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Bare Bones Cyclocross

Sat, 13 Jun 2020
Entries open
Fri, 05 Jun 2020 9:45 PM ACST
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Fri, 12 Jun 2020 4:00 PM ACST
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Sat, 13 Jun 2020 7:29 AM ACST

COVID-19 Safety Requirements

This race has strict COVID Safety requirements
It is important that you understand and comply with these requirements.
Please DO NOT enter or come to the event unless you intend to fully comply with these requirements.

Cyclo-Cross is rebooting in the Covid-19 environment. It is essential that you read all of the below BEFORE submitting your entry. Some of the restrictions placed on gathering will make racing logistically difficult for some people, particularly families and couples, and especially people running these events! But please bear with us under these difficult circumstances and ensure you understand what is required of you before entering yourself or a family member.


Bower Road, Port Adelaide - click for venue directions


Eligibility Requirements

Note a current Cycling Australia RACE or MTBA COMPETITION membership is required to ride in these events (or 'Cycling Australia 'Kidz' or MTBA 'Dirtmaster' for Juniors), primarily for insurance purposes. Bring your license card or proof of membership with you to the event.

If this is your first try at racing you can get a FREE 2-month trial MTBA membership here (only for people who have not held any MTBA membership in the last 3 years). Please ensure you get your trial membership before entering the event as you'll need the membership number to register.

Grades Available

Unfortunately due to the rider cap, and logistics around carers and smaller children, unfortunately we are not offering 'Little Crossers'. If your child can ride unassisted/unaccompanied around the larger course, please enter them in an age group. If you have a bike with brakes, you can race it.

  • Juniors J9, J11, J13, J15 - Can ride any bike type. J17's can ride any bike type but will be in C-Grade

  • Everyone else - We have a grade for you no matter your bike type, age or ability.

  • If you have a road or CX bike (eg bike with drop 'curly' handlebars, tyres 35mm wide or less) you can enter a CX category.

  • If you are running another bike type, eg hybrid, MTB, BMX, Monster 'Cross - you can enter a 'Combined' or 'MTB' Category.

  • Try to pick the category that aligns with your ability. Women tend to self-assess and grade themselves very well. Men don't - If you already race road/crits, if you're in road A or B grade, you're in CX A. In C or D, you're likely a CX B grader. If E (or some D), you're a C-Grader for cyclo-cross. We are a club that prides itself on equality for men and women, with equal grades and awards.

Covid-19 restrictions and what it means for us

To ensure we don't have more than 80 participants (including carers) on site at any given time, race entries will be capped in each grade and grades split into smaller bunches. We'll be running to a strict schedule and you must arrive and depart within a narrow window - the only exceptions to this will be for people who have committed to bump-in or pack-down (and yes, we need to hear from you!). We're asking you to leave your friends and family at home during racing. Online entries only. Don't bring any equipment you don't need to race. No shelter tents. No team/sponsor displays. No bake sales. No gangs of friendly hecklers. We don't want to be the fun police, but under the current Emergency Declaration we can't risk your health and we don't want to risk a huge fine if you don't comply.

We are operating under the "Get in, Race, Get out" principles.

Any Support person/carer that is REQUIRED (eg parent for a younger child who needs assistance in getting ready or carrying equipment) must be registered with the rider at online registration, which reduces the number of participants permitted to race. Everyone who is on site can expect their contact details to be provided to health authorities if requested. Only 1 support person per rider is accepted. Adult riders are expected to be self-sufficient, eg if you require transport to or from the venue by someone else, we expect whoever has driven you there to drop you off/pick you up and leave in-between.

Riders and/or Carers/support people must read these docs:


Riders have a 15min window of arrival to sanitise hands at the venue entry point, collect race envelope (containing your race number and timing tag if you require new ones ) at a no-contact race collection desk. Arrive dressed to warm-up, there are no changing room facilities available due to Covid-19 restrictions and you don't have time to do a full wardrobe change.

Due to short turnaround times between races and to reduce volunteer contact with riders, the following will apply:

  • New PACC timing tags for returning riders will NOT be issued on race day. If you have lost or damaged yours, you MUST pre-purchase one through EntryBoss.

  • New PACC race numbers for returning numbers will NOT be issued on race day. The current number set is a black and white, perforated plastic Port Adelaide CC race number. If you have lost yours, you MUST pre-purchase on through EntryBoss. Bring your own pins.

  • If this is your first race with PACC, you will be issued with a race number and timing tag and it will be in an envelope waiting for you

  • If you order a replacement race number or timing tag as part of your entry, it will be in an envelope waiting for you

  • No tag, no race number - no race

Riders are expected to be warm up off course then be roll-called up at the designated marked cone at your designated time (groups will be a maximum of 20 with social distancing to be observed) with your race numbers on.

You'll be given a 15min window for an on-course sighting lap followed by another grid up per roll call. You must be back at the start on time. The race will start in waves. You are only racing people in your wave.

As soon as practical after your finish, collect your equipment, sanitise your hands and leave the venue (within 15min of you finishing the event)

Strict Race Schedule

Grade Arrive from Warm-Up Race Depart by
Anyone that can help build the course (Max 80) 7:30 - - 9:15
Mens C Grade Combined C1 and C2 (Max 40) 9:15 9:30 9:45-10:15 10:30
Juniors J9 J11 J13, J15 (max 40 including carers) 10:00 10:15 10:30 11:00
B Grade CX Men B1 and B2 (Max 40) 10:30 10:45 11-11:30 11:45
Women CX-A Combined-B Combined-C (Max 40) 11:15 11:30 11:45-12:30 12:45
Mens CX-A Grade, MTB (Max 40) 12:15 12:30 12:45-1:30 2:15
Anyone that can help (Max 80) 1:30 - - 2:15

Timing & Results

PACC will be providing live timing for this event. Live results will be available - link from results.pacc.org.au Due to Covid-19 we are unable to hold podium or prize ceremonies at the event. Due to likely grade splits (eg B1 and B2) this event will not count towards the Crossfire Cup.

Bare Bones Poster

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Regular entry
Junior entry

All senior grades $15.00 (inc CC fee), Juniors (U15 &under) FREE.

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