD, Janyce Entered
BYRNE, Jackson Entered
KURILOWSKI, Alan Entered
KURILOWSKI, Cameron Entered
KURILOWSKI, Venne Entered
NORMAN, Arissyn Entered
TYSOE, Vanessa Entered
COLLINS, Griffin Entered
HOLLAND, Linda Entered
HOLLAND, Cooper Entered
HOLLAND, Alyssa Entered
HOLLAND, Brendan Entered
SCOTT, Rob Entered
WILLIAMS, Oscar Entered
STEEL, Oliver Entered
STEEL, Denver Entered
STEEL, Keith Entered
STEEL, Callum Entered
FITZGERALD, Murray Entered
FREEGARD, Archie Entered
DANIELS, Archer Entered
DANIELS, Jimmy Entered
KILLMORE, Zane Entered
KILLMORE, Chase Entered
LEAR, Oscar Entered
LEAR, Ollie Entered
STUBBS, Liam Entered
LAMBERTI, Ryan Entered
MCKENZIE, Meg Entered
NURSE, Vicky Entered
PICKFORD, Bailey Entered
SOBEY, Dwayne Entered
SOBEY, Beau Entered
FITZPATRICK, Lloyd Entered
BATHGATE, Zakiah Entered
GODDEN, Kaiden Entered
READ, Matt Entered
WILLIAMSON, Paige Entered
BRADLEY, John Entered
DE VILLIERS, Wayne Scratched
GLYNN, Robert Entered
HOBBS, Billy Entered
MARSHALL, Lachlan Entered
WATTS, Liam Entered
PARKER, Callan Entered
FRASER, Heather Entered
GOUGH, Dean Entered
FRASER, Forrest Entered
HILL, Lucy Entered
BATHGATE, Glenn Entered
PARKER, Jacob Entered
BOCHTLER, Lucas Entered
RUTLEY, Dylan Entered
RUTLEY, Richard Entered
HOOPER, Kai Entered
BRADLEY, Kai Entered
BRADLEY, Bodhi Entered
KURILOWSKI, Madeline Scratched
COLLINS, David Scratched
COLLINS, Claudia Scratched
HASLAM, Jamie Scratched