Entry nominations in Hell of the West - Balliang 29 Jul 09:15

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Northern Combine website.

Name Status
SQUILLARI, Nicholas Entered
MIDDLETON, Calum Entered
FORSTER, Alana Entered
PHILLIPS, Leigh Entered
KUAH, Reuben Entered
HIBBURT, Stephanie Entered
O'KEEFE, Patrick Entered
NANKERVIS, Harry Entered
LANE WELSH, Tali Entered
FORTUNATO, Giuseppe Entered
NANKERVIS, Tasman Entered
ALLEN, Ross Entered
WOOD, Suzy Entered
KANTOR, Andrew Scratched
RANA, Ali Entered
LEAPER, Tom Entered
BAKER, Robyn Scratched
TYLER KING, Tom Entered
HERSKOPE, Brett Entered
GANNON, Andrew Entered
AITKEN, Jack Entered
SPANO, Joe Entered
TAYLOR, Alastair Entered
GIGANTE, Kerry Entered
COOPER, Tobe Entered
GRIGG, Shane Entered
BATES, Jon Entered
MADDEN, Dean Entered
PARKER, Shane Entered
OWEN, David Entered
WHITE, Nicholas Entered
HAIGH, Garth Entered
SCHULZ, Paula Entered
MCDONALD, Bailey Scratched
COUTTS, Lisa Entered
FREIENSTEIN, Raphael Entered
MORIESON, Rob Entered
BISSET, Luc Entered
MCCORKELL, Richard Entered
TAPLIN, Logan Entered
CHOW, Jessie Scratched
HARTMAN, Michael Entered
ROSS, Mathew Entered
ALLISON-LOGAN, Stephanie Entered
MCINERNEY, Dylan Entered
SHERWIN, Matthew Entered
SMITH, Ewen Entered
MARTINUCCI, Paul Entered
CRUSE, Michael Scratched
GROOT, Aaron Entered
KATRIS, Alex Entered
HENDRY, Jason Entered
LEY, Greg Entered
MARRIOTT, Stuart Entered
DUNGEY, Che Scratched
WALDRON, Andrew Entered
NICHOLS, Robert Entered
SAMPSON, Andy Entered
LINDSTROM, Jordie Scratched
SHARPLES, Jackson Entered
SIRIANNI, Angelo Entered
SIRIANNI, Xavier Entered
KING, Jaxon Entered
DIETZE, Henry Entered
PALTRIDGE, Laurie Scratched
GROGAN, James Entered
WILLIAMS, Mia Entered
MANGAN, Sarah Scratched
MORTIMER, James Entered
EDDY, Sam Entered
WILLEN, Harry Entered
INGLIS, Joseph Entered
ABBEY, Josh Scratched
JANSEN, Liege Entered
BONNETT, Fiona Entered
SMITH, Lachlan Entered
SPEED, Paul Entered
EDDY, Patrick Entered
JONES, Ashlee Entered
O'BRIEN, Liam Scratched
DALLI, Wayne Entered
MARSHALL, Jack Entered
DAVIS, Joshua Entered
MCGOVERN, Paula Entered
WOOD, Trevor Entered
SATCHELL, Sam Entered
BERTRAM, Erin Scratched
IRONS, Matthew Entered
KARATZIS, Stan Entered
NISBET, Oliver Entered
COLLINS-LESLIE, Austin Entered
GOODROPE, George Entered
HIBBURT, Robert Entered
ROBB, Steven Entered
BONNETT, David Entered
KANIZAY, Michael Entered
HENDERSON, Philip Entered
SANFILIPPO, Dean Entered
DRAKE, Steven Entered
GIUSTI, Imola Entered
SADGROVE, Paul Entered
O'BRIEN, Mark Scratched
CHU, Ananda Entered
OROSZI, Martin Scratched
DREW, Jason Entered
CHIGNELL, Robert Entered
PETERSEN, Kym Entered
NICHOLS, Dermot Entered
MILLSTEED, Kyle Entered
STREISTERMANIS, Cameron Scratched
BLIZZARD, Tasman Entered
CLEARY, Brendan Entered
HAY, Michael Scratched
COGDON, Chris Entered
NGUYEN, Tam Scratched
CICCHELLI, Ivana Entered
BUTTERWORTH, Bizzy Entered
GALLAGHER, Michael Entered
MERKEL, Robert Entered
MULLIGAN, Matt Entered
SKENE, Alison Entered
JOHNSTON, Liam Entered
MOORE, Lucas Entered
MOORE, Oskar Entered
ATTARD, Ken Entered
HOWARD, Peter Scratched
PETTENON, Jenny Scratched
FENWICK, Lucy Entered
MCCLELLAND, Jessica Entered
WILLIAMS, Bjorn Entered
FITZWATER, Fergus Entered
SCARLETT, Kate Entered
GENNAI-GARINO, Simon Entered
MARSHALL, Shane Entered
MCPHERSON, Zachary Entered
KOUNNAPIS, Kerry Entered
BULL, Lewis Entered
MOORE, Craig Entered
WALKER, Jodie Entered
BROOKER, Joshua Entered
WALLACE, Wade Entered
NORRIS, Tim Entered
CLIFFORD, Leigh Scratched
MILLER, Evan Entered
JONES, Adam Entered
LOECHERER, Marc Entered
QUINN, Simon Entered
HEAD, Joshua Entered
ANDUEZA, Isaac Entered
MCGOVERN, Mitchell Entered
SAMPSON, Warwick Entered
BROWNING, Fergus Entered
HARGREAVES, Chris Entered
PARR, Robert Entered
CROFTS, Lewis Entered
BELL, Nicholas Entered
NAYLOR, Andrew Entered
PECK, Dan Entered
BEAUMONT, Jeremy Entered
ABERY, Gemma Entered
BARROW, Justine Entered
ZAWADZKI, Lynton Entered
MOULTON, Steve Entered
FORBES, James Entered
MOLLARD, Ryland Entered
WEBBER, Tim Entered
GORDON, Patrick Entered
JACKSON, Mal Entered
HASTINGS, Simon Entered
ANDREWS, Emma Entered
KENNELLY, Andrew Entered
MCDONOUGH, Tom Entered
RANDO, Marco Entered
BOWMAN, Vaughan Entered
AGNOLETTO, Blake Entered
PICKETT, Bianca Entered
MORLEY, Sharni Entered
PHILIP, Rowan Entered
TOMKINSON, Sam Scratched
MANN, Nathan Scratched