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2024 Season Pass

Sat, 21 Sep 2024
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Sat, 21 Sep 2024 11:59 PM AEST
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Sat, 21 Sep 2024 11:59 PM AEST

2024 Season Pass


  • The Northern Combine offers a Season Pass - unlimited racing at 2024 Northern Combine events for only $90.

  • Do a Volunteer Duty and you receive a **100% REFUND

How it works

  1. Buy the season pass - you are then recognised for free entry to events

  2. (Optional) Choose a race to volunteer at, and sign up (follow the links in the fixture table below).
    As soon as you have completed your volunteer duty the season pass fee ($90) will be refunded in full.

  3. When the event opens, enter as normal (this is so we know who is actually intending to race each event)

Eligible Events

This offer applies to Northern Combine events hosted by Combine affiliated clubs.

The full list of 2024 events:

Date Event Location Vol sign up Host Club Race Format
13 April Autumn Cycling Classic La Trobe University click here Preston Scratch
18 May St Kilda trophy Pastoria click here St Kilda Scratch
15 Jun Hell of the West Balliang click here Sunbury Scratch
13 July Coburg Race Broadford click here Coburg Scratch
17 Aug Pop Stewart/Alf Walker Balliang click here Brunswick Handicap
31 August ITT Balliang click here Brunswick ITT
21 Sep Hawthorn Trophy Broadford State Motorcycle Complex click here Hawthorn Scratch

Note: what's not included

1) Invitational Events

Some years the Northern Combine (NC) fixture includes some invitational events hosted by non-NC clubs. These are 'fixture sharing' in nature and run on a reciprocal invitational basis. The NC does not control entries to these invitational events and as a result, these are excluded from this offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Volunteer Season Pass this year?

  • There is only one season pass offering this year - pay upfront, but if you perform a vol duty you receive a 100% refund. That means vols are entitled to a full season of racing for FREE. Sign up to an event via the links below.

  • We are a volunteer organisation, not a business. We are entirely dependant on volunteers from the the club racing community to to help deliver our racing. Offering FREE racing is our way of saying thank you.

Who can volunteer?

  • Volunteers can be from any club (including non-Combine clubs)
  • Riders can have someone volunteer on their behalf and still claim volunteer status (a great way to involve friends or family in your racing)

COVID RISK etc - Will I get a refund if races are cancelled?

This is a season pass, and that season offer is in the context of COVID & other reasonable risks such as permit issues. Riders are asked to bear some risk themselves if race cancellations are required due to COVID or other reasons. The Northern Combine is NOT looking to offer pro-rata discounts if the full season cannot be delivered, especially if the refund amount is immaterial and the admin effort high. Having said that, a 'fair & reasonable' approach will be taken with respect to partial refunds if a large part of the season is not able to proceed.

Do I still have to Enter races?

Yes - you'll still need to enter races, you just won't need to pay as you will be recognised for free entry. This is to prevent "no shows" impacting the integrity of the startlists for individual races - especially handicaps. In short, we need to know who is racing each event.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Races?

Sorry, no refunds or partial refunds (noting we will always meet legal requirements).

Can I Enter as Normal and Claim Vol Status?

Yes, volunteers can enter & pay race-by-race ($15) as normal. Don't forget to sign up to a volunteer slot by following the links above.

The Season pass is completely optional.

More Info

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Season Pass

Volunteers will receive 100% refund upon performing a vol duty

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