Entry nominations in Wangara criterium 02 Jul 07:57

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the West Coast Masters Cycling Council website.

Name Status
TAYLOR, Mark Entered
SALEH, Kelana Entered
RAWSON, Joey Entered
CARNICELLI, Giovanni Entered
O’DONOVAN, Gerard Entered
SMITH, Tony Entered
DOW-VINE, Iain Entered
POUW, Rob Entered
THOMPSON, Clint Entered
SVENSSON, Daniel Entered
WEST, Anthony Entered
SHELLARD, Mark Entered
WOODS, Patrick Entered
ROSE, Edward Entered
BRISK, Alexander Entered
VESCOLI, Fiona Entered
QUICK, Natalie Entered
BUSH, Cathy Entered
ANDREWS, Ricky Entered
DUNSTAN, Darin Entered
BOULTON, Kate Entered
VANDERWILK, Kristian Entered
FOWLER, Brett Entered
JAMES, Tim Entered
MORRIS, Peter Entered
WITTS, David Entered
COWIE, Nicholas Entered
WHEADON, Rebecca Entered
KARAGOGLOU, Pantelis Entered
SMITH, Quaid Entered
FAHEY, Lawrence Entered
WILLIAMS, David Entered
SINGLETON, Chris Entered
ROGERS, Duncan Entered
VANDENBERG, Simon Entered
GREENEY, Paul Entered
LAMBRECHTS, Herman Entered
STEPHENS, Robert Entered
GREGG, Jon Entered
ROBERTSON, Stuart Entered
YAP, Wae Tat Entered
PENISTON, Christopher Entered
PENISTON, Helen Entered
DRAGICEVICH, Don Scratched
MCCANN, Wade Entered
VROOMANS, Neil Entered
KRIEL, Jeffrey Entered
GANE, Samuel Entered
LISO, John Entered
WARK, Gavin Entered
GOODALL, Marc Entered
HALL, Brad Entered
ROBERTSON, Martin Entered
STEVENS, Quintin Entered
GRASSO, Joseph Entered
CHAUDRON, Jean-Paul Entered
ROBERTSON, Stuart Scratched
ERHARD, Sofia Entered
HALL, Brad Scratched
FORD, Tom Entered
RIECK, Antony Entered
ABRAHAM, Amanda Entered
VAN WYK, Constant Entered
WILLIAMSON, Mark Entered
HERBERT, Chris Entered
MCILDUFF, Kevin Entered
HEIDEL, Lillian Entered
CHIDLOW, Adam Entered
SMITH, Gregory Entered
THORNTON, Graham Entered
POLLARD, Matt Entered
HANSON, Jon Entered
BUCHANAN, Dean Entered
WINCH, Keith Entered
BLACKWOOD, Glenn Entered
O’SULLIVAN, Lindsay Entered
STRETTON, Lachlan Entered
ANTONAS, Con Entered
DENHAM, Peter Entered
PEACOCK, Adam Entered
MILLS, Lachlan Entered
MARSH, Roderick Entered
LYNE, Ian Entered
HILL, Mat Entered
HOWARD, Chris Entered
HALL, Bradeley Entered
GREIN, Shaun Entered
BATTAGLIA, Jason Ross Entered
WELFORD, Mark Entered
BEARD, Joel Entered
LEAKER, Mark Entered
HUSSEIN, Saeed Entered
BARTLETT, Craig Entered
DOW-VINE, Shirley Entered
CLEWS, Anthony Entered